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“The fees for entering Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali (East) – Mumbai differ for morning walkers, joggers, and regular park visitors. Additionally, the charges for activities such as boating, Lion & Tiger Safari, Kanheri Bus ride, Vanrani Mini Train, and entry fees for various vehicles like two-wheelers (bikes), cars, etc. (LMV) and heavy vehicles vary. Adults are required to pay higher entry fees compared to discounted rates for children aged between 5 and 12 years. Here is the latest list of all charges within the park..”

Entry Fees and Other Charges Displayed
Entry Fees and Other Charges Displayed

Updated Park Fees and Entry Charges

Park Main Entry Gate National Highway
Park Main Entry Gate National Highway
Updated Charges
Updated Charges

Note: You are allowed to take your bikes & car etc to hang around national parks allowed areas.

    • Main Entry Fee/Charges 2023
    • Adults (Above 12 years age) : Rs.77
    • Children (Age 5 to 12 Years): Rs.41
    • Two Wheelers (Motorcycles & Bikes) : Rs.55
    • LMV (Cars, Jeep, Tempo etc) : Rs.220
    • HMV (Heavy Vehicles like Bus, Tractor and Truck) : Rs.389
    • Cycles : Rs.26
    • Camera for Photography & Videography: Rs.214
    • Mini Train Ride (Vanrani Ticket Charges)
    • Adults : Rs.55
    • Children (Age 5 to 12 Years) : Rs.21
    • Boating Charges
    • 2 Seater Boats : Rs.64
    • 4 Seater Boats : Rs.130
    • Morning Walk & Jogging Charges (Yearly Pass Cost)
    • Senior Citizens : Rs.25
    • Other Adults / Citizens : Rs.215
    • Other Adults / Citizens (Monthly) : Rs.55
    • Lion & Tiger Safari Ticket Costs
    • Tiger Safari Charges for Adults : Rs.85
    • Tiger Safari Children (Age 5 to 12 Years) : Rs.34
    • Tiger & Lion Safari Both (Adults) : Rs.108
    • Tiger & Lion Safari Both (Kids, 5 to 12 Years) : Rs.43
    • Kanheri Caves Bus Services (From Inside)
    • Bus Charges to Kanheri For Adults : Rs.64
    • Kanheri Caves Bus Ticket Cost for Kids (5 to 12 years) : Rs.34

Other Attractions Inside With Entry Fee Details

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  1. I would like to know how to enroll “Morning Walk & Jogging Charges (Yearly Pass Cost)” in Sanjay Gandi National park.

  2. the park website booking link seems to be down. Can we book the park entrance as well as all activities like the lion & tiger safari inside the park itself on the day ?

    Also if I hire a bike in the park, are they places to safely lock and keep the bike while I do hikes and go on the safari / boat rides?

    Thanks !

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