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“An introduction and comprehensive travel guide to the lifeline of Mumbai, The Mumbai Local Trains which is one of the largest networks and main / major public transport in city. Below are some interesting facts with other things to know that surely helps commuters of lifeline local trains, like timetable, station names, railway map and more..”

Mumbai Local Trains - Crowded
Mumbai Local Trains - Crowded

History Of Mumbai Local Trains

In 1928, the first DC local train was introduced in Bombay, inaugurated on 5th January by the governor, Sir Leslie Wilson. These trains operated between Colaba and Borivali.

In 1936, the old steam engines running on the Borivali and Virar route were replaced with electrified trains.

In 1961, new nine rake trains were introduced to enhance the local train services.

By 1972, the total number of train services had crossed above 500, providing increased convenience to commuters.

In 1986, twelve couch local trains were introduced, fifteen years after the introduction of nine-car trains.

In 1992, special provisions were made for ladies with the introduction of ladies special trains and dedicated senior citizen seating.

In 1993, a dedicated compartment for physically challenged individuals was introduced, although it is still used by non-physically challenged passengers.

By 2003, the number of trains providing service to commuters had reached 1000, and this number has since increased to 1214.

In 2007, the conversion from DC to AC took place between Borivali and Virar, improving the efficiency of the local train system.

In 2009, to alleviate the overcrowding on local trains, fifteen couch trains were introduced.

In 2011, the conversion to Alternate Current took place between Borivali and Vile Parle, further enhancing the local train system.

Finally, in 2012, the conversion from Direct Current to Alternate Current was completed between Andheri and Churchgate, marking the end of Direct Current running local trains on the western railway route.

Local Trains The Lifeline Of Mumbai

In Mumbai, the local trains serve as the lifeline for the residents. The Mumbai Mumbai Railway Network consists of three main routes: Western Railway, Central Railway, and Harbor Railway.

These routes are not only the primary means of travel but also offer affordable and efficient transportation. The local trains are particularly popular among the working class, who heavily rely on this mode of transportation despite the overcrowding. For more information on the stations in Mumbai, refer to the Station Names in Mumbai section.

Local trains in Mumbai are divided into three lines: Western Line, Central Rail Line, and Harbour Line. The Western Line runs from Virar to Churchgate, the Central Rail Line runs from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) to Kasara, and the Harbour Line runs between CSMT to Panvel. These lines are connected to important suburban stations, making it easy to reach any destination.

ATVM Smart Card Machine
ATVM and Smart Card Machine
UTS Online Registration OTP Screen
UTS Online Registration OTP Screen

However, trains starting from Churchgate, Andheri, Bandra, Dadar, Kurla, and CSMT are always crowded until late at night due to their commercial importance. The recent conversion from DC to AC is a major step towards improving local train services. Additionally, travelers can use Smart Cards ATVM ticketing for a hassle-free experience.

9 and 12 Couch Ladies Special Trains

All the trains operating within the Mumbai railway network are non-air conditioned, consisting of 9-couch trains and 12/15-couch trains. Additionally, there are two Gents First Class coaches, two Ladies First Class coaches, 2 Luggage compartments, and one small separate Handicap compartment located near the 6th couch.

Moreover, during peak office hours, there are a few dedicated Ladies special trains that aim to provide a comfortable travel experience for working women.

Always Crowded Local Trains

Accidental Falling From Local Trains
Accidental Falling From Local Trains

Crowded Local trains of Mumbai is a major problem now and people are falling down from trains getting injured and most of the times loosing their life. Highest crowded local trains are ‘Virar Trains’, sometimes people are breathless and falls unconscious, few cases are of heart attacks.

Due to such huge crowd people don’t mind seating near the 25000 V wire above local train coaches, and hey don’t get surprise if we write ‘Its very Normal and Common practice now a days’ because they are unable to get into the trains. One can see small big oral and physical fights which basically happens because of uncomfortable travel.

Now an important note, if for any reasons your have lost your luggage while travelling in local train then go to local train lost + found luggage department to check if some has deposited it there. Similar for central railway lost + found.

The overcrowding of local trains in Mumbai has become a significant issue, resulting in numerous accidents and injuries, and tragically, even loss of life. Among the most heavily crowded trains are the ones heading to Virar, where passengers often find themselves breathless and even losing consciousness, with some cases even leading to heart attacks.

The sheer volume of people has forced commuters to disregard their safety by sitting near the 25000 V wire above the train coaches, considering it a normal and common practice nowadays due to the inability to board the trains. Uncomfortable travel conditions have also led to frequent verbal and physical altercations among passengers.

It is important to note that if you happen to lose your luggage while traveling on a local train, you should visit the respective local train lost + found departments for Western Railway Trains and central railway Route.

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