Neral Matheran Toy Train 2023 – AC Coach Booking | Timetable | FAQ | Fare

” Started in 1907 and as of 2023, This narrow gauge cute looking toy train runs between Neral and Matheran Hill Station. Often limited its service between Aman Lodge and Hill station due to heavy rains, Now it is 100% operation and has 2 trains per day from both ends.

The 11.6 km ride which was limited to Aman Lodge (Now is 21 km, Neral to Matheran), of this toy train is fun to be in those cute little carriages (Total of 4). It takes anywhere between 2 Hours to 2 Hour 15 Minutes from Neral to Matheran and vice-versa.

Below are train schedules (Timetable), Fares per person, and most frequently asked questions (FAQ) one needs to know about the train, coaches, and services with contact details of respective offices to plan a happy trip.”

Latest Updates

Updates January 2023: Toy train is working as of January 2023 from Matheran to Neral and Back with a total of 2 train services from each location. See below for detailed timings and an updated fare chart.

Updates August 2019: The toy train route has been badly affected due to heavy rain and is closed as of date. Hope September or October brings back the fun ride on the track.

Updates December 2018 – January 2019: From 1st week of December 2018, 6 Coaches train with a total of 6 services between Neral station and Matheran. 3 services up till Matheran and 3 from same till Neral station. Between Aman Lodge and Matheran instead of 6 Coaches, 8 Coaches train will function. Soon an AC coach will be added to the existing train for convenience.

Updates April 2018: 18th April is world heritage day and that was when a trial run of a New 2 coaches Diesel Steam engine was done successfully. Now anyone can book this little steam engine train at Rs. 55000 (Return Journey) and One way Rs. 28000, which will run between Aman Lodge and Matheran at speed limits of 8 LMPH.

Matheran Toy Train
Toy Train Running on Hills
Old Pic of Shuttle Trains at Matheran
Old Pic of Shuttle Trains at Matheran

Matheran Toy Train Facts

  • Stations Short Codes: Matheran (MAE), Neral (NRL).
  • When Was Toy Train Started: Work started in 1901 and opearational on 15th April 1907.
  • Achievements: Listed in UNESCO’s Heritage in 2005.
  • Distance Between Neral and Matheran Station : 21 Km
  • Station Between: Neral  Waterpoint  Aman Lodge  Matheran
  • Toy Train Time Taken: 2 Hours Approximate.
  • Train Attractions: Slow Moving, Deep Valley view, Mini Train seating, 127 Degree Curve where complete train itself can be seen, Monkey along the pathway.
  • Total Coaches: 4 Regular coaches and 1 Fully AC semi-luxurious vista dome carriage. 1 Parcel van and 1 guard brake van.
  • Nearest Railway Station to Reach Toy Train: Neral (NRL) on central railway route. Direct local trains from CSMT, Dadar, and Kalyan.
  • Toy train related enquiry helplines: 02148230264 or IRCTC short code helpline 139

Year 2023, Timetable and Fares

Train Timings

Currently, only 2 train rides from each end of the station in a day. It takes about 2 hours one way from Neral to Matheran and vice-versa. The total distance covered is 21 Km.

Neral Station (NRL) to Matheran Station (MAE) Train Timings

Daily 2 trips From Neral: First train in the Morning at 8:50 Am (Reaches the hill at 11:30). Second train starts at 10:25 Am and (Reaches around 1:05 Pm).

Matheran Station (MAE) to Neral Station (NRL) Train Timings

Daily 2 trips From Matheran: First train in the afternoon at 2:45 Pm (Reaches Neral at about 4:30 Pm to 4:45 Pm) and the Second train at 4:00 Pm which reaches downhill at around 6:45 Pm.

Train Fares

Second class fare is Rs.75 per person (Adult) and Rs.45 (Children). First-class carriage will cost Rs.305 for Adults and Rs.180 for Children. The morning train also has an extra carriage which is called ‘Vistadome’, A fully Air Conditioned coach that cost Rs.655 per person.

A maximum of 4 tickets per person will be given 45 Minutes of the journey. Children aged (5 to 11 years).

Matheran Toy / Shuttle Train.
Matheran Toy / Shuttle Train.
Matheran Toy Train Ticket
Matheran Toy Train Ticket

Luxurious AC Saloon Coach (Booking, Fare, Facilities)

AC Saloon Luxurious Couches
AC Saloon Luxurious Couches
Interior Of Toy Train AC Saloon Coach
Interior Of Toy Train AC Saloon Coach

Imagine spending about 44,000 just to travel from Neral Station to Matheran and back for an 8 seater AC coach of Matheran toy train. Yes, the universal layoff season doesn’t seem to hinder plans by central railways to charge such a huge amount and it seems that people in the group of 8 are willing to enjoy such luxurious trips.

The newly introduced AC Saloon coach of the Matheran toy train is ready to give a cool and luxurious experience to its commuters which has already surpassed the count of the total of 3 lakh bookings just between April 2022 & December 2022, Which generated a revenue of more than 2 Crores to central railways.

The boost and demand for the cutest mountain toy train near Mumbai has motivated it to give some special treatment to its commuters by introducing the AC Coach which is called the ‘Saloon Coach’ of the Mathen toy train.

AC Coach Charges

One can book this coach for a round trip ride on weekdays on the same day (Charges Rs.32088) & for weekends (Costing Rs.44608). You can opt for the return trip the next day, i.e after spending a night’s stay on the Matheran hills. The Return trip (After Overnight stay, the next day) will cost you the same amount (Plus ‘Detention Cost’ ranging between Rs.1500 to Rs.1800 PER HOUR) which can vary depending on the AC saloon coach bookings and availability on that day.


Although no details about the AC coach facilities have been officially released, From the latest AC coach picture (Courtesy: FreePressJournal) a glimpse of things that are available inside the coach can be seen.

A mini washbasin can be seen with possibly a mirror on the right (unseen). The good furnished wooden interior coach has a few mini fans in case required, Well why? That’s a luxurious AC Saloon, right? Okay. Let it be considered as a standby or a special extra treat.

Some roof lights can be seen too. Wow, a dressing table in case the customer needs to makeup while reaching Matheran station or while back home at Neral station. Well, next to the washbasin is a specially built toilet only for this Saloon coach.

A center table between the seating area has that premium-looking with couches facing each other. The flooring looks elegant too.

Western Railway has ensured total privacy for the group planning to book this luxurious coach for all 4 trips in a day. So just lay back and enjoy the ride & view, Feel chilled in summer and have fun with your group inside this toy train.


Central railway plans a flexible booking option for this AC Saloon Coaches. One can book this 8 seater coach from any Railway station on the Central railway route (Don’t really know which all stations from Mumbai to where). Minimum 7 days before you plan your trip. 20% of the total fare (Depending on Weekdays or Weekend Charges), Plus Rs.10,000 (Refundable Security Deposits).

The other 80% amount is to be paid prior to 48 hours (i.e 2 days prior) to the planned journey. If you fail to confirm your trip within 7 days and the balance amount prior to 2 days, The 20% amount and the security deposit amount of Rs.10,000 will NOT be refunded.

The booking rules for Matheran toy trains for this special AC coach are really tough. WHAT DO YOU SAY? (Comment below your responses). Although, rules should be in place as this one is the only AC coach, My view about forfeiting the Security deposits of Rs.10,000 is not done.

Toy Train FAQ (Most Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How to reach the toy train station at Neral from Mumbai?

    Neral railway station is located about 90 km from Mumbai on the Central railway route. Local trains which start from CSTM or DADAR towards Kasara and beyond stop at Neral Railway station. The Toy train station is adjacent to the railway station.

  2. Is Toy train working/running as of 2023?

    Yes, the Toy train is very much working as of January 2023. It has stopped in the past due to many reasons, And major reasons being technical glitches and heavy rainfall in monsoon. It is recommended to contact Toy train station inquiry number 02148230264 or IRCTC short code helpline 139 before you plan your trip.

  3. When did the toy train start operations from Matheran to Neral (Full Route)?

    During October 2021, after all, trials on its Narrow gauge tracks the train welcomed commuters to enjoy a complete ride of 21 km which takes 2 hours time.

  4. How old is the toy train?

    It is now more than a century since this cute-looking Train is in operation. Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy & Mr. Abdul Husein Adamjee Peerbhoy are the brainchildren behind this light railway who built this train under the directions of the then-called BOMBAY governance. The work commenced in 1901 and the first ride took off in 1907. It took Rs.16,00000/- (Sixteen Lacs) to construct this railway.

    That also means, Britishers also enjoyed the Mathern train ride since it commenced.

  5. What district Matheran hill station fall under?

    The mountains on which this train operates are under the Raigad district (Western Ghats of Sahyadri).

  6. How to book tickets online?

    Currently, One cannot book tickets online. One has to reach the train station 45 minutes before the next departure time to avail next train tickets.

  7. Are their public toilets/washrooms available inside toy train coaches?

    NO, Currently no washrooms/toilet facilities are available inside any of these coaches on this train.

  8. Instead of a train, Can I go to Mathen hill station in my car?

    The toy train is just an option. You can reach the hill station to Dasturi Naka, From here you need to walk or hire horse or hand-pulled cart.

  9. Can we carry our luggage inside this train?

    Yes, feel free to carry your needful luggage to and from Nerul and Matheran stations.

  10. Is Matheran Open for tourists in 2023?

    Yes, Matheran welcomes tourists on large scale. If you planning to get via Toy train, Yes it is working, Still better to enquire (See the start of this FAQ).

  11. On what fuel this train works currently?

    As of January, i.e 1907 the toy train operates using Diesel as its fuel. The good news is that recently it was declared that it will be replaced with Electric and Hydrogen propelled versions of fuel which is totally Eco-Friendly and serves the purpose.

  12. Are there Bulb lights and Fans inside the train?

    YES, both are available and use solar energy.

  13. Total how many coaches toy train have?

    Total of 4 coaches (Also referred to as Carraige), Of which 3 are general and 1 is first class.

  14. How many stops/stations are between Matheran and Neral?

    Total of 3 stops between both ends. From Neral the first railway stop is Jummapatti at a height of M.S.L.245-01M, the Second Railway stop is a Water pipe and 3rd station is Aman Lodge at a height above M.S.L.758-95m.

  15. At what speed does the train moves?

    An average to the fixed speed of 20 Kilometers is how fast this train runs.

  16. What is that famous tunnel called from which train passes?

    Only one small tunnel from which this train passes, It is famously called ‘1 Kiss Tunnel’ obviously for the fun of the same that goes with the name.

  17. Are there any other toy trains in Mumbai?

    Yes, Within Mumbai there is another train called ‘Vanrai‘ located inside Borivali National Park. Borivali is one of the railway stations in the north suburbs of Mumbai.

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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