BEST AC Buses With Routes at Mumbai Airport T2

“To boost up the revenue at the current stage of loss, BEST is starting 3 new routes and services where the BRTS AC buses will connect the T2 Airport as a centre point from 3 major locations of Mumbai. This buses will be specially called Airport 1, 2 & 3 respectively. The move coming in effect by next week / 10 days (i.e End of June 2014) will surely help BEST and bring convenience to commuters who wants to reach T2 Airport at best possible route without pollution in AC buses. This 3 AC bus services connects Borivali West (Western Suburb), Cadbury Junction (Thane, Central) and CBD Belapur (Navi Mumbai) to the new International Airport Terminal 2. Below are the Routes (Stops) and Fares details of same..”

Hybrid Buses

Airport 1 Bus From CBD
  • Running Between : CBD Belapur to T2.
  • Route Distance : About 36 Km.
  • Approximate Time taken : 1 Hour 14 Minutes.
  • Routes and Bus Stops : Starting From Belapur (Navi Mumbai)  Vashi Bus Depot  Shivaji Nagar Stop  Santacruz Kalina  T2.
  • Fare Rates : From CBD (Rs.180), From Vashi Depot (Rs.150), From Shivaji Nagar (Rs.100), From Kalina (Rs.70).
T2 to CBD Belapur Route Map
Airport 2 Bus From Thane
  • Running Between : Thane to T2.
  • Route Distance : About 23 Km.
  • Approximate Time taken : 41 Minutes.
  • Routes and Bus Stops : Starting From Thane (Cadbury Junction)  Bhandup Police Station  Gandhi Nagar Stop  T2.
  • Fare Rates : From Cadbury Junction (Rs.120), From Bhandup Police Station (Rs.85), From Gandhi Nagar (Rs.70).

T2 to Thane Route Map

Airport 3 Bus From Borivali
  • Running Between : Borivali to T2.
  • Route Distance : About 17 Km.
  • Approximate Time taken : 32 Minutes.
  • Routes and Bus Stops : Starting From Borivali Station (West)  Malad Bus Depot  Adarsh Nagar Stop  JVPD  T2.
  • Fare Rates : From Borivali (Rs.120), From Malad Depot (Rs.85), From Adarsh Nagar (Rs.70), From JVPD (Rs.55).

T2 to Borivali Route Map

Courtesy Google Maps : Distance, Time Details and Map.

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