IRCTC Urbanpod Pod Capsule Hotels 2022 – Mumbai

“The famous Japanese concept of space & cost saving capsule shape sleeping mini pods retiring rooms is here in Mumbai.

The first pod hotel was started in Andheri and now the very concept is here at Mumbai Central Railway station’s first floor area.

Year 2022, This is IRCTC’s first cheap and budget friendly Urbanpod capsule hotel and similar more services & hotel facilities are planned at other stations too in future, Depending on success of this one.

Once can book these Hi-Tech pods for 12 or 24 hours and enjoy Mumbai tours.

Step by step, Let us understand the terms, facilities, costing, classic, private & ladies pods details and booking options too.”

IMPORTANT !! : A valid railway journey ticket is required to book these pods. Platform ticket is considered invalid.

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IRCTC’s Urbanpod Pictures

Before anything, Let us take the feel of this capsule shape hotel stay option at Mumbai central to keep interested.

Detailed photos of inside pod area, Bed, WIFI & Various other facilities, Washrooms, Digital Lockers etc of these retiring rooms are below.

Hotel Facilities as of 2022

So what one gets inside the little room & some more details? below are the details of same.

  • Private digital access card for Shoe locker, Baggage & Luggage lockers and pod room door access.
  • 2 Air Condition vents. Temperature indicators also available. One can increase & decrease as required.
  • Smoke Sensor, Since no smoking zone inside.
  • Mini Fire Extinguisher.
  • Mini Locker for valuables.
  • Reading Lights that can be controlled.
  • Do Not Disturb Indicator.
  • Pod roof mounted TV with Remote, Headphone Voice only.
  • Mirror & Ceiling lights low to high and vice versa option.
  • A Digital Watch with Alarm facility.
  • USB point.
  • Access Card Holder.
  • 220v Mobile Charging Point (Indian Socket).
  • Headphone Point.
  • Door lock Button.
  • Dustbin.
  • Special changing area with mirror (Curtain seperated) in ladies pod section.
  • CCTV cameras outside pods.
  • 1 Seperate room (NON CAPSULE POD) for handicapped & physically challanged.
  • Classy & Soothing Interior.
  • Free WIFI.
  • Individual Washrooms (Common for ladies & gents) with facilities as seen in picture. Common washrooms for Private & Classic customers.
  • Large Common lobby area for relaxing and chitchat etc which is centrally Air conditioned and have seating facilities.

Urbanpod Hotel Details

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC’s) first hotel project, The URBANPOD is totally managed and contracted to M/s Urban Pod Pvt Ltd as of year 2022.

Located exactly above the common waiting area of Mumbai central station platform, On First floor this cheap by pocket yet classy hotel has all basic stay facilities.

It is a 3000 square feet area that consists of total 48 pods with centrally AC and individual AC vents inside the room.

For all those who are unaware of POD concept, It is a capsule shaped sleeping/seating area with all basic facilities as detailed above for single person only.

It can be booked for 12 hours to over night stay and is a budget stay option in Mumbai. A Japanese concept design which tends to be limited space usable area per person with major basic facilities.

Basically a Budget stay option in Mumbai, That too on railway station itself.

One do not need to carry all luggage and hunt for Taxi’s and Hotels (If not booked). Saving extra travel cost & travel time from railway station to your booked hotel outside.

In total 48 pods, 10 are Private Pods, 7 for Ladies only & 1 room (Not Pod) for differently abled / Physically challanged person.

Non-Private pods are called ‘Classic Pods’ (Total 30) and booking for same can be done online at IRCTC’s website & offline too.

Once you confirm your booking, You will receive a Digital card that can be used to access your POD numbered Shoe locker, Luggage / Baggage Locker & to Open & Close pod doors.

Shoes, Food & Smoking are strictly not allowed inside the premise, pods & common lobby area. A seperate locker for your shoes is available next to reception area.

A mini locker is also avilable inside the capsule pod for all your valuables. All the lockers are digital and can only be accessed by that particular card which makes this hotel very secure.

Difference between classic & private pods is that the extra space outside the capsule to keep luggage or if one needs to keep the pod door open and feel like more space.

Ladies pods (Total 7) are made in separate section with all 7 pods adjacent to each other. A common curtain seperated changing area with mirror.

CCTV cameras available in all common area including ladies. Ladies pods are perfectly designed and suitable for group of ladies coming together.

Here Pods are facing each other and Luggage & Changing area in common. Perfect for a little group chitchat before sleeping.

5 Individual Washrooms (See picture) is build in seperate area which arecommon for private & classic customers. Only ladies washroom area is seperate. Handicap room has a modified washroom attached.

Pod Hotel Booking & Costing

Please Note : Pricing detailed below may change from time to time, Including TAX.

Any Indian Railway traveller can book Classic, Private & Ladies pods Online at IRCTC’s website & can also do the walk in booking (Offline). A valid travel ticket is must for any type of bookings.

As of January 2022, Classic pod are charged (Rs.799) for 12 Hours stay & Rs.1099 for 24 Hours.

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