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Since 2020, people are enjoying the benefits of the 25 Eco-Friendly AC Hybrid Buses, which are powered by dry batteries and diesel. These buses, manufactured by TATA, started operating on 16th March 2018. The routes include BKC to Sion, BKC to Kurla, Borivali Station, Thane Hiranandani, Mulund Maharana Pratap Chowk, and Kharghar. Dedicated lanes have been assigned for these buses under BMC and Traffic police supervision. Details of bus routes, timings, and fares are provided below.

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Hybrid Buses
Hybrid Buses

Facilities and Features Inside New Hybrid Buses

The Hybrid buses in Mumbai by BEST are made by TATA Motors in Goa to use Electric dry batteries at low speeds and switch to diesel mode at 30 to 80 KM/Hour. This reduces pollution by 30% and saves fuel. The Lithium Ion Battery recharges automatically when the bus switches to diesel mode.

This 32 seater Air Conditioned bus has improved cushion quality for comfortable seating, CCTV cameras for security, a Digital board & public announcement system showing the estimated time of arrival using GPS technology.

Additional mobile charging points are available for commuters. The wider window panels provide better visibility of Mumbai along BKC Kurla and Sion routes. The boarding and exit passage ways are wider with lower height for easier entry and exit, especially for wheelchair travelers. The electronic system manages brakes (EBS) and suspension smoothly up to 70 KM Speed, ensuring safety and eco-friendliness.

BKC Bus Routes and Timings

Route Map

BKC to Other Stations Shuttle Bus Map
BKC to Other Stations Shuttle Bus Map

MMRDA AC Hybrid Shuttle buses are currently running between BKC and places like Bandra Station, Sion Circle, and Kurla Station. Key bus stops include BKC Diamond Market, MMRDA Ground, CA Institute, and Telephone Exchange. Long-distance routes will also be added in the near future. Services from BKC to Borivali, BKC to Thane Hiranandani, BKC to Kharghar, and Mulund areas will soon be available. Stay tuned for more information on bus routes, schedules, and additional details.

Short Distance Routes

Bus timings for short distance route will be between 9:00 Am till Evening 7:00 and about 4 to 7 buses will be dedicated on each of these routes.

BKC Bus No. 21 : Bandra TerminusKalanagarBKC Diamond Market.

BKC Bus No. 22 : Kurla West Near StationSBIMMRDA ground.

BKC Bus No. 23 : Bandra TerminusKalanagarCA Institute.

BKC Bus No. 24 : Sion Circle (Rani Laxmi Chowk)KalanagarBKC (Routes from Dharavi).

BKC Bus No. 25 : Rani Laxmi Chowk Sion CircleBKC (Routes from LBS Marg).

Long Distance Routes

Buses in Mumbai will travel to far-off places like Borivali Suburban, Thane City (Hiranandani), Kharghar Jalvayu Vihar, Mulund Maharana Pratap Chowk. They will operate in the morning and evening at specific times, with a frequency of every 15 minutes.

Morning timings : 7:30 to 8:30.
Evening timings : 6:00 to 7:00.

BKC Bus No. 10: Borivali Railway Station (East)Omkareshwar TempleMahindra GateBKC Telephone Exchange.

BKC Bus No. 11: Thane Hiranandani EstateMMRDA.

BKC Bus No. 12: Kharghar Jalvayu ViharMMRDA.

BKC Bus No. 13: Mulund Maharana Pratap ChowkMMRDA.

Kindly note : Bus Numbers, Timings and Other details may vary from time to time.

Bus Fares 2018 (Updated Fares May Differ)

This Hybrid bus offers various amenities such as FM, WIFI, Speakers, and Television. The fare for this bus ranges from Rs.16 to Rs.110, depending on the distance of the bus route. We will provide updates on Seasonal passes soon. Please note that fares may vary and will be updated once we have the exact details.

  1. Bus no 10 : Rs.16 to Rs.94
  2. Bus no 11 : Rs.16 to Rs.110
  3. Bus no 12 : Rs.16 to Rs.110
  4. Bus no 13 : Rs.16 to Rs.63

* Charges / Fares may have changed with time.

Some More Information

The first 25 Semi Electric (Hybrid) Shuttle buses from BEST / MMRDA operate between BKC and 3 key stations in Mumbai – Sion & Kurla in central Mumbai and Bandra stations in Western. These buses offer point to point public transportation with limited seating, extra comfort, and amenities. They may run on dedicated bus routes to save time.

Point-to-Point travel mean there will be no middle stops between source & destination bus stops (2 points). Bandra Kurla Complex A bustling commercial area, lacked convenient transportation options for daily commuters. The introduction of Semi Electric buses will provide relief to thousands of people who currently face issues like pollution, lack of autos, insufficient buses, and overcrowded railway stations.

Bandra is taking on a significant financial burden of up to 50% in order to provide affordable and high-quality bus services to travelers. Originally, the plan was to introduce fully electric buses, but the costs were too high. As a result, a more cost-effective solution was found in the form of semi-electric hybrid buses that run on both electricity and diesel. These buses will help meet the transportation needs of the community while keeping costs manageable.

Other Regular Buses To and From BKC

Below are few of the Running BEST buses between BKC and Sion, Kurla and Bandra locations.

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