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“This Article will help Mumbai People worried about their forgotten bags and other belongings in local train while travelling in western railway route that can be found at Station LOST + FOUND inquiry. IF YOU HAVE FOUND SOMEONE’s LOST BAG or ANY ARTICLE, REQUEST TO KINDLY SEE & INFORM AT BELOW COMMENT SECTION, SO THE PERSON WHO LOST CAN NOTICE.

LOST + FOUND in Trains

I have forgotten items in local train before sometime, where to find it ? Whom to contact in railway department to get those things back if some railway authority has kept it safe.. Yes those are the immediate questions one will have and here it is for western railway.

Anything, this page targets to connect the person who LOST something and the god man who has found some baggage, documents, handbag and intends to help the searcher can connect through the comment section below, Or personally me via the contact option in footer.

Those articles (Bags and Other Stuff ) found by western railway (WR) department in local trains and lying on station forgotten by commuters in hurry catching trains are safely deposited in Lost Property Office which is generally the master office of respected station they will guide you to the parcel office where possibly some other commuter has reached. Master Office is there on every stations so no need to worry. It is recommended to keep you contact details with such articles while travelling so someone can call back when found.

Articles are given back to the respected owner upon proper verifications and if no one claims for next 7 days it is sent to the Main Lost property office located at Grant Road where it auctioned in presence of railway security and other officers from commercial and accounts departments in final 15 days. Precious Jewellery Lost Contact

Precious articles like Unclaimed Jewellery gets deposited with RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) declaring as Lost + Found stuff. So if you have lost something in Western Railway contact the RPF (Railway Police Force), Station Master and Finally on helpline number like 022-23004000.

Hope this article is worth Bookmarking and Forwarding to all the commuters of Local Trains.

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