Navratri 9 Colours 2022 in Mumbai – Maharashtra

“Updated Navratri festival 9 colours for this year 2022 for Mumbai (and overall Maharashtra) and also for Gujarat states.

Citizens follow and wear dresses, saree and other outfits according to the below listed colours for each day. Know the Significance, The Celebrations in the city and some insights of those colours”

Group Wearing Red Colour Day Dress
Group Wearing Red Colour Day Dress

Year 2022, The 9 Days Colours

Below Colours are followed by major cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Thane, Navi, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Kolhapur and Jalgaon and also Gujarat state cities like Surat, Bharuch, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad and Others. The best way is to follow the colour codes of each day’s outfit, be it a formal dress, traditional saree or the best that fits you.

Below are those 9 colours

Navratri Day Colour Of Day
Day 1, 26th September 2022
Day 2, 27th September 2022
Day 3, 28th September 2022
Day 4, 29th September 2022
Day 5, 30th September 2022
Day 6, 1st October 2022
Day 7, 2nd October 2022
Day 8, 3rd October 2022
Day 9, 4th October 2022

Navratri Dance

Festival of Dance in India, Navratri (9 Nights & 10 Days) brings joy and happiness with religious significance praising Goddess Durga fighting evil for all these 10 days. Usually starts around September & October month every year. The main attractions are the Garba & Dandiya dance and 9 days of dressing colours to be followed.

Navratri Venues are famous Navrati Garba dance locations in Mumbai. This year Festival starts from 26th of September to 4th of October, 2022.

According to Tithi, Below are Navratri 9 days Names in the Sanskrit language:

  • 1st Day is called Pratipada
  • 2nd Day is called Dwitiya
  • 3rd Day is called Tritiya
  • 4th Day is called Chaturthi
  • 5th Day is called Panchami
  • 6th Day is called Sashti
  • 7th Day is called Saptami
  • 8th Day is called Ashtami
  • 9th Day is called Navami

Celebrating 9 Colors at Work Place and While Commuting

White Colour Dressing
White Colour Dressing
Green Colour Dressing
Green Colour Dressing
Sky Blue Colour Dressing Inside Local Train Group
Sky Blue Colour Dressing Inside Local Train Group
Pink Colour Dressing On Railway Platform
Pink Colour Dressing On Railway Platform
Yellow Colour Dressing On Railway Platform
Yellow Colour Dressing On Railway Platform
Blue Colour Dressing Seen Inside Offices
Blue Colour Dressing Seen Inside Offices
Grey Colour Dressing Idea
Office Group in Grey Colour
A Ladies Group Wearing Red Colour Outfits
Blue Colour Dressing Seen Inside Offices

Psychology and Significance Of Navratri Colours


Yellow colour represents energy and happiness and so is also known to be good for stimulating mental energy. Avoid dark yellow as it gives a disturbing effect on the eyes. And those of you who looking for some attention wearing a beautiful dress or saree should wear a bright (Not Dark) yellow colour during the day.


Wearing a green colour dress will give a feeling of Eco-Friendliness, Both with light and dark shades this year. Green in all its shades resembles soothing, harmony and fertility and so it is called the colour of nature. Women have lots of choices wearing green colour traditional dresses or just a beautiful top with denim jeans.


It is a cool and balanced colour and goes best with other colour shades in dresses. Wearing a major portion of dress colour as Grey and less of other colour combination looks best, balance your accessories, shoes etc with this moody colour. You can also try to shout out with some dark accessories or silver wearing with grey.


A tip, Orange goes great with black and a double colour top with denim below will look awesome without any accessories. Every colour radiates some energy and is associated with some kind of emotion, Orange colour represents creativity and enthusiasm and is the best colour for attraction in the crowd.


White signifies the colour of perfection, purity and peace. Wearing a white colour dress or a saree on Navratri will sure give a feeling of peace and harmony with a joyful day as seeing white outfits in varieties all around in groups is a feel good. The energy level on this day will be soothing and high all around.


A beautiful long red colour dress on a graceful persona catches many eyes. Red is a colour that signifies power, danger, and brightness. It is also said that it affects the human respiratory (Heartbeats rate and blood pressure). So girls wearing red will pull up the blood pressure and heartbeats of many males in no time.

Royal Blue

Navratri with a Royal blue colour dress or saree as an outfit can make you feel superior as said significantly about this colour. Mumbai will surely bring out the best of denim outfits, and casual wear among youths in college and some bright beautiful dresses be also seen on railway platforms, local trains and offices. Royal blue can be a bright or a dark shade too.


The pink colour is playful, sweet, romantic and looks cute. It’s a colour signifying universal love, So let love fill in Mumbai city heart all around. For all you mothers out there with your cute and beautiful kids, It’s a day to look the best with matching outfits with your babies.


Purple symbolizes luxury and power. This colour is associated with royalty too.

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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