Tactile Garden For Visually Impaired (Blinds) at Mumbai Byculla Zoo

“The much awaited Tactile garden at Byculla zoo for blind (visually impared) people will be boon. The beauty of gardens, plants and colourful flowers has always been a dream for such people. Yes, Our Mumbai Zoo is coming up with Tactile garden in its 53 acres plot reserved only for various types of plants and gardens..”

Byculla Zoo Tactile Garden
Byculla Zoo Tactile Garden (Not Actual Zoo Pic)

Will the visually impaired people start seeing beauty of greenery, plants, flowers their colours at Byculla tactile garden ? No, but the impressing plans inside Mumbai zoo garden has something that will really bring cheer on their faces. With BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) another active organization called ‘Save Rani Bagh’ was celebrating the 150th year, They planned and are out with 3 new different types of Gardens of which tactile garden in one. See also Botanical Garden at Colaba.

Even if those people cannot see, they have naturally enhanced senses which smells better than we do. BMC and this organization has planned for some beautiful plantations which will have plants like Kunti, Lemon trees and Climbers which are known for its natural fragrance when anyone passes by them. Few of these are also medicinal plants like Climbers which is also called ‘Lasuni Veil’ that have fragrance of garlic (‘Lasun’ in Hindi) along with 400 more plants that are already preserved at St. Xaviers College
(Blatter Herbarium) for these people to touch feel and enjoy the fragrance.

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