Central Railway Local Train : Lost + Found Luggage

“Travel in Mumbai local trains of Central Railway and You Lost Found something ? Yes, We humans are bound to forget belongings while travelling in local train, So here is where you can find you lost luggage and belongings in central railway route of Mumbai..”

LOST + FOUND in Trains
LOST + FOUND in Trains

There are basically 3 places you can immediately contact for you lost belongings.

Firstly, contact the immediate master office of the station you forgot your luggage in Mumbai trains because chances are some other commuter has found it and deposited at master office of railway station.

Secondly, contact Lokmanya Tilak Terminus at Kurla (Lost Property Office) by calling them on 022-67462621, 022-67462618 (Contact numbers might change with time).

Third try the famous CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) clock room which just next to platform number 13 at Lost property office within a month and luckily you may find your stuff. The contact number of clock room is 022-67455127

Lost + Found After 1 Month

Remember, if you have not registered your complain at central railway lost and found section and are unable to collect the belongings with in one month then it is declared as unclaimed and is shifted to WADI BUNDAR goods depot centre located at Sandhurst Road for which the contact number is 022-67455426 where it is auctioned in public and the money collected is deposited at government exchequer.

Similarly in Mumbai city, Other commuting options do have their Lost Found departments and process to recover belongings. Check out for Western Railway, BEST Bus, Metro Train.

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38 Replies to “Central Railway Local Train : Lost + Found Luggage

  1. I losted my bag in A local train kurla to panvel… I leave the train at belapur cbd… If anyone find the bag please… Contact 9967691661…the color of bag is blue… I leave the train at 1.58 in belapur.

    1. I lost my bag in a local train andheri to charchgate station …if any one find the bag please contact 9082231321 number ..bag colour is black .

      1. We were travelling from Neral to CST. We had total 4 bags out of which one bag we left on the platform near canteen 1st class coach around 6pm in the evening on Sunday.If any one had found this bag (white big jute bag with “Varli painting” design) please contact 9869434094.

        1. I lost my bag in train csmt to thane timings is 7:45 from csmt. if anyone found plz contact me on 9917944442

      2. Hi, I have lost one bag yesterday at Borivali station if any found, Please found any body ,Please call me 9920572322

      3. I lost my bag in a local train virar to Charchgate in bandra station …if any one find the bag please contact 9591656591 number ..bag colour is black and sky blue HRX brand

    2. I lost my mothers xray films in locsl train,,i hd boarded from ghatkopar to csmt,,the train ended at csmt,,time ws 2:20pm. Date-07/12/19

      1. I have forgotten baby diper bag in CST Panvel local train on 9th Oct. Of any one got please let me know on 8450907027.

    3. I lost my bag on 22nd Thursday at harbour train which was Tilak Nagar to Goregaon have dar blue black colour dress in that

  2. I losted my bag in a local train Karjat to cst, I leave the train in cst. that train went for ambharnath on 9.22 from cst. I site ladies middle compartment . if anyone find the bag please contact me on 7506136906. bag color is parrot green. I leave the train at 9.20

  3. I have just lost my black hand bag. It has some makeup items. The train was kalyan and I got down at dombivli.
    If anyone find it please contact me 9820284268.

  4. Hi guys I forget my bag in local train in Kalyan station slow train so plz anybody find out so call this no 9321162930

    1. Dear Friends I have lost my drill machine in local train, which was running between CST to Kalyan 8:42 from CST, I board a train I was travelling from Dadar to Mumbra I was carrying a plastic bag inside drill machine, drill machine was in yellow plastic bag and yellow plastic bag is in white plastic bag and drill bit was out pleas friends it’s a very drill machine for me of any one found please call me on below numbers.

      Thanks friends
      Mohammed Ashfaque Shaikh

  5. Someone has stolen my wallet (purse) while traveling from train Ambernath-cst reach thane at 8.32 pm. It was stolen in between Bhandup to Kurla stàion.please let me know on 7798241564

    1. I have forgotten my office Blazer today in the train from Vasai to Grant Rd I reached on 11:15 pm it is in black cover written Adani please call back if anyone find it 9022176509

  6. I lost my Reports Bag name chhaya in Western Railway if anyone find it please contact on 9619458372 I took 10:13 train from malad and got down at bandra

  7. I lost my cell phone an iphone 11 pro max in nerul railway station or in local train. Not sure. The time was 330-4pm. Kindly revert back at 7098019850.

    Thank you.

  8. I lost my bag on 19.3.2021 in csmt-amnernath local at 7.43 pm. Bag colour is black. My contact no. Is 9769994246.

  9. I lost my bag in train ladies first class from cst side first compartment first class, Ghatkopar to dombivali, its kalyan train which i got from Ghatkopar time 7.28 pm and reached by 8.16 pm …..if any one got that please imform me plzzz this is my no….8928010426

  10. I lost my bag yesterday in train ladies first class from cst side first compartment first class, Ghatkopar to dombivali, its kalyan train which i got from Ghatkopar time 7.28 pm and reached by 8.16 pm …..if any one got that please imform me plzzz this is my no….8928010426

    1. I am jose ,i lost my bag front of panvel station ticket counter.
      Red trolley bag , any one find please contact 8056696461

  11. I lost my bag on 19/12/2021. I was traveling from vadala to cst so I lost in local which headed back to vashi. It is purple military colour has my documents in it name is Prajwal Mahajan is someone found please call me at 8268124634

  12. I Have lost my Tanishq bag from thane to badlapur local 1st class ladies. In that i have 5 tiffins if any one found then please contact7208394608

  13. I lost my Purple colour bag with a few personal belongings when i got down at Nerul railway station on 08-01-2022 in morning at 07:05 hrs. I have a diary in this bag which is important to me. If any one finds the bag please call me at 7775804814.

  14. I lost my bag in badlapur.cement colour bag so many valuable items in it.train departs from badlapur to csmt around 15:00 03/July/2022 one wallet usme naam hoga VANKA AVINASH adhar card number:754113715399
    Canteen cards also in it
    If anyone found please give me back 9704596338 cal kro

    1. I lost my Laptop bag black colour bag on dated 22/772022 in train ladies class from cst side first compartment second class on Parel to Thane, its Thane train which i got from Parel time 7.20 pm (train actual time from Parel 7.11am) and reached by Thane 7.59pm …..if any one got that please inform me plzzz this is my no….9920800028

  15. I lost my red colour bag today in local train on evening at Sandhurst road railway station. my wallet my all documents atm card are in the bag. if anyone get kindly inform me @ 8451950374.

  16. I have lost my Maruti car keys while I was travelling from Bandra to Borivali on 27-March-23. Kindly call on 9022704154 incase you find the keys.

  17. I lost my parcel on 30 March 2022 in Ambernath train slow from csmt at 8.13pm first-class middle ladies coach. Please reply to this.

  18. Hello All,
    I forgot my laptop bagpack in the local train CSMT to Badlapur (slow) of 10:42 pm. I boarded the train from Dadar and had
    left the train at Thane station. Bag colour is black and I have the identity card of mine in it.
    please contact if found on 8329549861

  19. i lost my bag in Churchgate slow local train time midnight 01:13 am from dadar West. i leave the train at Mumbai centre. Orange colour plastic bag. Name on the bag swad bakari. mob:9033858212. if anyone found please contact.

  20. I left my raincoat of zeel in local train Ambernath-CSMT on 26/07/2023 timing 8:49 am if anyone received please do contact _ 9359647607

  21. today ie. 12 Aug I forget my black puma bag with imp orginal documents like aadhar pan voting card in it while travelling in panvel -goregaon train I get in jogeshawari station without taking my bag train timing was 7:39 from panvel station.
    kindly reach out if any one found 8692926062

  22. Today morning while i was traveling from Panvel to Goregaon by 10.37 am train,
    At Andheri station I got down from the train without taking my bag.
    if any one find my bag please contact 7738370333 number ..
    Its’ a Lenovo laptop bag and the colour is black.

  23. I lost my union Bank Cheque book and gas connection Deposit Receipt it is I kept in one black colour simple comman cloths bag . i travelling in Panvel – CSMT train & I left at Mankhurdh 1.19 pm date 20/10/2023 all ready contact no.and adress is available on this document. If anybody found it please call 9028915499. Shivraj Swami.

  24. lost my bag thane panvel local from panvel local 23/03/2024 time 9:52pm I get the local going to panvel the bag was red colour

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