Lost + Found : Western Railway Local Trains Mumbai

“This Article will help Mumbai People worried about their forgotten bags and other belongings in local train while travelling in western railway route that can be found at Station LOST + FOUND inquiry. IF YOU HAVE FOUND SOMEONE’s LOST BAG or ANY ARTICLE, REQUEST TO KINDLY SEE & INFORM AT BELOW COMMENT SECTION, SO THE PERSON WHO LOST CAN NOTICE.

LOST + FOUND in Trains
LOST + FOUND in Trains

I have forgotten items in local train before sometime, where to find it ? Whom to contact in railway department to get those things back if some railway authority has kept it safe.. Yes those are the immediate questions one will have and here it is for western railway.

Anything, this page targets to connect the person who LOST something and the god man who has found some baggage, documents, handbag and intends to help the searcher can connect through the comment section below, Or personally me via the contact option in footer.

Those articles (Bags and Other Stuff ) found by western railway (WR) department in local trains and lying on station forgotten by commuters in hurry catching trains are safely deposited in Lost Property Office which is generally the master office of respected station they will guide you to the parcel office where possibly some other commuter has reached. Master Office is there on every stations so no need to worry. It is recommended to keep you contact details with such articles while travelling so someone can call back when found.

Articles are given back to the respected owner upon proper verifications and if no one claims for next 7 days it is sent to the Main Lost property office located at Grant Road where it auctioned in presence of railway security and other officers from commercial and accounts departments in final 15 days.

Precious Jewellery Lost Contact

Precious articles like Unclaimed Jewellery gets deposited with RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) declaring as Lost + Found stuff. So if you have lost something in Western Railway contact the RPF (Railway Police Force), Station Master and Finally on helpline number like 022-23004000.

Hope this article is worth Bookmarking and Forwarding to all the commuters of Local Trains.

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102 Replies to “Lost + Found : Western Railway Local Trains Mumbai

    1. I lost my dark green coloured clothes bag in train containing 3 pairs of clothes while traveling from Dadar to Goregaon.
      If found please call on 8779643270

    2. I lost my black luggage bag in mumbai western rail , containing of 3 pants and 6-7 shirts & 1 t-shirt clothes, while travelling from Mumbai central to boriwali ,If found call on 8450998385

      1. sir.last saturday.12.11.22. i lost my blue col.pouch.in local train.12.12p.m at Dahisar to.mum.cet.& slow train i pic.up churchgate slow.mom.cent.& charniroad .i lost myblue pouch. with jewellery.10 itam & col.stone.4 pcs. &my i glass.resi.key. & other itam.please any found .please any time cont.me.mob.no 9322243454. i req.please.help.

        1. my blue colour bag is left in train I take churchgate lacal from Mira road at 11:33 and get down at Andheri station there are some papers and my tiffin box in my bag if someone got pls call me on 8286282101

        2. I lost me black purse in matro where I’m traveling to kandiwali metro station to eksar, 20-8-2023. if anyone found my missing purse please contact Mumbai metro station. It would be helpful.
          please contact on 9327484154

      1. Hello,
        May god bless all.
        on 17th dec,. 2019, i lost my airpods (earphones blue color) in a train from Churchgate (09.48pm) to Borivali (10.39pm) Fast which arrived at 10.40 on platform no 9 at borivali. I was sitting in the first coach of first class towards Borivali
        If anyone has found,, please contact me on this number 8452828220. Or on this email – jatzzy01@gmail.com
        May god bless you.

        1. Lost my Skechers carry bag while traveling from vasai to grant road . I was travelling in 12.37 pm Churchgate fast , which arrived at grant road forgotten it in Skechers bag.. 1 one key and 1 shoes

      2. Lost my HP backpack while traveling from Bandra to Lower parel. I was travelling in 6:01pm Churchgate slow , which arrived at lower Parel at 6:16pm. I forgotten it in 4 boggie

    3. I lost my blue colour umbrella while travelling from Charni Road to vile parle .. the last stop of that particular train was Goregaon. Kindly contact if you find .. -9820556321

    4. i lost my umbrella, a black coloured one, in 1st ladies compartment towards the end side. The train left Andheri on 2nd August 2023 at 7:57 PM.

  1. Lost my black and white shopping bag with newly purchased 2 jeans and black skirt. And wireless Bluetooth. Train had halt at 1 no. Borivali station on 22nd Sept at 6:30. If anyone found pls contact at 9819037878. Thank you.

    1. Lost a black nylon folder with shiv sena bank karmachari union seal containing a blue office file with my personal papers

      1. I lost my 2 rectangle black kitchen toolkit in train which is from goregoan to CSTM on that ITM Ihm print is there . this took kit are too imp for me…
        plzz contact 8104076586

        1. I lost my blue colored umbrella. yesterday in 12-25 Virar local going to Bandra. if anyone has found it. please contact 9923761605. may god bless u. thank you

    2. On 3rd september Lost a black nylon folder with shiv sena karmachari union seal containing a blue office file with my personal papers. lost in 7.54 am slow train at santacruz to borivli or in 7.58 fast train from andheri to virar.If it went to yard please call me.my details are there in the lost file.I need the file.

      1. I lost my watch Fastrack sliver colour in vasai platform or 7:51am train today on 11 July ’22 kindly let me know if any one gets it… I am unable to contact on the no.given above no one is taking call

  2. I lost a plastic bag with some dresses on 24/09/19 around 10.30 which were very important for my Mom.Please call me at 7977388565/8655289949 if found.Blue,maroon,cream,pink green colored dress material were ther.Please help.

    1. I lost my uniform in the train ..which comes from Goregon at 9:58 virar local nd my bag is black color with printed FOREVER NEW ….in that bag i have my uniform,,id card ,,..plz help me contact me:-9665394849…its very urgent

    2. I have lost a small black travel bag which had my dress hail straightener corporate finance book and food. PL call if anyone finds the bag 9769010780

      1. I have travelled from Mumbai Central to Ahmedabad by duronto express train number 12267 having my birth G3/10/LB on 4-12-2019.

        2. At the time of reaching at Ahmedabad, co-passenger travelling with any of the birth from G3/11-12-13-14, has erroneously wore one shoe out of pair and therefore, my shoes pair as well as other gentlemen’s shoes pair has become useless.

        3. May I request you to share contact Numbers of fellow passengers travelling on birth number G3-11,12,13,14 so that I can contact them and get shoes exchanged.

    3. my mom lost her bag that has clothes in it and more than that
      *it has her medical case files*
      the bag is *orange and black* in colour and is type of a school bag with *SP CLASSES* written on it.The date was 21st December 2022 *21/12/22* .she forgot it on the bogie rack when she got off on dadar station, the train was heading for churchgate and it was around 5:30 or 5:45 pm. my best guess is the train then became the 5:53 pm borivali Fast or 5:56pm virar fast please please if anyone found the bag let me know by calling on this number 9834721987.

  3. Lost a Black Laptop Bag Today in 11.32am Fast Train for Churchgate from Bhayander. Bag was black had 2 diaries, keys and pendrives in it. If found please call 9867920838

    1. I lost my black colour bag today in Churchgate slow train at 6:36am my bag was wrapped in red plastic bag. Please help.

    2. I forgot my brown color big size sack in local from boriwali to churchagte reached at 1:20 PM. On 25 Oct 19.
      It has I Card of Mahindra and Mahindra co. Pls call/watsapp me on 9892331550. My name is Amol Lakal

  4. I have lost my blue colour tiffin bag in Churchgate last local started at 11.26 from borivali and contains one external hard disk. if someone founds pls call me on 9324804120

  5. I lost a small black umbrella with white unicorns on it in a Nalasopara – bandra bound train. The train is said to have reached Bandra at 7.39 am. If anyone Finds it, please contact 7028601968.
    This is important as the umbrella has sentimental value.


  7. Lost my son’s bag in train which contained water bottles, 1charger,eatables bag was very important lost in 7.10 am train headed towards churchgate on 13/10/2019.pl if found contact 9821513427 thanks

  8. Lost my black coloured office bag in a local train from Dadar to Churchgate. It has my wallet and few documents and papers . IF found plz contact on 9930235635 or 9967291163

  9. Forgot my pink three-folding umbrella in Borivali Fast Train (5:58 pm F from Churchgate), when I got down at Malad at 6:49pm on 19.10.2019 (last boggie). Please return if found. Call 7506050112.

    1. I lost my blue and red coloured duffel bag in the local train from Malad travelling towards churchgate in first class compartment . It contains Kurta, Nike Shoes, clothes and contact lenses.
      If found please contact me on 8668429618

  10. Lost my bag in dadar (4:47 pm) to virar (5:46pm)
    Orange colour bag.. theres a Ipad in it and have many documents in it.. please return if found.


  11. i forgot my Royal enfield helmet in ladies first class coach at Bhayandar train at night 10:44pm on 21st oct 2019.

  12. Lost a small coach brown and pink colour wallet in the western railway ac train from bandra to churchgate at 10:32 train. It’s doesn’t have any identification as it was a new wallet … If found kindly call +91 9930204166… The wallet had a train ticket and a few 50rs notes..

  13. Lost wallet contains
    Pan card
    Driving license
    Bus pass
    Train pass
    Cash 1000 rs
    In Borivali tain on 31st Oct 10:45 local from santacruz station

  14. Lost wallet contains
    Pan card
    Driving license
    Bus pass
    Train pass
    Cash 1000 rs
    In Borivali tain on 31st Oct 10:45 local from santacruz station contact Mbl 8411091155

  15. I lost my wallet
    I lost my My wallet in local train. I was traveling to Kalyan from csmt station on Wednesday 6 November 2019 at night .Someone stolen my wallet which is having Debit card, Pan card, Aadhaar card , Driving licence and some cash , photos .

    I am worried that if someone can misuse that . If found plz contact me – SHAILESH JAGANNATH PAWAR – 9272692067, 9403048805

  16. i have lost my office bag.It is black cloth bag having logo and name of company.”JD INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY”.If anyone gets it please return back it has my office documents and house keys too.I had forgotten the bag in the First class compartment last coach towards virar late in evening i had taken the train -Churchgate to Virar slow, i had boarded in evening 09.02pm in Dadar station and got down at 10.15pm at nallasopara on 8th november 2019

  17. I lost my black colour bag in mumbai western local tran,containing of 6-7 shirt and 3 pants,while travelling from mumbai central to borivali ,if found call on 8440998385 Please🙏🙏

  18. Dear Team,
    Today 18th Nov 2019

    My husband Subhas Kishor Reddy lost his Passport and CDC today around Andheri today…..

    In the local train
    Seems somebody picked it out of his back pack without his notice, as it was kept in a flashy leather pouch…….

    Passport no : J4315003
    CDC no: mum88217 ( sea farers discharge book )
    There are very important documents

    Kindly contact us on
    8828112499 / 8828212499

    Vishalakshi Kishor Reddy

  19. Dear Team,
    Today 18th Nov 2019

    My husband Subhas Kishor Reddy lost his Passport and CDC today around Andheri today…..

    In the local train
    Seems somebody picked it out of his back pack without his notice, as it was kept in a flashy leather pouch…….

    Passport no : J4315003
    CDC no: mum88217 ( sea farers discharge book )
    These are very important documents for us
    And definitely no use for others

    Kindly contact us on
    8828112499 / 8828212499

    Vishalakshi Kishor Reddy

  20. I have lost my Pink and green bag with clothes in it while travelling from VIRAR to Borivali on 25th Nov 2019 in 10.08am train from VIRAR.

    Please let me know if someone founds it on 9518777497 Sameer Haravade

  21. Lost my grey yellow skybag in local train while travelling in Train from Borivali to church gate Bag contais I -Card ,water bottle, one book and borosil lunch box . Train from Borivali was at 8:43 am. I am worried that isomeone can misuse I-card. If found plz contact – Anshu Maheshwari 8619150831

  22. Mera black color ka dell laptop bag us me vivo ka charger or office id blue dart company ka or pen choti moti che he reha gaya malad se dadar tak travel kar raha ta tabhi subhe 11.50am ko to kisi mila hoto plz call 7021561930

  23. I lost my green colour small bag in,containing of 2 speaker, travelling mumbai western local train from virar 6.11 (time) to churchgate fast ,if found call on 9699445900 Please🙏🙏

  24. Forgot laptop bag today in 6:55 local from grantroad towards borivali. It contains a laptop & adaptor. Bag is a side bag which can be carried vertically n horizontally with grey n Black colour combination.
    Plz contact me on 8655313131 Mohammed
    Hopefully I retrieve the bag as data is very important.

  25. I have lost my key chain containing 3 keys while travelling from Andheri to Bandra for onward journey to Baroda in the afternoon Tr. No-22931,BDTS JSM Express on 27.12.19. My name is emossed on wooden key chain. Whoever found it please inform.

  26. I lost my cricket bat while traveling virar to charchgate. On 31 december 2019. Please return if found. 9869720825

  27. Lost a laptop bag having Dell laptop, charger and mouse on 16th Dec 2019 in virar-Churchagate train. Please return if found. 9987877221

  28. I lost my three piece suit of bottle green color.. Which is kept inside a perfect tailor suite carry bag.. Kindly contact 9768398687

    1. I lost my three piece suit of bottle green color.. Which is kept inside a perfect tailor suite carry bag.. Kindly contact 9768398687… I was in 6.18 borivali to church gate train fast train got down wt Mumbai Central

  29. I have lost grey cloth bag containing notebooks and paper on yesterday in 2pm church gate to Virar train nearby Dadar.
    If found please inform 8097824675

  30. My nephew lost Aristocrat luggage bag of 50 ltrs volume of blue colour on journey from Goregaon to Churchgate local train at 01.18 pm train no. 90546
    If found plz connect to 9422340639/8483987303

  31. My name is milind vijay rawool.
    If any one found a black lenovo bag please call 9082076488 9021248043
    Bag has
    Aadhar card
    Pan card
    Railway Pa as
    Metro pass
    Please let me know .
    A/304, Sai Home apartment m.b.estate ram mandir road Virar west

    I was unable to get back in the train at nallasopara station. And lost my bag in the train.
    The train came to Virar platform no 1 . borivali 9:15 pm
    When I reached to Virar the train on platform 1 borivali station wasgone . I checkedto master office butdidnt found the bag.

  32. I have lost my Red color carry bag having small size bottle packets into it. Churchaget borivali train from vile parle it was 2.47pm. If anyone find kindly contact on 8879961222

  33. I lost a small purple umbrella with coloured flowers on it in a churchgate– borivali bound train. The train is said to have reached dadar at 10:29 pm. If anyone Finds it, please contact 9987520984.
    This is important as the umbrella has sentimental value.

  34. Lost a maroon colour bag pack having a charger clothes 2 steel water bottle chappals if found pls call on 9757150185 and 9820415888.

    Was traveling from mira road to Andheri in a fast local


  36. lost dell laptop ,watch , some cash ,phone charger along with bag
    it also has id card name on it akash rane from goa please contact me 8390324179 whatsapp me

  37. 20 march 2022
    Kindly tell me if someone has found a maroon black college bag ?
    I had deboarded train evening 5.51pm@ mumbai central …train was super fast reached churchgate at 5.59pm

    then the train was routed as churchgate to bhayandar 6.03pm .
    if found please here is my contact number 9773139313

    1. I have lost my maruti car keys in the train while travelling from Bandra to Borivali on 27 March 23. Kindly call on 9022704154 incase someone finds it.

      Thank you

  38. I forgot my suit in the 6.25 morning train from Andheri to CSMT. It is a black suit with no zipper and it is in a cover. It was hung on the window. If anyone finds it please call immediately on 8169114063 or 9870452434. I need it in 2 days so would be happy if someone informs me about it. Thanks.

    1. Hi
      I forgot my 2 plastic bags containing new clothes in Andheri to virar train which halts in Andheri @9:02. & Reaches around 10pm in virar. Post getting down in virar I forgot my bags in train on 08/04/2022.if anyone finds pls call 9767032553

  39. I lost my atomberg fan packed in a yellow box with three blades f found please call me on 9372013181

  40. I forgot my beige colored jute tiffin bag. It was having 2 dress material of purple and blue color and 2 kurti green and pink color along with a set of yellow stitched dress.
    If anyone found it today in vasai local of 7.16 please give. It is important.
    Please contact 9987809670

  41. I forgot my carry bag containing my dress and earphone in 4 .36 local from Thane station to Titwala station.

  42. I lost my Grey color Bag on churchgate-Borivali slow local train while travelling from Dadar 4.32 pm to andheri on 6th November, 2022. It contains 2-3 water bottles & some wafers & snacks. If anyone found plz contact
    Jethanand Achhra on 8483945757-9969345799

  43. Yesterday(18-11-2022) at 6:30 i left a train at sewri the train was from panvel to sewri and in that train I have forgotten one of my black book that is big in size and graphic design is written on the front page…please if anyone see it please contact me-8369024664 this is my contact no.

  44. if some-one lost his/her wireless earphone
    on 24/11/2022 in local heading towards churchgate around 9.30 AM ,pl contact churchgate station master. it has been submitted there.

    1. dear RCF team
      today early morning at 4.30 we get down at borivali station as we were traveling from Ahmedabad station and we lost our daughter mobile with charger and sim card. once we reach home we have given request to Bharati Airtel service provider to block the sim card permanently as I couldn’t go and register the complain at borivali station as we were in hurry as my daughter was not feeling well and wanted to consult the doctor is that possible I can come any other day and file FIR for the same Please suggest us tomorrow I can come as I also had some work please update me I am trying your helpline number but no response 022-23004000



  45. Today I lose my DSLR camera on the Virar train at 8:14 from Churchgate in that bag had 1 lens camera Bluetooth camera battery charger sunglasses please help if anyone found that bag.

    my contact number is 7021863508.

  46. today I left my blue colour bag in local train I got the train from Mira road at 11:33 and get down at Andheri station but my bag left in the train there were some papers and my tiffin box in the bag if someone got it please call me on this number 8286282101

  47. i lost my bag in bandra to churchgate last train plzz call 8828660201 in bag my wallet and some clothes.

  48. my 70years phupu boarded a train from Malad to virar 11.02pm, we could not board the same.she don’t knw any thing, she doesn’t have money or doesn’t have cellphone…please help us find here.

    1. Hello Priyanka,

      Please do not worry, Things will be fine. Our Mumbai people and railway staff are very helpful. Reach the nearest Station office immediately and detail them.

      Prayers for your Phupu.

  49. i have lost my bag of lunch box its red in colour contains 3 tiffins with blue lid please contact 7977394774 if anyone finds it.

  50. I have lost my red colour tiffin box in Borivali to Churchgate train 9.01 slow. Today I forgot it in train. It has 3-4 tiffins. Please contact me if any1 received it.

  51. I have lost my tiffin box in Nalasopara to Churchgate train 10.14 am slow. Today I forgot it in train. It has 1 tiffin and my company ID card. Please contact me on 9860669122 if anyone received it.

  52. On Tuesday 25 April 2023 I lost my clothes bag anyone if found please reply from dahunu to churchgate train 90036 in morning at 9:05 am at Borivali.

  53. On sunday 27 may 2023 i lost my black formal shoes and black gucci belt in a polythene, if anyone please reply on 9982931555 this Number. The train departs from cst at 8 : 46 pm to borivali

  54. lost my light pink colour bag on Sunday on 28 May 2023 in boriwali fast train near ladies dabba from last dabba. 2 water bottel, 2 gogles white and green,2 cotton candy’s 1 malkits biscuit packet.
    plz contact me if anyone found my bag.
    contact no. 9594423503 / 9870721537

  55. lost my black color bag on 12th June 2022 at 7:35pm. Boarded the train from Mira road and the last stop was andheri. I have kept my office Id of Teleperformance, bike keys, water bottle blue color and bella vita ceo perfume. If found please contact 9867714841

  56. i have lost my ZEEL Rainy wear(BLACK+RED COLOUR) with ZEEL BLUE COLOUR BAG in virar-Andheri local train 2days ago If any update please call on 9167567059..

  57. From travelling from Mumbai to pune on 12 June 2023 at 2pm 11019 Konark express I lost Quechua military green men trekking shoes of size 41. Till Karjat the shoes were present and before Lonavala they were gone by 3.30pm.
    Searched entire bogi lots of times like till 6pm till I reached pune.
    I was sitting in S4 seat no. 14
    If found email to akshatacsangam@gmail.com

  58. I lost gray color with orange stripe Safari bag in local train running between churchgate to virar. in this bag my cloths, Ghee jar, charger, specs, eye drops and Many more useful things.

    please call 9982589595

  59. I lost a black umbrella having a brown stripe on the handle and has a sun brand loop on it.I lost it on train Number-90264 which runs from Goregaon to Churchgate 9.16 am.
    If found send an email to b.srinidhip@gmail.com

  60. I hv forgotten a bag of new empty purses in bhavnagar to bandra train coach b2 seat 72.on 24th July Monday.incase found plz return on 98204 86708

  61. I forgot my blue colour umbrella on 30-7-23 at around 8:10pm train from Churchgate to Goregaon. I got down on vile parle station . If anyone finds it please kindly contact on -9820556321

  62. HI MUMBAI,

    I am MOHAMED IMRAN FROM SURAT, Baggage lost at Borivali station at 4:20 (Got Fast train from Churchgate to Bhayander at 3:39 Pm). Lost my baggage, If you find please contact back on 6352921483. MY EMAIL ID IS imransurat@yahoo.co.in.

  63. I have lost my tripod in Churchgate train coming from grant road to Churchgate it is a black bag and inside it is a tripod name benro or benford something. Black bag and blue border on it. Lost it on 11/10/23. If any one get it please call on 9662871156.

  64. my Yellow cary bag leave in train start to 6.04 grant road to 7.15 virar to dadar train any one I got my carry bag please help and contact me no.7768878411

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