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“Talking about old Borivali, Below pictures i took around 2006 brings back memories of old times. 2 Major things happened in Borivali West near station SV Road area, The renovation of Railway station itself and the Pedestrian bridge. Check those photos i took from double decker bus breezy front window, The wide open streets, the locations near Indraprastha, Sai and Thakkar Shopping mall. Street vendors are still same, although little less in weekdays, But the old charm of Borivali is still the same. Old picture of Chamunda circle, Jamli galli, Jain temple, Station East side during Monsoon, Railway Platforms, Street sellers, traffic and vehicles, Streets and roads and lots more..”

More Photos

Borivali West Market

East West Flyover

Indraprasth Shopping Center

Another Picture Of Indraprasth Shopping Center

Jamli Galli Jain Temple

Old Jamli Galli in Monsoon

Borivali McDonalds Still The Same

Monsoon Flooding Old Roads Borivali Station East

Chamunda Circle

Borivali SV Road East West Bridge Junction

Old Borivali Station Was Dirty

Borivali West Station Entry

Old Station Road Without Bridge

Street Vendors Outside Borivali Station

Old S V Road Another Picture

Jain Temple With Decoration

Sai and Thakkar Shopping Centres

Old Traffic Junctions

Vehicle View From Double Decker Bus

Vijay Sales Then

Old Essel World


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