Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar Car Toll Tax | Amount | Receipts

Not much detail is available online about toll and other taxes amount, locations etc taken by municipal corporation and forest department at Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar.

My recent visit and below are complete updated details on toll naka, amount collected per person at Panchgani and at Mahabaleshwar for private vehicles like car, validity, receipts and Pictures of same.

Also are details on Old Mahabaleshwar road forest tax collection, parking etc with location details, Hope that helps you.

Total Toll Tax From Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar

Talking about Non Commercial (Private vehicles like car only), My visit to Pachgani and Mahabaleshwar in December 2018 was unsure of updated information about total toll charges and other taxes like forest tax, Road passenger tax, Pollution tax, Entry fees to be given.

A rough idea at selected review sites helped but still not very clear on who collects this toll and what are the exact locations of this toll plazas. (See Also : Mumbai City Entry Exit Toll Plazas)

I will also help a bit more with information on what will be total numbers of toll plaza and amount one has to pay when going from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar hills (Including Old Mahabaleshwar Road, Express Highway etc).

Below are easy excerpts, Do not worry if that is bit confusing as further i will explain on individual toll location, tax amounts in details with photos of all tax receipts.

  • Total Toll Plaza (Including Highways) : 4 Major toll tax locations while travelling from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar.
  • Toll Collection Locations : 1. Mumbai Pune Expressway, 2. Pune City Entry toll, 3. Panchgani Entry Tax (After Wai Ghat), 4. Mahabaleshwar Toll Tax (Veena Lake), Old Mahabaleshwar road taxes (Forest Tax + Grampanchayat entry fee for individuals).
  • Toll Taxes Amount and Types : Panchgani Hill Station Municipal Council Per Person Road Tax (Rs.20) validity 7 days, Panchgani Pollution Tax Per vehicle (Rs.50) valid for 7 days, Mahabaleshwar Municipal Council Per Person Road Tax (Rs.20) validity 7 days, Mahabaleshwar Pollution Tax Per Car (Rs.30), Old Mahabaleshwar Road (Just Before Panchganga Shiva Temple) Per Person Entry Fee (Rs.20) valid for 5 days, at same location Satara District Grampanchayat Tax Per Person (Rs.5).
  • Parking Charges : Also to note, at few sightseeing points like Parsi point, Table Land, Kates etc, separate car parking charges has to be paid of Rs.10 and Rs.20 for which receipts are provided.
  • Special Note (Old Mahabaleshwar Visit) : Accommodations is usually at Pachgani or Mahabaleshwar and people visit old Mahabaleshwar which falls under forest department and satara grampanchayat.Visits are for sightseeing locations and Krishnabai Lord Shiva Temple. The sightseeing points here are under forest department and so one has to pay separate forest tax (as detailed above).DO NOT PAY ROAD TAX AGAIN HERE, pay only forest tax & grampanchayat tax.
  • For Ease Travel (Multiple times around hill stations) : As the toll tax receipts are valid for 5 and 7 days as detailed, While visiting and crossing toll plaza multiple times.Keep the receipts handy or on dashboard so that you will not be stopped and time is saved.
  • Not That Usual Looking Toll Boots : Authorities collecting toll tax do not have toll boots as we usually see on national highways.They stand in groups at Panchgani entry, Mahabaleshwar Entry Veena lake with barricades and will collect taxes and hand over receipts. They are authorized and not fake.Take you time to review receipts and cross check total amounts against those tax receipts.

Panchgani Toll Tax and Receipts

NOTE : From here i will detail all toll and tax receipts with photos and for ease of calculation, Lets take an example of a car with total 4 adult people travelling to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai.

Panchgani Road Tax Receipt
Panchgani Pollution Tax Receipt
Panchgani Car Parking Receipt

1. Road tax (Per Person Rs.20), Valid for 7 days : 20 x 4 People = Rs.100.
(Entry tax receipt in lieu of tax payment to municipal council vide rule.5)
2. Pollution tax (Per Car Rs.50) Valid for 7 days = Rs.50.
(Control Of Pollution by laws Year 2001).

Total amount paid at Panchgani toll naka = Rs.150, Below are the tax receipts photos.

Mahabaleshwar Toll Tax and Receipts

Mahabaleshwar Road Tax Receipt
Mahabaleshwar Pollution Tax Receipt

1. Road tax (Per Person Rs.20), Valid for 7 days : 20 x 4 People = Rs.100.
(In Lieu of payment of tax to the council vide rule no.3(i), Tickets should not be given out to anyone else and should be retained by traveller throughout the trip on hill stations).
2. Pollution tax (Per Car Rs.30), Valid for 7 days = Rs.30.
(Control Of Pollution by laws Year 2000, Passenger is liable to pay tax on every entry of vehicle).

Total amount paid at Mahabaleshwar toll naka (Veena Lake) = Rs.130, Below are the tax receipts photos.

Old Mahabaleshwar Road Taxes and Receipts

Old Mahabaleshwar Grampanchayat Tax Receipt
Old Mahabaleshwar Forest Tax Receipt

1. Forest Entry Fee / Sanitary Cess (Per Head Rs.20), Valid for 5 days : 20 x 4 People = Rs.100.
(Mahabaleshwar Forest Department, FDM 2011).
2. Mahabaleshwar Grampanchayat Area Satara District (Per Head Rs.5) Validity 1 day : 5 x 4 = Rs.20.
(Maharashtra Grampanchayat Rules 1958, Kalam 125 and Tax Fee Rules 1960 / 37).

Total amount paid at Old Mahabaleshwar Road = Rs.120, Below are the tax receipts photos.

Parking charges at Krishnabai Lord Shiva Temple (Rs.20).

Lord Shiva Temple Car Parking Receipt

Caution : Connaught Peak is permanently closed and isolated inside forest area, Do not visit this point. I wasted time as nothing here no sign board at road entry showed that it is closed.

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