Neral Matheran Toy Train Timings (Timetable) Fares 2019 – Mumbai

“After almost 1 year, Now in 2019 Matheran Toy train is back in action (Actually started in December 2018). Due to technical glitches the 100 year plus running shuttle trains services which runs for 21 km distance taking about 2 hours, runs for 3 Km between Matheran and Aman Lodge and is now running till Neral (21 km).

This narrow gauge toy train services have total 12 services in a day compared to 10 toy train services before which runs between Matheran Hill Station and Neral. Below are train timings (service schedules, Timetable) and ticket cost (fares for adult & children) of first class and second class coaches..”

UPDATE NOTE : August 2019, Toy train route has been badly affected due to heavy rain and is closed of of date. Hope September or october brings back the fun ride on track.

Matheran Toy Train
Toy Train Running on Hills
Old Pic of Shuttle Trains at Matheran
Old Pic of Shuttle Trains at Matheran

Matheran Toy Train Fast Facts

  • When Was Toy Train Started : 15th April 1907.
  • Achievements : Listed in UNESCO’s Heritage in 2005.
  • Distance Between Neral Station and Matheran : 21 Km
  • Station Between : Neral  Waterpoint  Aman Lodge  Matheran
  • Time Taken : 2 Hours Approximate.
  • Train Attractions : Slow Moving, Deep Valley view, Mini Train seating, 127 Degree Curve where complete train itself can be seen, Monkey along the pathway.

Updates December 2018 – January 2019 : From 1st week of December 2018, 6 Coaches train with total 6 services between Neral station and Matheran. 3 services up till Mathran and 3 from same till Neral station. Between Aman Lodge and matheran instead of 6 Coaches, 8 Coaches train will function. Soon an AC coach will be added to the existing train for convenience.

Updates April 2018 : 18th April is world heritage day and that was when a trial run of a New 2 coaches Diesel Steam engine was done successfully. Now anyone can book this little steam engine train at Rs. 55000 (Return Journey) and One way Rs. 28000, which will run between Aman Lodge and Matheran at speed limits of 8 LMPH.

A mini restaurant that will server food & refreshment etc will also be part of your booking. It will be wonderful if Central Railway starts the Neral to Matheran Toy train & Steam Engine train soon as the ride gives a beautiful valley view too.

Train Timings / Timetable

Updates January 2019

As of 2019, 3 toy trains runs between Neral station and Matheran, About 8 train services between Matheran and Aman Lodge.

This beautiful mini Toy train has total of 4 second class coaches, 2 First class Coaches, 1 Parcel van and 1 guard brake van. Total of 6 trains services from Aman Lodge to Matheran station. It is a 25 Minutes slow ride of lesser than 30 to 40 Km/Hour (Approximate).

If one missed direct train to matheran, One need to reach Dasturi Naka Car Parking area on hills via private vehicles available near Neral station. Dasturi car parking is the same place from where one can park their private car / any vehicle. All vehicles are restricted to this entry gate of Dasturi area from where entry tickets of Rs.50 per person (Adult) and Rs.25 (Children) has to be taken too.

W.E.F 5th December 2018, Below are the updated Toy Train Timings and Fares which continues for 2019.

Matheran to Neral Timings

3 Trains daily and an extra train on Saturday and Sunday at : 09:20 Am, 2:45 Pm, 4:20 Pm.

Matheran to Aman Lodge Timings

8 Trains daily running, Timings : 6:40 Am (First Toy Train), 7:30 Am, 8:20 Am, 10:20 Am, 11:35 Am, 1:40 Pm, 3:15 Pm, 5:20 Pm (Last Toy Train).

Aman Lodge to Matheran Timings

8 Trains daily running, Timings : 7:05 Am (First Train), 7:55 Am, 8:45 Am, 10:45 Am, 12:00 Pm, 2:05 Pm, 3:40 Pm, 5:45 Pm.

Toy Train Fares (Cost Per Person)

Matheran Toy / Shuttle Train.
Matheran Toy / Shuttle Train.
Matheran Toy Train Ticket
Matheran Toy Train Ticket

Maximum 4 tickets per person will be given before 45 Minutes of journey. Children age (5 to 11 years).

Matheran to Neral

First Class : Rs.300 (Adult), Rs.180 (Children).
Second Class : Rs.75 (Adult), Rs.45 (Children).

Matheran to Aman Lodge

First Class : Rs.300 (Adult), Rs.180 (Children).
Second Class : Rs.45 (Adult), Rs.30 (Children).

Delux Saloon (Rs.1500) for Maximum 5 people in group.

See Toy train pictures, Also know about one more toy train in Mumbai. It is Vanrani, a mini train at Borivali National Park. Also know about the upcoming ropeway here.

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    Hi , what is the current condition of matheran toy train, Pls reply

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      Currently matheran train is routing to till aman lodge

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    Hi , what is the current condition of matheran toy train, Pls reply

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    Is toy train running from Neral to Matheran?? What is the current situation?? Plz update

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    What is the current status of toy train ? is it running from Neral to Matheran ? any update would be appreciated. Is the toy train closed because of COVID ?

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    Is the toy train running between nerul to matheran. Pls let us know


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