Frequently Breached and Ignored Traffic Rules in Mumbai

“When it comes to traffic rules, There is a list of things (Frequently Ignored Traffic Rules) which people breaches. Its not just a topic to write about, i personally fear of the accident and death due to negligence. Recent shocking road accident death of Shree Gopinath Munde reasoned a minor mistake by him of not wearing a seat belt while seating in rear seat, cost his life with breach of traffic rule by another motorist on road who hit his car. Of course the blame is on the person who breached the rule, But we don’t have control on others and our-self should also be ready with all those traffic safety, rules and signs from our part and sometimes as it is said LUCK. As detailed by traffic department, Lets understand the most frequent breaches of road traffic rules in today’s Mumbai which was then known for the most Obedient rule follower during BOMBAY city days..”

Mumbai Traffic Police Ruling
Mumbai Traffic Police Ruling

Understand Basic Traffic Rules in Mumbai

Like one teaches the basics of A,B,C,D to small kids, the rules are simple and important, Yet not followed as required also by some experienced drivers who sets a wrong example to their own kids, friends and other motorists citizens driving along the road. The 3 main road signal blinkers on almost every junction of Mumbai are the basics RED (STOP at Junction), YELLOW (SLOW DOWN and get ready to STOP ON RED) and GREEN (PROCEED Safely). Have an attitude of breaking rules once is simply wrong, Common reasons being the police not watching, Or say you might have seen others doing so and you want to simply follow as no one watches. REMEMBER, accident is a result of little ignorance by you alone or other motorist. You need to do your part by following rules and setting a correct example so that other see’s, learns and follow you. Also follow the listed driving rules properly and know the penalties too.

Frequent Ignored Traffic Rules or Most Common Breaches

Road Traffic Offences and Fines
Road Traffic Offences and Fines

Daily lots of cases are registered and lots of them are warned for minor road negligence by traffic department. Its not that they don’t do their work, Today they are at their best, But the question is WE, the citizens of Mumbai. How much do we help them by following traffic rules ? Again, its not about other person breaching the rules, its about you, and this applies to all. Lets understand the list of most frequently breached traffic rules in City Mumbai :

Jumping the Red Signal : And the most common reasons i saw / might be is traffic cop not looking or busy on other side. Hello, is that a excuse ? or like you just broke the rule of jumping signal because others in row did along all at same time ?. Not done, don’t be a blind follower or take on such excuses of cops not looking at you or something, Be a ideal citizen to be followed by others. Another reason as seen is unmanned signals (No Cop to Manage) at smaller junctions where cops are not available, REASON ? Thousands of such junctions and comparatively handful of traffic cops (Approximately 3000 only in city). It is practically impossible, until and unless some automatic road traffic technology to catch signal jumpers are in place. Western countries like United Stated and other are perfect examples to follow. Also as detailed in leading newspapers here are some signal jumping offence figures for last four years. 2013 ( Above 3 lakhs), 2012 (About 2 lakhs), 2011 (3.5 lakhs) and 2010 (Above 3.5 lakhs).

Heavy Vehicles on Wrong Side of Road : Inter-states road transport of Food, Vegetable, Grains, etc has lead to expansion of transportation and use of heavy vehicles of Mumbai roads, specially on National Highways. Its a common sense rule that cars and motor bikes go faster then these heavily loaded vehicles who need to be on left side lanes, still few uneducated drivers do the needful of purposely driving on Right Side of the road. This sometimes lead to boiling up the other other motorists on same road who is usually getting late or just don’t like such offenders. HEAVY VEHICLE OWNERS (companies or individuals) should strictly make the drivers understand and educate about this things which is the only solution and work around.

Lane Cutting Without Proper Signal : How on the planet the car behind you will understand in which direction you want to move suddenly ? Cutting a lane without proper signal (Left / Right indicators) and hand signals can lead to accidents which are one of the more frequent reasons, He himself is one of the victim of the two in road accident which might occur. Didn’t you paid for those indicators too ? use them, make it and habit. Also i am sure no one likes to listed to some of those common abusive words from other motorist during such petty mistakes. You know what i mean.

Drink and Driving : Once under the influence of alcohol, who cares is the wrong attitude. Don’t you have a family who actually cares ? Same way others do have. This mentality of who cares, no one will catch, we will bribe the cop etc is what few idiots thinks it works and is one of the offences and breaches often seen here in city. Every year our traffic department takes special initiative of catching such drunk drivers, and the numbers are unbelievable. Solution i feel is making rules stricter for offenders, Adding more of CCTV cameras on junctions. If any, catching hold of such cops who takes bribes and suspending them.

Rash Driving : Being or Showing off as Hero of road and breaching this rule of speed limits is not cool any more. I also personally feel such scenes in movies should be banned or just like SMOKING, a parallel display notice on screen should be shown, Something like “RASH DRIVING IS A EASY GATEWAY TO HELL”. Lack of number of cops on duty and high-tech CCTV cameras which can detect the car number and capture face of drivers are much needed in city, mostly at nights.

Speeding, Careless Parking and Stopping Anywhere : With blessings of almighty , One owns a car, But feels and rides like owning the road. Common sense seems to be very uncommon in city sometimes. Sudden stopping your vehicle anywhere in middle can be risky. Also the breach of parking cars on wrong side or in a wrong way is commonly seen. WHY ? now no need to repeat again same as above. Speed limits are set to help you prevent from an accident in sensitive areas like Schools, Hospitals and Danger turns. Speed breakers are meant for same, use it.

Vehicle Honking Common and Casual honking doesn’t come under traffic rules (Till i know, I might be wrong) apart of the ‘NO HONKING’ in sensitive areas as displayed on road side sign boards. Without rules, honking seems to be fun, or a sign of idiotic behaviours of a persona. Its ok to honk in case when extremely needed, otherwise why will a vehicle in front of you will stop for no reasons ? Worst scenario is listening and seeing group honking in middle of traffic jam, how does it makes sense ?, It seems like a group of Sheep following each other blindly for no reasons. One has to decide on being a good civilian or doing this and proving oneself as a ‘classic idiot civilian’.

Helmets and Mobile Phones : Some creative Mumbai citizens are seen adjusting the mobile phones inside helmets, riding while talking, Or i am sure you must have seen that bike riders with phone adjusted between shoulder and ear. What a risky stunt and creative way of balancing the talks with ride, No fear of life. But most important, riding a bike without proper helmets is an offence and a very common breach of Mumbai traffic rules. Similarly, talking on mobile phones while riding four wheeler is also a commonly seen breach inside city.

A new initiative by RTO and traffic department of showing the horror of road accidents has been started. Those who approaches RTO for learning license have to spend some 15 to 20 minutes watching these horror accidents and common mistakes which leads to. Its like learning from fearful example of past accidents, and i am sure it will work.

See Also : Road Safety Guidelines, Traffic Police Helplines, Emergency Control Room Numbers and some basic rules.

Anti Drink Drive Mission - Traffic Police Mumbai
Anti Drink Drive Mission – Traffic Police Mumbai

Just a thought :: How about a LIVE TRAFFIC GAME ZONE inside RTO offices. A test for those applying for new licenses. This game should be designed in a way which gives a real feel and experience of riding a bike / car. All of a sudden, leading to an accident due to negligence of driver with a feel of minor jerks and experience to get a glimpse and feel on how horrifying the real may feel.

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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