Film City View Point Location Mumbai – Goregaon Mantri Park

“Welcome to Mini Matheran inside Mumbai. Yes, the ‘Film City View’ point location at Goregaon East Mantri Park area and is one scenic hill point from where you can see various sets of the famous Film City. The location is less explored and secret attraction place of Mumbai, Worth a visit. Below are pictures, videos and more detail about this beautiful hangout location one must explore, specially in Monsoon..”

Film City View Point, Goregaon Mantri Park

A Secret Beautiful Location in Goregaon

I am sure many of you have not been to this location tagged ‘Film City View’ on Google Map. It is not a famous tourist location, But a beautiful spot which i call a ‘Mini Matheran’ inside Mumbai Suburban (Goregaon).

Its a piece of open flat land on hill end of ‘Nagari Niwara Parishad Road’ of Goreagon East after which forest land of National parks starts. Famously called / named as ‘Film City View’ because the very thing you see from this location is wide aerial view of Mumbai Film City. Yes, you can actually view the huge premise of film city green location and their STUDIO SET’s up far from this hilly secret location, Which i am sure will not be a secret location any more.

Top tomb like structure of ‘Whistling Woods International Institute’ building (Of Filmmaker ‘Subhash Ghai’) and other few are easily seen from this place. It is dense green around in Monsoon, Nothing but valley of Film city in front and green mountain playing with clouds on the left. If you see properly and the road inside film city can be seen with cars and auto’s around. I will recommend you a Binocular, which i forget while visiting. But there is always a next time.

The location is scenic but not that wide or huge in space. Many private AC buses are parked around on this muddy belt as seen in the below pictures, So you have to be at ease while walking during monsoon. With little drizzle the place becomes a romantic spot of this less known place in Mumbai and so are many couples around. A Gulmohar tree with beautiful red flowers blossoms (See photos) which makes it a perfect selfie spot with green mountains and clouds in background. Out of curiosity, I went here as a wanderer and loved the location.

A small road goes down the hilly slope and connects film city from inside. Bikes only (No Cars) can get inside without any restrictions trespassing the main gate. After talking to local guys playing gulli cricket around, i found that the road was dug and bikes were not able to go at the moment. But otherwise, bikes used to go before and who knows, might also go in future. I was wondering if Film City authorities know about same and have some restrictions or its just ok and ignored.

A Note : No wash rooms or eateries here, except a Pani Puri stall near on road side of entry when i went personally in July 2018. I would expect and recommend local authorities, BMC to step in and make this a tourist spot with some facilities, safety fencings etc. Not much has been written about this location and no articles yet found. So hope, this initial piece of information is helpful to all you readers and people will starts visiting Film City Point. With that things might change gradually in future. If you are a crew member and hunting for best hilly locations for film shoots in Mumbai, You should visit this place.

SAFETY NOTE : This view point is very safe and locals hang around till mid night. But for others i will recommend to leave before dark as location has no street lights, drunker, snakes etc enjoy their time well in dark. Once there, On the left is a small pathway with dead end to jungle and mountains. A huge wall fencing can be seen. Other side of this boundaries is nothing but wild open forest area of National Park (Restricted, Yet youngsters are seen climbing walls to explore around). Couples are seen wandering and having good time around with bikes parked aside. Overall the place is very safe for all, But still be at caution.

How to Reach Film City View Location

This beautiful place is located in Goregaon East. You can reach at your convenience via Auto, Bus and Private vehicles which is about 20 minutes from Railway station (Non Traffic Condition). Below are details on how to reach film city view point (Shiv Shahi Mantri Park).

View Point Location Address : Film City View, 28, Nagari Niwara Parishad Road, New Mhada Colony, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065.

Route : From Railway station Head Towards National Highway Oberoi Mall, Dindoshi Bus Depot Keep Straight on Film City Road Reach Azad Nagar Junction Take Left to Santosh Nagar (Right Goes to Gokuldham & Straight goes to Film City) Now keep straight for few minutes on Hilly Ride Extreme End is Mantri Park, Film City View Point.

By Auto : Get down at Goregaon railway station (East side) and take an Auto. Tell them you want to go to ‘Mantri Park’. Follow the above route if required.

By Bus : From Goregaon Railway Station to Mantri Park, Bus No. 327 & 346. Recommended is Bus Number 327 as it drops you right on the Film City View Spot, While other bus goes near and needs few minutes walk.

Other Buses : 326 (Kurla Station West), 454 (Seven Bungalows), 456 (Malvani Ring Route) and 718 (Morning 6 to Evening 8) reaches Mantri Park bus stop from various other locations.

By Train : Goregaon Railway Station is in Western Route of Mumbai Suburban. See Railway Station Names and Map. Once here, Auto Or Bus are available exactly outside station (East).

Car Parking : Few things to know about private vehicle (Car Parking) is that the location has ample place to park your vehicle and enjoy the view. You can take your car till the edge, seat and relax to enjoy the scenic view of film city and the green mountains around. To be on little cautioned side, few reported of nuisance and scratches on car, when kept and went out for a stroll. For safety, park your car at road side (with lot other cars already parked) near bus stop on main entrance which is just a minute walk, Otherwise no issues.

Monsoon alert : Keep Umbrellas, Windcheaters etc handy as there is no shade around and trees are helpful only during summers. Keep watch around if you are seating near trees, Snakes are seen specially in rainy days.

Pictures and Videos

The photos and videos below are taken on a monsoon day of July 2018 by me. Hope you get the feel of what i said above.


Main Film City View

Under Construction Studios & Film Sets

Another Hilly View

Perfect Selfie Point

Whistling Woods International Institute View


A Shortcut Road

National Park Boundaries

Vehicles on Location

Main Location View

View Point During Monsoon

Mantri Park Buildings

Bus Numbers


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