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“Did you like and look out for THE CUBE Importer, Wholesalers, Dealers, Resellers, or Main shop address in Mumbai?

Do you like those WhatsApp circulated products and want to join the main reseller’s group, Specially those photos with the ‘THE CUBE’ brand written on them? Below are some pictures of that product range and details on how to purchase in bulk, retail, and be a reseller of same in Mumbai, Suburban, Thane and Outside city..”

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CUBE Silicone Shower Mat For Bathroom
CUBE Silicone Shower Mat For Bathroom

The CUBE Product Range

The main product dealer’s shop is far inside the crowded markets of Mumbai. To simplify, Join the reseller’s group and you will get regular updates on WhatsApp about new products (China, India & Others). About 5 to 10 new product photos with the CUBE brand written on the same will be received, Which you can circulate in your personal group, WhatsApp status, etc, and get orders by staying at home.

A great source of extra income with not much effort. This wide range of products falls under various categories like Home & Kitchen, Organizers, Bathroom Utility, Personal Use, Travel Range products, and more.

Mumbai Tour

Many ladies are looking out for Work From Home options for selling such products via WhatsApp within close groups of family and friends and want to join such resellers groups. The profit margin is the main issue if purchasing from sub-resellers.

The Main Wholesale dealers have payment restrictions, they do not have Shipping & Dropshipping facilities for your customers, You personally need to visit their shop/office/warehouse in Mumbai and pick up daily orders by traveling & wasting hours which is very tough, and time-consuming.

WHAT NOW? Simply Join ‘The Cube’ as Reseller/Customer (Palghar District)

Good news !!!: Now Franchise/Pickup available at Palghar District (Virar), For All resellers and customers from Vasai, Virar, Dahanu, Saphale and Palghar and other location around.

JOIN ‘The Cube’ Franchise RESELLER GROUP VIA INVITE LINK : Click here to Join, Thousands of resellers already got the way out for this hurdle.

Product Rates: Bulk & Retail rates will be directly of ‘The Cube’ importer. So enjoy the benefits of purchasing and reselling directly from importer ‘The Cube’.

Reseller Group WhatsApp Contact
Reseller Group WhatsApp Contact

Still, if you want to purchase or get Updates on CUBE products on WhatsApp, Simply send a WhatsApp “ADD ME TO RESELLER GROUP” with your details like “NAME & CITY of RESELLING OPERATIONS” to the number mentioned here in this post (NO CALLING ALLOWED) and within 24 hours of the request, you will be contacted & as approved, Will be added to the Resellers WhatsApp group.

CUBE themselves are not manufacturers, They are Wholesalers of such a wide range of products that other famous Dealers like NOVA, MAX Home, and others also sell. So by joining this WhatsApp group, You get updates on all those brands and dealers’ products and prices too.

Join as Customer

Customer Group WhatsApp Contact
Customer Group WhatsApp Contact

You can also send add request as a customer “ADD ME TO CUSTOMERS GROUP” to get all the benefits (Low Cost, Shipping, etc) that resellers get. The only difference is when Resellers purchase in bulk quantity, Cost reduces. Still, for customers, the cost is almost half of what one sees in Leading Online Portals & marketplaces.

WHO ARE YOU JOINING?: The request goes to one of the main bulk dealers, Who deal with all such products dealers as CUBE, PP, Nova, MAX Home, and more, and gives all the facilities like Reselling, Dropshipping (Sending Products directly to your customers around India, In your name as Sender) and more.

These Bulk distributors and connected with all the main businesses from Mumbai, They charge a minimum and you can do your business from home, A Really great WORK FROM HOME Business for Working ladies, Homemakers, and Not just females, But many other shops & businesses who are already connected with them since more than a year.

Also if you are a techie and looking out for products to sell online, This is the right place to join and start with.

Products Photos Gallery

Below are some of the products for reference, Everyday new updates will be received once you are connected as Reseller/Customer to purchase these products.

IMPORTANT !!! WhatsApp Only, No Calls.

Reseller Group WhatsApp Contact
Reseller Group WhatsApp Contact

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