BEST Tejaswini 2022 – Ladies Special Women-Only Bus Services in Mumbai

December 2019 is marked for Tejaswini Yellow buses, BEST launching about 37 female/women only (Ladies Special) buses in Mumbai & Suburban. These are 32 seaters, Non-AC buses made in Jaipur with the identity of a Logo, Yellow colour, Maharashtra’s ladies special bus service & Word Tejaswini written on it in English & Hindi.

Tejaswini Yellow Buses
Tejaswini Yellow Buses

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Update January 2022 : Mumbai still awaits more Ladies special (Women Only) Public Buses on other routes in Mumbai suburbs like major commercial locations in Andheri & Bandra. As of November 2019, 6 Yellow buses were started during Office / Peak hours between (CSMT) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and (NCPA) National Centre for the Performing Arts, Nariman Point.

Tejaswini : What You Should Know

For the first time, BEST is going to own these Yellow colour Tejaswini buses (A total of 37 buses) which cost about 29.5 Lakh each (i.e 3 Million) with total costing going to Rs.1091.5 Lakh (111 Million). Another big step with the previous one on fare cut down for regular fleets by about 50% to gain a number of commuters, A remarkable step highly appreciated by Middle-income people who travels regularly.

‘Tejaswini’ will brings relief to Women commuters especially during peak hours if operated at commercial locations like BKC, Andheri MIDC & SEEPS and others. Although routes in Mumbai and Suburban are yet to be declared publicly, The news itself is a big relief for working-class females in Mumbai. Major middle income working ladies travel via BEST buses now.

A brief description of these buses: It’s a Non-Air Conditioner, 32 Seater bus which will be easily identified from far with its Yellow colour compared to the Regular red once. Being a lady’s special bus, Women can now travel safely & comfortably. BEST is already operating one such double-decker bus (Only for Ladies commuters) in the city which routes between NCPA & CSMT. The need has been seen during such operations in past brings in a call of action to get many more dedicated Women-only buses around the Mumbai city & Suburbans.

Navi Mumbai has already started these services in 2018 and commuters are satisfied too. But, Mumbai Suburban & city locations like BKC, Andheri, Churchgate, CSMT, and Lower Parel have a large number of Ladies’ travellers compared to Navi Mumbai and proper routing at such required locations is the need of time.

As of this great beginning, i.e December 2019 and Early 2020, The services will see these 37 buses plying at Peak office Hours only with bus timing scheduled between ‘7:00 Am to 11:00 Am’ & ‘5:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm’ respectively. I personally believe, evening timings should be increased to 10:30 Pm as late working has become a norm in Mumbai city now. With increasing demand and considering the crowd, if needed these buses will also run during non-peak hours in the coming future.

So all you working ladies commuters, What do you think about this women-only bus service? Which routes require it the most? Put down your views & comments and lets us & BEST know about same for a better commute planning in Mumbai. Cheers to BEST for this move.

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