Pramod Mahajan Garden Dadar – A Kala Park in Mumbai

“Dadar, a south Mumbai locality got its new ‘Pramod Mahajan Garden’ opened to public on 3rd May 2015. This Garden is officially called Kala Park, in the name of late famous politician always known for his good deeds in city. It is for the first time BMC’s Sewerage Operations Department has developed and maintained such green beauty for 8 months now, this beautiful park is located adjacent to Tulsi Pipe Road in Dadar (West), at few minutes distance from railway station. Localities are cherished to get about 10 acres of green garden in the new developed concrete Dadar. Since decades, this land was a Sewerage Treatment Plant until 1999 when it was closed. If you are a plant lover, this garden is a must visit for you as about 5000 pots with about a lakh trees and nearly 500 different types of Shrubs. below are some pictures and soon coming a video with more details..”

Plantations inside Garden
Plantations inside Garden

About Kala Park

Ready since 3rd quarter of 2014, this was once a city’s sewerage treatment plant location till 1999 and was lying unused till last year when a beautifying idea of converting this 42,000 Square Meter vast area of Dadar to a Public Park with lush greenery, soothing to eyes and a place to relax in serenity in city was planned and finally came true. All credits goes to Sewerage Operation department who till date well maintained it since last 8 months of development, even if it was not opened to public due to internal departmental conflicts.

Prism Section Inside Garden
Prism Section Inside Garden

BMC’s garden department is now taking care of this garden and hope it is well maintained in future to becomes a attraction to tourists too. This garden also have 2 buildings located within premise which are ment for ‘Sewerage Operations’ and other for ‘Storm Water Drain’ departments. Enter into the main gate which has a written in silver the name if our late politician ‘Pramod Mahajan Kala Park‘ and the view is eye cooling as you feel like inside some green belt of some other beautiful location and not inside the concrete city. A huge structure called ‘Prism’ will attract you at a glance which has hundreds of small shrubs planted, A hilly area has resting place for visitors and is one of the places with lots of colorful flowers seen along with the only location being for panoramic view of this park. This garden do have about 200 benches to sit and relax, rest rooms, 3 beautiful pond filled with lotus flowers which are also named ‘Lotus Lakes’ and a 4000 square meter lawn area. It has about 500 species of shrubs, Varieties of about 5000 potted plants, total of 6 water coolers and a huge 26,000 square meter area just for plants and flowers. Now what else does Dadar’s senior citizen and kids along with youth plant lovers wants more to relax, have fun in evening? A natural rejuvenating place in the hot hitting city called ‘Mumbai’.

Timings & Entry Charges

The exact timings of garden will be detailed soon as we get, But in general it should be open between 10:00 Am to 6:00 pm. Also it seems that their is no entry charges, still keep updated with us on below Google+ and we will update this section soon. If you have knowledge about park timings and entry fees for adults and children etc, Kindly let us know about same via below comment box or contact link.

Green Plantations
Green Plantations

Other Attractions Near This Park

Dadar has couple of places to be seen, Some of the other attractions at Dadar are Chowpatty, Kabutar Khana. Also see famous parks of Mumbai, and Maharashtra Nature Park not very far from Dadar.

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2 Replies to “Pramod Mahajan Garden Dadar – A Kala Park in Mumbai

  1. Since 2015 my team Swim Yoga is practicing Ashtang Yoga as described and prescribed by Maharshi Patanjali 200 years BC, at this park, since then the Garden authority has taken required initiatives to beautify this park. Initially we had some problem from the druggist who used to take entry from the broken wall of the adjoining railways tracks to the park. Yes, I proud to write the glory of this park, since then we are celebrating in a grand way, the International Yoga day, Our Independent day as well as Republic day. its a park for the different strata of the society, like students they have an artistically done place to study, as well as Sernior citizens and children they are happy enahcing their energies and strenth. I am sure garden authorities will make this park and the boudaries of this park is not that vide in comparision to the Maharastra Nature Center, but sure this will be a next tourist center too.

  2. now the park beauty is destroyed by vandalizing the trees in the name of trimming. If anybody visit the park he will be shocked by the atrocity on the trees.

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