Bambusteum – Bamboo Garden Inside Borivali National Park Mumbai

With the very first Bamboo garden of Mumbai, Located inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Nearest Railway Station Borivali), A strong message of togetherness to save planet and improve the greenery has be sent across 32 countries as Consul generals of all these countries planted varieties of species of Indian Bamboo saplings inside national park bamboo garden. It will sure reflect with strong message towards mother nature around the globe. Let us understand the the location, species, usage and other details of this trees inside Bamboo garden in city..

Bamboo Trees
Bamboo Trees

National Park Bamboo Garden

SGNP (Sanjay Gandhi National Park) which is located not far from Borivali railway station (East) is one of the major green belt and a famous tourist destination of Mumbai city. Adding to the beauty is this Bamboo plantations and a great learning opportunity for citizens, Specially for school children with its important and wide usage. Mumbai’s first Bamboo garden is named ‘Bambusteum’ is open to public and ready right inside this beautiful national park. That marked the starting year of Bamboo garden 2018 with ‘World Green Convergence’ and showed a strong togetherness of all 32 countries for a better green future of this planet.

This 2.5 acres (About 3 hectare) of bamboo plantation zone is located at ‘Tumnipada’ area, distance of about 2 Kilometers from main entry gate of National Highway Entry, Starting point of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. In August of 2018 the plantation work of this Botanical garden was started and now about 97 species of Bamboo trees are bought from around various cities and states of India like West Bengal, Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh which has highest species of these trees, Meghalaya and Sikkim.

Bamboo Handicraft
Bamboo Handicraft

All this in a perfect location of Mumbai Suburb to study everything in detail about Bamboo trees, Various species, Plantation related etc all in one place at this garden. Most of all are native species and also which are found in other countries around the world. Some of the rare species of bamboo can also be seen here that makes ‘Bambusetum’ a single point access to Bamboo studies for students staying in near by locations like Thane, Navi Mumbai, Palghar District etc.

Organizations related to Bamboo trees and related such as National Bamboo Mission (NBM), Bamboo Society of India (BSI), National Mission for Bamboo Application (NMBA), Maharashtra Bamboo Development Board (MBDB) are all in support and many are part of this newly formed body called ‘Bamboo Promotion Foundation of Maharashtra’ which will focus and promote usage of Bamboo products in replacement of traditionally used teak wood and others which has adheres effects of tree cuttings in India.

Bamboo Species and Usage

As said, 97 species from various part of country has been brought to this unique Bamboo garden of Mumbai. Few of them are as tall as 40 meters and are known to be the tallest around the world and few others are about 20 to 30 meters in height.

North East states like Manipur has ‘Dendrocalamus Sikimenasis’ bamboo trees which are known to be the tallest one and are used for home d├ęcor and furnishing products like Sofa, Beds and also for making utensils etc like buckets, vase, matting and also as water piping at such locations.

Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh has ‘Balcooa’ and ‘Vulgaris’ bamboo species and are called ‘Bambusa’ locally. They grows 20 to 30 meter tall and are so strong that they are used to build houses and its foundation and also to build tunnels. Alternately, these trees are major used for day to day life purpose things related to Hunting, Fishing and Fuel. All these species can now be seen at Borivali national park’s Bamboo garden.

One of the main species found in Maharashtra state called ‘Bambusa Bambos’ which are major used for fencing houses and since they are called ‘Indian Thorns’, They are also used as defence sticks. From Chattisgarh, a Bamboo specie which can now be seen in Mumbai park called ‘Dendrocalamus Brandisii’ are major used to make handicrafts and Baskets to store things.

Garden Location Address

Address : Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066 (Just 5 minutes in Auto and 15 Minutes walking distance from Railway station).
Contact : +91-22-28860362 / +91-22-28860389.
Bamboo Garden Location : Tumnipada, 2 Km Inside National Park Main Gate on National Highway.
For Nature Information Center call on +91-22-28868686.

Car Parking Available inside, Rental Cycles also available.

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    Read your blog on bamboo garden inside sanjay gandhi national park, MUmbai. i was wondering if there are other such spacious parks in Mumbai wherein there can be a gathering of more than 50-60 people? Basically, it would be a celebrity fan meet up kind of a thing!!

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