ETC FASTag Process – Online Purchase Recharge Guide

Purchasing a new ETC FASTag sticker for your vehicle is easy, Online Recharge is simpler too. Simply follow these steps which will guide you to get a new ETC tag in the next 6 to 12 days as per your bank services at your doorsteps.

A personal experience and simple guide in the brief description to understand the process of how to purchase and get your new Digital ETC Fastag and steps to recharge it online in the future.

New FasTag & Recharge
New FasTag & Recharge

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Online Getting / Purchasing ETC Fastag For First Time

15th January 2020 was supposed to be the deadline to have all vehicles crossing toll Naka on major national highways in India be digitized with the FASTag sticker stuck right in the center of the windshield and experience the de-congested and smooth drive through various toll plazas on national highways in India. Active toll plazas with Fastag active are continuously listed and updated on the official website & individual bank portals.

Automatic Toll Collection in India
Automatic Toll Collection in India

The new digital Fastag services come in handy and purchasing this tag is much easier from your respective banks (If officially listed), Also available on active toll Naka. Major nationalized & recognized private sector banks are now authorized to provide this service in a seamless way to purchase your new Fastag for car / other vehicles and also help do the recharge process ‘ALL ONLINE’. Let us go step by step to know the same.

STEP 1. Log on online to your bank’s official website NETBANKING and check for the services called FASTag. It will take you to the main page of this digital service to purchase a new ETC Fastag for first-timers.

STEP 2. Now, simply follow the steps which ask for your existing savings / current account details. It will send you an OTP on your BANK ACCOUNT Registered mobile number to verify the credentials.

STEP 3. Submit your basic vehicle details like Vehicle number, Type of vehicle (LMV car, etc).

STEP 4. Upload your vehicle document (Usually RC Book) ‘Registration Copy’, which needs to be scanned and uploaded.

STEP 5. Finally, Review all details and your application, etc, and SUBMIT.

STEP 6. The next step is to pay online for your new RFID tag. In the case of HDFC, it was Rs.500 which is deducted from your account or credit/debit card as an option displayed. From Rs.500, Rs.200 are Refundable Security Deposits & Rs.100 are one-time service/processing charges by the bank. It will also reflect the tax deducted and any other charges which are approximately Rs.9 on Rs.200 (Initial balance amount in your Fastag Wallet).

STEP 7. If everything, as detailed above, goes well online with your bank’s website. YOU ARE DONE WITH THE PROCESS. Wait for a few days as detailed on your bank’s website (Usually a week to 10 days).

After a few days and if your documents and other details are verified successfully, You will also receive a message from FASTag officials regarding successful account creation, and a letter from the bank with Account & wallet details of your new digital wallet will be received at home.

Recharging ETC Fastag Online

Here, I assume you have received your ACTIVATED New ETC TAG (Basically your Digital FasTag Sticker) which you need to place on your car’s front side ‘windshields as per instructions. With letters detailing your account as below :

1. Customer Name: Your Name as In Your Bank Account.
2. Wallet ID: A Numeric 14-digit or so (Which will also be your login ID for the future).
3. Customer ID: Another 12-digit numeric ID which is your FASTag customer ID (Note: This is different from your bank customer id).
4. Tag Sequence No: Another unique number (You can write the same aside and forget for now).
5. HFR NO.: Some numbers, Ignore for now and keep it noted aside.

Fastag First Time Login

In the letter received from the bank, you will have step by step guide on what and how exactly to proceed with your first login for getting your Fastag password and credentials for future recharge. Here actually you will be using 2 of the above 4 mentioned details (Customer ID, Wallet ID, etc) to log in for the first time and verify, validate yourself to a FASTag account, and set a PASSWORD for all future usage.

So at this stage, you have your wallet ID (That can be used as login), the newly generated password for all your online Fastag recharges in the future via your bank portal or other payment services available.

As per the letter received for my personal Fastag by HDFC Bank: The customer can recharge his wallet up to a balance of INR 1 lac for Full KYC customers and INR 10,000/- for Non-KYC customers using his Debit, Credit card, or Netbanking option with respected convenience charges applied.

I tried recharging (My First Recharge Online) for Rs.500 and it didn’t allow me to do so. Next, I tried Rs.200 and it went smoothly with my Wallet balance now being Rs.400, i.e Rs.200 (Initial) & Rs. 200 (Upon Recharge).

Recharge Options : With time, major payment apps like PayTm, Google Pay, UPI (Few already support) and more will be supported to make the recharge process seamless from your mobile phone.

Welcome to the Digitally activated Fastag lane on Major National Highways (Details about active Toll Plazas where these tags are applicable are mentioned on the respected bank’s website).

WAS THAT EASY & HELPFUL ?: If I was simple and clear in helping step by step with this article, It will surely be helpful to your friends too. Kindly share this article and let’s go digital.

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