Car Brands and Models Used as Regular Taxi in Mumbai

“Although we Mumbai citizens travel daily and know about various taxi brands of Cars currently used as regular taxi’s in city, Many migrants from other cities in India and foreign tourist might not and willing to get information preparing notes on taxi types in Mumbai. Yes, most of those car brands and models are latest and 3 to 5 decades old Kaali Peeli Premier Padmini taxi are just handful and getting disappeared soon. Let me detail you about latest luxurious brand of cars currently on Mumbai roads as regular taxi’s..”

Old Premier Padmini Taxi
Old Premier Padmini Taxi

Decades Old Iconic Yellow Black Padmini Taxi

Be it a share or a private ride, The Pride taxi premier car deserves to be mentioned on top of all and deserves a salute for its soon to be farewell and vanishing by July 2017 (Approximately) from Mumbai. Yes, the most seen car brand was Premier’s Padmini working as public transport option as regular taxi’s as also seen inside various movies, be it 1968’s ‘Sadhu Aur Shaitaan’ staring Mehmood as taxi driver and kishore kumar as passenger with rofl comedy as dead body in taxi scene comes or the tussle between Nanapatekar and John Abraham in ‘Taxi No. 9211‘ in 2006. Padmini cars were the replacement to the Tonga Horse Ride (Victoria) in 1911 and till today it is really rules Mumbai Roads.

More than 60 thousand premier taxi’s ply (As counted in 1997) since so many decades and now the remains are handful, just hundreds. This is due to lack of availability of auto spare parts which obviously be not available for so many cars after 5 decades and also due to ‘No More Manufacturing’ decision by premier brand. So by June or July of 2017, our Mumbai city roads will not have even have a glance of the strong, spacious, comfortable padmini taxi’s which is great carrier of heavy luggage and not just commuters. If you love those black and yellow padmini taxi’s, Go freeze the moment with a ride clicking some selfies and videos and sure after 2018 it will be a thing to shown to Gen-Next.

Premier Padmini Taxi Facts : About 50 years old, 60,000 and above when started, Now Just 100’s on Mumbai roads.

Hyundai Santro Xing as major Taxi in Mumbai

Around 2009, Santro Taxi’s changed the way Traditional black and yellow taxi looked. The opportunity of phasing out premier was seen as a replacement option with Santro Xing by Hyundai cars brand and batch of stylish Yellow and Black Santro were suddenly seen plying on city roads. This was a major decision taken by Taxi Unions of Mumbai as this car fits drivers bill giving good mileage and also when it comes to maintenance, low cost purchase and perfect space for 4 with AC as bonus option then, which was new for travellers of regular taxi’s in Mumbai.

Santro Taxi Facts : Currently Ruling as major regular taxi (AC and NON AC), 80% of Kaali Peeli are Hyundai’s Santro xing now which is more than 17000 working fleets of 22000 currently on road.

Santro Taxi in Mumbai
Santro Taxi in Mumbai

Picture Courtesy : Motorbeam.

Maruti’s Wagon-R Stands 2nd as Regular Taxi

Another small size range of Indian car used as taxi is ‘Maruti Wagon-R’ a model known for its low maintenance and fuel efficiency with great head space run’s on Number 2 position with more than 2000 taxis running in Mumbai. It goes to 10% of share as regular fleet taxi on city roads. With easily available spare parts, low cost accessories, success in its range and lots of service centres in Mumbai, Maruti WagonR taxi’s are second most black and yellow fleet seen. This particular car is also a preferred choice of citizen when it comes to buying a cheap costing range, good performance personal car for home.

Wagon-R Taxi Facts : 10% of total taxi’s in Mumbai, Which is 2000 fleet taxi out of total 22000 on road. Perfect AC taxi for 4 seating with low maintenance and good fuel efficiency.

Hyundai i10 Taxi’s

After already ruling Mumbai roads with major share of regular Taxis being Santro, Hyundai as a brand also captures 3rd position with its i10 model that is used. Any car model as detailed on this page and not just i10. Getting started as taxi driver and owner in Mumbai with low investments, Cars like Santro, WagonR and i10 are easy to find from any second hand car dealers in Mumbai. Other formal things are permits, regular driving licenses etc. and you are part of taxi union team with your i10.

i10 Taxi Facts : Comfort 4 seater car with good ride experience. Ideal NON AC car as major found. About 900 i10 currently ply on Mumbai roads as taxi.

Hyundai i10 Taxi
Hyundai i10 Taxi

Picture Courtesy : Team-Bhp

More Brands as Kaali Peeli Taxi

As seen above, major car brands used as taxi in Mumbai are Santro, Following with WagonR and then i10, Ecco, Alto, Ritz and few more. In short 2 brands of cars are seen on roads which are Hyundai and Maruti with obvious major reasons being Good mileage, Easy available with second sale dealers, low maintenance cost and easy availability of auto spares within Mumbai city limits.

Maruti ECCO Model Taxi
Maruti ECCO Model Taxi

So talking about other remaining 6% fleets majors with Maruti taxi brand of cars major Alto (Smallest 4 seating car with highest mileage), Ritz hatched back with good mileage, Eeco and Omni known for as famous 6 seater taxi’s of Mumbai. With total of about 1400 such fleets, all those small cars are also preferred personal vehicles in major middle class homes.

End up note to say is, Maruti & Hyundai are the leading taxi brands in Mumbai, All / Major taxi are Hatchback Non AC cars as of day referred as yellow and black cabs. Finally, the most successful and strongest car till date used still remains in every heart is Padmini by Premier company which was previously by Fiat, Soon getting phased out in 2017.

Note : All facts and numbers courtesy to a Times City news article.
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