BEST Bus : Lost + Found Baggage Articles in Mumbai

“An article which will help Mumbai people travelling in BEST buses and mistakenly left behind baggage, luggage and other items which goes to Lost and Found department at Wadala..”

LOST + FOUND in Buses
LOST + FOUND in Buses

So whom to contact when you lost you luggage in BEST buses ? Its the BEST Wadala Depot and the contact number is : 022-24128596 (Number might change with times). But yes BEST has decided to penalize people for this forgetfulness for sundry items they will charge Rs.10 when you are asking back for your luggage, For Valuable items charges will be Rs.50 and for Cash lost in bus you will suffer an amount of 12.5 % of total. The belongings will be given back to you upon proper verifications.

So who takes care of your lost items and take it to Wadala bus Depot ? Its Mr. bus conductor who checks the bus upon reaching destination and keep the lost belongings of commuters with properly Tagged with Date, Time and Route where it was found submitting it to Wadala Depot. So where is Wadala Depot ? Its Opposite Ambedkar College. (See Also Fares)

Adding on to the updates, A helping article by Times of India (Somit Sen) on 17th June 2016 has some information worth this post update and will sure help you. As said commuters often forget in hurry or being little careless adds load to Lost + Found department of BEST, top articles as reported are Food and Grocery, Cash, Laptop Tablets and mobile phones (Oh i thought being busy on such is reason to forget), Jewellery (Shocking), Sunglasses, Camera (Still carrying ?), Books, Umbrella (Might be feeling like enjoying rain) and medicines (Are you okay now ?) .. Lol, this is Mumbai and anything can happen not just in Bus but also same happens in local trains on Western and Central routes.

BEST Undertaking Bus in Mumbai
BEST Undertaking Bus in Mumbai

Below is the amount of cash statistics till date which i found in one of the leading newspapers that can be helpful.

YearLost + Found Amount (INR)Claimed Articles AmountUnclaimed Articles Amount
2009-20109.26 Lakh6.08 Lakh3.17 Lakh
2010-201110.82 Lakh4.06 Lakh6.77 Lakh
2011-201210.26 Lakh3.67 Lakh6.59 Lakh
2012-201315.81 Lakh7.55 Lakh8.26 Lakh
2015-201615.87 Lakh6.5 Lakh9.37 Lakh

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