Mumbai Railway Network Map 2022 – Western Central and Harbour Routes

“Below is the 2022 updated Railway Network Map of Mumbai shows detailed routes of Western, Harbour and Central Railway with Station Names Between Virar to Churchgate (Western Map), Mumbai CST to Karjat and Khopoli (Central Map), and from CST towrads Vashi (Navi Mumbai), Belapur and Panvel (Harbour Map). Additionally it also shows a 2009 metro train project under construction Running between Versova (Andheri) to Ghatkopar..”

Updated Version of Mumbai Railway Map – 2022

Mumbai Railway Network Map 2022
Mumbai Railway Network Map 2022

Courtesy: Wikipedia.

Another Map Used Since Last Decade

Small Handy Map

Mumbai Railway Map
Mumbai Railway Map

(Photo Courtesy

Full Size Map

Mumbai Railway Network Map.
Mumbai Railway Network Map.

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One thought on “Mumbai Railway Network Map 2022 – Western Central and Harbour Routes

  • May 10, 2022 at 9:00 pm

    Please this is my humble request for proper names announcement of Harbour lines railway station, example kaman, kharbav please.


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