Mumbai Traffic Rules 2019 – Road Safety and Traffic Signs

“May year 2019 be road safe for you and you follow Mumbai traffic rules. To avoid unknown consequences and accidents, understand the traffic rules and signs and follow all rules as detailed according to ‘The motor Vehicle Act 1988’ when driving which are laid down by traffic authority of Mumbai. This rules applies to all vehicles on city road like two wheelers, four wheelers or any heavy or light vehicle..”

Updated 1st September 2019 : Strict heavy penalty amounts have been implemented effective September 2019. Kindly refer the Offences and Penalties article for all details.

Mumbai Traffic Rules and Signs Part 1
Mumbai Road Signs

Updated February 2017 : Contact Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP Helpline) +91-8454999999 for any road emergency and complains. Also as of 2018, Below are information there are 35 Traffic Division and Borders in Mumbai as detailed below :

Azad Maidan, Bandra, Bhoiwada, BKC, Borivali, Byculla, Chembur, Colaba, Colaba , D N Nagar, Dadar, Dahisar, Dindoshi, Ghatkopar, Jogeshwari, Kalbadevi, Kandivali, Kurla, Mahim, Malabarhill, Malad, Mankhurd, Matunga, Mulund, Nagpada, Pydhonie, Sahar, Sakinaka, Santacruz, Tardeo, Trombay, Vakola, Vikhroli, Wadala, Worli.

Updated January 2018 : We all know it well by now, So many accidents and causalities. In this year 2018, Let us ourself take care, be an example by ourself and create, spread a sense of being a sensible citizen.

Updated July 2016 : Some important updates on what a citizen must know and generally unaware about interacting with traffic police related to fines / Chalan and their rights. Taking things seriously when it comes to traffic rules of Mumbai is must, Yet few important things generally unknown to drivers are listed here.

Updated January 2016 : Below section on how traffic cops have got strict by suspending license for 3 months and violators like with helmets and no seatbelts need to attend 2 hours of Counselling sessions compulsory. Add to technology shift in traffic department of Mumbai, E-Challan system has been introduced and fines will be collected on card swiping machines with your Debit and Credit cards only (No Cash) (See last section on this page)

Updated January 2015 : Kindly note that new rules and policies related to On Road Car Parking has been listed. Kindly visit the Pay Park Rules and Rates page for same.

Traffic Rules, Road Sign Part 2
Traffic Road Sign Part 2

Video Presentation of Road Signs

Below listed are all sign that can be seen on traffic police displayed sign boards on Mumbai roads. A video for reference has been made and is available on this page for convenience which shows all the sign and its meaning as detailed below :

Stop, Give way, No Entry or Straight Prohibited, Pedestrian Prohibited, Right Turn, Left Turn, U Turn, Overtaking prohibited, Horn Prohibited, No Parking, No Stopping or Standing, Speed Limit, Length Limit, Load Limit, Axle Load limit, Restriction Ends Sign, Right Hand Curve, Left Hand Curve, Right Hair Pin Bend, Left hand Pin Bend, Left Reserve Bend, Right Reserve Bend, Step Ascent, Steep Descent, Narrow Road Ahead, Narrow Bridge, Pedestrian Crossing, School Ahead, Ferry, Cross Road, Gap in Median, Major Road Ahead, Round About, Dangerous Dip, Hump Or Right, Check Post, Compulsory Turn Left, Compulsory Turn Right, Compulsory Ahead Only, Compulsory Sound Horn, Public Telephone, Petrol Pump, Hospital, First Aid Post, Light Refreshment, Move On (GO Sign), Hump, Overhead Channel, Explosive, Flammable Gas, Flammable Solid, Spontaneously Combustible, Poison, Harmful, Infectious Substance, Corrosive, End of Speed Limit, Road Junction Approach, Parking Signs (Park This Side or Park Both Sides), Unguarded Level Crossing, Guarded Level Crossing, Traffic signals are Red (Means Stop), Amber (Mean Get Ready to Stop), Green (You Can go ahead).

Important Traffic Rules and Signs

Traffic police signals are simple and easy to understand, With driving rules it is also important to know the traffic signals used drivers given by Mumbai traffic police department for safe and secure drive for you and to avoid road accidents, Basic signals are as :

  • Signals rules to stop vehicles which comes from behind police.
  • Signals to stop vehicles coming from the front.
  • Rules to stop both vehicles which comes from front and back side of traffic police.
  • All cars and other vehicles coming from left and wanted to turn right.
  • Signs to stop vehicles coming from right and allowing all that from left wanted to go right.
  • Emergency warning signals for all vehicles to stop.
  • Signs related to vehicle beckoning.

Traffic rules are very important to follow which includes Driving rules, Traffic Penalties and Licensing rules and Others related using mobile phone while driving, Wearing helmet and Parking rules etc.

You Might also like to know rules about Vehicle number plates, Getting Seized licence back, Frequently breached rules in city, Road Safety Guidelines, Driving Rules, Honking Rules, Detail pictures of such signs can be found at Traffic Police Signals. See Also (New) : Online Learner License, RTO’s in Mumbai

Punishments to Traffic Rules Violators

Starting 6th January 2016, the loosen belts of traffic rules in Mumbai are strictly tighten up and zero tolerance applied to traffic rule violators. Two major things in action can be seen, License be suspended for 3 months & Compulsory Attending Counselling sessions of 2 hours.

Take utmost care as your license can be suspended for 3 months if you violate any of following rules :

  • On Driving seat and under influence of alcohol.
  • Use your mobile smart phones while on driving seat.
  • Overload any heavy vehicle.
  • Drive at high speed violating the sign boards that display speed limits.
  • Carry passengers in a goods vehicle .
  • Break red signal.

Compulsory attend 2 hour counselling session, if you :

Are not wearing helmet while riding your bike.
Are not wearing seatbelt when on car’s driving seat.

More to above, guidelines to help motorist and drivers are as :

  • Don’t compromise with low quality cheap helmets, Always wear ISI marked one.
  • Respect pedestrian crossing at Zebra crossing. Stop or Slow down.
  • Driving license, RC book, Insurance Papers, Tax Document and regular PUC certificate must be with you while on bike.
  • Lane cutting in wrong way is an offence, Don’t do that.
  • Drink driving mean unsafe you and others on road.
  • Cooperate with other vehicles, understand hand signals and drive safe. Remember, when you do it, you also get it (Respect and Smile).
  • Traffic signals are meant to save you, looks properly and follow them.
  • Just 3 seconds on mobile phones can divert your attention to a major accident.
  • Upper and Deeper flashes, Left and Right turn indicators, SOS are for your safety, Make and habit and use them.
  • Understand the speed limits, Your driving might be good, But not obeying the speed limits can be havoc for many.

Read about the E-Challan Machines (Introduced January 2016).

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