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Looking for extra income to earn in Mumbai ? or from anywhere around India you stay, Join our WhatsApp Resellers Groups. As you may know a few people with who update their status daily with those beautiful looking unique useful products photos & videos.

Those are generic products they sell as a reseller, and they are connected with multiple wholesale & dealer WhatsApp groups in Mumbai that provides them with these products.

It is about earning some income without working hard or putting up lots of extra time simply by selling those generic products which are helpful, useful, and in demand in day to day life of every other person.

These generic utility products are usually not seen at local shops and regular markets as they are sold online or via these WhatsApp groups. You may have seen & purchased most of these products online via famous portals like Amazon, Flipkart, and others. They are in good demand and liked by customers (You, Your Friends, Family, Relatives, etc). We all buy it online, But do you know sellers at many of these websites have to sell it at a double cost due to charges like (Actual cost + GST + Commission + Shipping + Other few Charges).

Now, simply purchase it from one of the main dealer resellers groups in Mumbai, Or be one WhatsApp reseller and start earning some extra.

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Be a Reseller Join WhatsApp Group
Be a Reseller Join WhatsApp Group

Read About Reselling in Mumbai
Read About Reselling in Mumbai (Below)

NOTE: This is not a Sponsored post, JacGifts is our new ECommerce venture, Very much part of our business. Mumbai77 is since 2007, You know us well for a long time now, So Trust should never be an issue. Happy Shopping.

What Products These Resellers Sell?

There are many small big companies in India who not big brands and manufacture these products falling under generic (Day to Day useful) utility products categories such as Baby & Kids products, Bags, Baking, Bathroom Accessories, Car Accessories, Cleaning Supplies, Fitness, For Women Only, Home & Kitchen Range of items, Home Decor products, Home Utility, Kitchen Tools, Lunch Bags, Organizers, Personal Care, Stock Out Sale range, Storage & Organizers, Travel Bags, Water Bottles and lots more.

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They manufacture these products and are connected with major importers who import from outside as well as get it from these manufacturers in India. These are the main importers of the South Mumbai wholesale market who also stock it. They also purchase in large quantities from China (So also are famous China products main dealers of Mumbai).

These China products are innovative and are always in demand irrespective to season or trends we all know.

The years 2019 & 2020 as global pandemic years and china products were badly hated and slogans like ban china etc. Yet many survived by being resellers and working only via WhatApp reselling groups and earned their bread butter for survival.

So, Indian Products, Chinese products, and Products from many other countries are already here in Mumbai with few selected dealers cum importers of South Mumbai and there are thousands of Reselling groups who are connected to this business.

In Reality, We all sell something or other. Few become entrepreneurs by setting up their own businesses and selling products and some by selling their skills & time in professions and jobs. There are smart few who are also connected to these reselling groups (Men & Women) and leverage their contacts, and time to earn more.

Reselling Products via WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Resellers Group
WhatsApp Resellers Group

You may find many of your friends who are into these generic products reselling businesses done via WhatsApp groups. Major of such friends may be a reseller and you may have purchased these products from them by looking at their WhatsApp status or Facebook etc where they update it daily.

They are resellers who are connected to bulk distributors like JacGifts in Mumbai who are directly connected to these main importers of Mumbai. You can connect & join JacGifts’ famous WhatsApp group and become one of the direct Resellers of Mumbai or of any other State of India you stay or want to operate.

Alternatively, You can join their reseller group being a Customer who enjoys purchasing those products are much cheaper / lower rates compared to online. Simply, join the group, understand their product purchase or return policy, Shipping & Dropshipping details and enjoy your purchases.

Here is the direct WhatsApp invite link to join WhatsApp group and check all the latest updates and wide range of products. Now, Purchase directly, Resell, or Do nothing and just enjoy the variety of innovative generic products.

Major importers & brands in South Mumbai markets are Nova Trading, The Cube, AMH, UCB (For Color Bags), TM, JM Household, Max Home, WD, Parv hair Accessories, Sasti Dukaan, AMH, Neo mart (For kid’s toys, stationery, and other accessories), SSP, Trensy and PP.

All these dealers are main importers and have bulk distributors who connect all resellers around Mumbai and India via WhatsApp groups. Most of these Importers do not provide Shipping services, One has to visit personally, Stay in long queues daily, and Pick up all those products in bulk walking around the narrow lanes. So is the role of Indirect dealers (Bulk Distributors) in the WhatsApp groups, They simply add very little profit margins and provide Shipping, Dropshipping to you & your customers directly and daily product updates via groups.

Many housewives who earn anywhere between Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 on average are busy with homework, Still, just in time as low as half an hour they share photos and videos of daily new products as resellers on their WhatsApp status, Facebook page, etc and also in their private created customer WhatsApp groups and enjoy the profits just by doing this much.

WhatsApp Reselling Group
WhatsApp Reselling Group

How Products Reselling on WhastApp Works

Worried about the limited time you have, Extra money you want to make, and have many questions in mind about How and What about this WhatsApp Reselling business? No worries, it is actually very simple. Below are details on how easy it is to get started without investing money or time as low as half an hour to 1 hour daily, That too of your choice.

Simple Step to Start Reselling in Mumbai and Around India

STEP 1: First and foremost, One does not have to stock products and invest any money to get started. Simply get connected to WhatsApp group and see daily products updates, details with cost (Via Photos, Videos & Descriptions) uploaded by admin.

If you are new to the concept, Understand a few basic things like Shipping costs (Local & Around India), Dropshipping (Detailed below with example), Profit Margins, Product Return Policy, Transit Damage Policy, etc from the group admin you are connected to.

STEP 2: Well, did you find those daily products on WhatsApp Unique? You might have seen some on major famous ECommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, etc. Did you notice & compared the COST of daily updated products with the online portal? Give some time, Relax back, and keep watching those daily product updates.

STEP 3: If you want to make sure this reselling really works professionally, put up an order (any product you liked) by resending the product picture to the WhatsApp Admin of the group with details like Quantity required, Shipping Address, etc. The Admin will help you with details about Products & Shipping details & charges etc. (SKIP Step 3 if you are already convinced and know details and just want to get started).

STEP 4: Prepare your business group, Proudly create your own WhatsApp group and send invites to your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc to join. You might already have social groups like Facebook, Instagram, etc where you shared photos and links, etc you liked. Now use the same to share photos of these products that will bring in business and extra income for you.

STEP 5: Now daily, as soon as new photos and videos are received, Copy and paste the same to your Status, WhatsApp group, Social media, etc and stay back for inquiries and orders from people in your group.

STEP 6: Congratulations for your first order. Once you received an order with payments, Forward the same to the Reseller group Admin (With Photo, Details, Shipping Address, Quantity & Payment) and you are done.

Understand Dropshipping in Products Reselling Business

So you have put your first order to the dealer. You are a Reseller who stays in Mumbai & But your customer stays far in Mumbai or in another city & state of India.

Here is where dropshipping service helps. The service eliminates double shipping costs (Dealer to you & You to Your Customer) and delivers the products directly to your end customer in your name. Let us see an example to understand the process:

EXAMPLE 1: Your Customer Stays next Door

In this scenario, You place your order to Admin, and Products are delivered to you. You give them to your customers directly.

EXAMPLE 2 (Dropshipping): Your Customer Stays Somewhere Far

You (The reseller) stay in Mumbai (Can be anywhere in India) & Your Customer / Relative who placed the order stays in some other part of Mumbai or maybe in other cities of India. Now, You can place the order with the dealer and provide the SHIPPING ADDRESS details of your customer too. They will ship the order directly to your customer. That is basically what Dropshipping is.

Was that too easy to believe? You just forwarded photos or shared via WhatsApp status and got orders & payments. That’s a smart second income as a business person. With no risk, You enjoyed the profit margins without any investments, Product Stocking, Shop, and Extra Advertising budgets. Simply place the order when you receive one.

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