Mandapeshwar Caves – A Hindu Shrine at Dahisar Borivali

“An 8th Century remains of a beautiful Edifice structure, Mandapeshwar caves is a rock cut architecture and a Hindu shrine of lord Shiva located near Borivali IC Colony, At walking distance from Dahisar Railway Station..”

Lord Shiva’s Mandapeshwar Caves at Borivali / Dahisar.

Mandapeshwar Caves Speciality

Below pictures and videos will tell much about this historic monument located at Mumbai subruban (Borivali), as already detailed in Wikipedia. Upon the construction of Dahisar bridge, Now caves are just 12 minutes walking distance from Dahisar railway station (West) which i personally went and enjoyed the walk in a beautiful monsoon evening.

Carved by Buddhist monks for shelter, meditation and trade, This place rock carving and art are similar like Kanheri and Jogeshwari caves. It is a less famous and smaller heritage monument protected under Indian Archaeology Society.

A heritage marvel easily ignored by me many times while passing by via vehicles as no one can expect a beautiful piece of history on hustle bustle of main road. It is located next to Shastri Nagar bus stop, Dahisar (West) on Laxman Mhatre Road with slums on the other side of the slop road and IC Colony right behind the Caves location.

Mandapeshwar is a small rock cut Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The remains of the stoned carved sculptures of Bramha, Vishnu, Ganesh and many others is something rare to be seen today within Mumbai city. We have just 4 similar and bigger caves compared to this one in and around Mumbai which are (Elephanta caves, Kanheri Caves inside National Park, Mahakali Caves and Jogeshwari Caves).

It is a beautiful solitude place with the main temple area having Shiva ling as seen in pictures. This area is always cooler then the outside temperature. On top of the caves, Remains of an old church can be seen once you climb the muddy slope on right side. As went upstairs, i found local residents kids playing cricket inside the ruins of stones which is an isolated area also were few youngsters in group behind walls which is something i didn’t expected at an heritage structure.

A surprise view of ‘Immaculate Conception Parish Cemetery’ at one location on backside of the top area just adjacent to the ruins of the once old Portuguese church. Few buildings next to the caves is this beautiful IC Church (A Roman Catholic Church) which is one of the very peaceful and serene church of Borivali.

For me Monsoon is the perfect time to visit this caves or any such edifice as city summers are hot. If you are around Borivali or Dahisar, you should visit this Mumbai heritage beauty, especially during ‘Maha Shivaratri festival’ when the open space in front of caves and shiva temple inside is all lit up with hundreds of oil lamps and garlands of flowers, which is a view rarely seen at any caves as old as 1500 years old now.

Mandapeshwar is not a famous cave compared to others, But if you are a Historian or a citizen staying in Mumbai suburb, You should visit this place at least once as it is a rare piece of surprise located behind the gates with congested traffic on immediate connected road with auto’s parked all the times.

Some Fast Facts

Car Parking : Parking need to be done outside gate on main road side, Safe although.
Wash room etc : Nothing as such available inside.
Safety & Timings : Caves are safe to explore, Still when alone or in couple you might feel uncomfortable going on top area which is isolated and some locals (Youngsters & Kids) moving around. Security is available in day and night as it is a heritage location. Gates are open till late night (Almost 24 hours) and mostly locals hang around the premise for a routine break and chit chat.
Nearest Railway Station : Dahisar is the nearest railway station now after the new river bridge open, Still one can ride an auto from Borivali too.
Best time & season to visit : Monsoon makes the caves surroundings green with trees, freshness and cool climate, Winters also ok, But summers are hot. Visit early morning or in evening time if not during monsoon.
Rules : Coconut breaking (Hindu Ritual) is not allowed inside Shiva temple / Caves area as it is a heritage site and damages to remains of rock cut arts may happen.
My Ratings : 3.5 out of 5 as authorities can do much more to this unique Edifice for its historic importance.

3 Videos


Caves When Raining

Main Entrance Area Of Caves

Lord Shiva Temple Inside

Side View

8th Century Ruins

Rock Cut Sculptures

Caves Pillars

Cave Rocks

Banyan Tree

Remains Of Portuguese Church

Caves Top

Notice Board


A Local Uncle

Uncle Planting Near Gate


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