Famous Navratri Venues For Garba Dance 2023 – Mumbai

Navratri 2023: Below are some of the top Navratri venues around Mumbai, Suburb, and Navi Mumbai locations with entry fees (rates) and performers who are performing at the location, which is quite famous for its band and dandiya dance.

Like every year, Mumbai celebrates Navratri with dancing and playing Dandiya and Garba in some of the best locations in suburban areas too. People are seen enjoying the garba and dandiya dance in nine colour dresses daily dresses daily. See also garba pictures and videos.

Navratri Dandiya Dance
Navratri Dandiya Dance

Falguni Pathak’s Navratri Utsav 2023 at Pramod Mahajan Ground, Borivali

For more than a decade now, Falguni Pathak (famously called ‘The Garba Queen’) has rocked various famous Navratri venues in Mumbai. One of the known locations that remains constant is this sports complex ground of Late Shri Pramod Mahajan at Chikuwadi Area, Mahavir Nagar (Kandivali/Borivali West). This year, the event is organized by Showglits Events and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Falguni Pathak Garba 2023
Falguni Pathak Garba 2023

The Jhoomo, Naacho experience when Falguni sings Gujarati and Hindi songs is one of its kind on huge sound systems. This is one of the big Navratri grounds in Mumbai, with a huge crowd yet a non-congested dance and dandiya experience.

Venue Location: Late Shri Pramod Mahajan Sports Complex at Mahavir Nagar (Chikuwadi Area); landmark is Vasant Complex, New Link Road, Borivali West. Also well accessible from Kandivali West.
Timings: Usually starts at 7 p.m. There are no details about late-night garba till 12 a.m., yet it is possible that the last 3 days go until early hours.
Ticket rates: start at Rs. 499 and above. Charges differ and may be high during weekends and other days too.

Preety & Pinky is at GM Navratri Mahotsav, Mira Bhayandar

Duo Preety Pinky Navratri Mumbai
Duo Preety Pinky Navratri Mumbai

Organized by MLA Pratap Sarnaik Foundation and GM Modular (a giant and famous company known for electric products), in 2023 I planned to be a massive navratri event at Mira Bhayandar at this huge MBMC play ground, with great response from Marwari and Gujarati crown spread over these 2 stations, i.e., Bhayandar and Mira Road.

Most of Mumbai has already experienced the beats and voice of Preety and Pinky, who are famous duos for Navratri events for so many years now in Mumbai. The duo’s female vocals ramp up the stage and rock the crowd when they sing folk numbers like ‘Kumkum Na Pagla Padya’ and various Bollywood numbers.

Venue Location: MBMC – Play Ground, Phase 3, Geeta Nagar, Mira Road East, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401107
Timings: Dance Event Starts at 7 p.m.
Ticket rates: Entry fee charges unknown, But usually expected around Rs.500.

Lotus Navratri Utsav 2023, Bhayandar West by Musa Paik

Musa Paik Bhayandar West
Musa Paik Bhayandar West

Narendra L. Mehta of the East West Foundation has organized its fourth season of navratri for this year, 2023. Known for a large space and being one of the famous dancing crowds of the Gujarati and Marwari communities, this year Lotus Navratri has Musa Paik and ground to rock and roll on the dance ground of Bhayandar.

What’s more, Lotus specialty is to call up various television and film industry celebrities for Navratri dance nights. This suburban location of Mumbai is officially inside Thane district, yet it feels like proper Mumbai suburbanity when it comes to Navratri nights.

Talking about Musa Paik, to be short and precise, he is one of the oldest Navratri bands and has performed at various locations in Mumbai in the past. Be it folk or Bollywood numbers remixed, dance like never before on Musa’s voice and say Aaee haloo.

Venue Location: Lotus Navratri Ground, Shri Maheshwari Bhawan Road, Near Planeteria Complex, Sevalal Maharaj Chowk, Off Fire Brigade Road, Bhayandar West, Maharashtra 401101
Timings: Starts at 7 p.m. Weekends and Last 2 days timings may differ and may be till late night.
Ticket rates: start at Rs. 500 and above. Charges differ and may be high during weekends and other days too.

Geeta Rabari’s Chogada Re Navratri Venue 2023 at Andheri

One of the known Navratri singers based in Kachchh (Kutch District in Gujarat), Geeta Rabari, was born in 1996 She initially started with Bhajans and folk songs in Gujarat and is famously called ‘Kutchi Koel’ or ‘Kutch ni Koel’. She has started performing for Mumbai’s famous Navratri venue at Andheri East, Holy Family School Ground. She is known as one of the top 5 singers in Gujarat when it comes to Garba, Dandiya, Bhajan, and other Gujarati folk songs.

Geeta Rabari Chhogada Re Andheri
Geeta Rabari Chhogada Re Andheri

Jagdamba Navratri Samiti has organized this year’s Navratri celebration venue, located at Mahakali Cave Road (Holy Family School Ground). So if you are looking for a combination of Bollywood Hindi songs and some really authentic Gujrati songs for Garba dance, this is the place in Mumbai Suburban.

Venue Location: Holy Family School Ground, 5/B, Mahakali Caves Road, Gundavali, M.I.D.C., Shanti Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093
Timings: Starts at 7 p.m. until 11 p.m., and this year, from 21st to 23rd, late-night garba and dandiya till 12:00 a.m.
Ticket rates: start at Rs. 499 and above. Charges differ and may be high during weekends and other days too.

Rangratri 2023: Dandiya Nights with Kinjal Dave at Kutchi Ground

Sarvodaya Kutchi Ground at Yogi Nagar, Borivali West, plans for a starstruck Navratri 2023 with famous Gujarati and Bollywood songs by Kinjal Dave, a famous vocalist born in 1999 in Jesangpara, Patan district, Gujarat. She is known for singing folk, devotional bhajans, and contemporary songs too. She got famous for her song ‘Char Bangdi Vali Gadi’ in 2017. She now performs live for this year’s Navratri at the famous Kutchi ground in Mumbai suburban Borivali.

Rangatri Kinjal Dave Kutchi Ground Borivali
Rangatri Kinjal Dave Kutchi Ground Borivali

She performed at this venue last year and has performed internationally many times. If your Garba group is looking for a location in the suburbs of Mumbai with celebrities, Bollywood dance mixes, Gujarati folk, and famous Navratri songs as a combination for a night, this can be your Garba destination.

Venue Location: Kutchi Ground, New Link Road, Near Aura Hotel, Yogi Nagar, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092
Timings: The dance event starts at 6 p.m. and lasts until 11 p.m. 21st to 23rd late night garba and dandiya till 12:00 a.m.
Ticket rates: start at Rs. 499 and above. Charges differ and may be high during weekends and other days too.

Borivali’s KoraKendra Ground Navratri Celebrations 2023 by Naidu Club

Since Borivali and Kandivali locations have one of the highest Gujarati residentials, the famous Kora Kendra Ground, located just 10 minutes from Borivali station, has attracted thousands of Garba dancers to this famous venue. A few of the reasons to spend Navratri nights at this venue are the huge grounds, well-maintained and smooth celebrations years after years, occasional celebrity walk-ins, and one of the best sound systems with really catchy dance numbers (Gujarati and Bollywood remixes) that keep you on your toes for hours.

Since years, Naidu Club is one and only, which performs at Korakendra Ground and has all the reasons to reach the venue early for some of the best places to dance near the stage with your groups. Special arrangements like the locker system, senior citizen seating area, VVIP area, and Ambe Mata Temple inside the dance venue ground are some more reasons when it comes to arrangements, comfort, and Navratri celebration enjoyment with facilities.

We do not have names of this year performers. Previous years singers like Sreeram Swarpoop, Shivam, Rakesh, Tushar Sonigra’s Beat 16, Nilesh Thakar, Jayesh Desai, Sejal Shah and Falguni Brahmbhatt performed.

Venue Location: Kora Kendra Ground, Haridas Nagar, RM Bhattad Road, Borivali (West), Mumbai 400092
Timings: Starts at 6:30 p.m. until 11 p.m. Not sure, but like other venues, the last 3 days or weekend may extend until 12 a.m.
Ticket rates: start at Rs. 499 and above. Charges differ and may be high during weekends and other days too.

2023’s Dome Dandiya Navratri Celebrations at Worli Sports Club

One of the only in the South Mumbai locality, Worli’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Stadium National Sports Club (Lotus Colony) celebrates the 2023 Navratri. Not many details are available about this venue, but it seems to appeal to groups of Garba dancers who prefer some elite crowds from the vicinity and some facilities in the stadium environment.

Venue Location: Sardar Vallabhbhai Stadium, National Sports Club of India, Lotus Colony, Lala Lajpatrai Marg, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018, India
Timings: Starts at 7 p.m.
Ticket rates: start at Rs. 599 and above. Charges differ and may be high during weekends and other days too.

Colaba’s Raasleela Navratri of 2023 (South Mumbai)

Welcome to the Elite Group of South Mumbai Navratri Celebrations, where people from Mumbai and other countries join to play garba and dandiya dance. This venue will also have some influencers with good followers count to traffic social media with the Navratri Dance of 2023.

Venue Location: 157, Arthur Bunder Road, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Timings: Usually starts at 7 p.m., but may differ.
Ticket rates: start at Rs. 499 and above. Charges differ and may be high during weekends and other days too.

Rangilo Re Navratri 2023 at NESCO, Goregaon East

Parthiv Gohil is going to rock the stage at NESCO for this Navratri. It is the 5th year of the Navratri celebration at this venue. Tickets for the same are available on PayTm. Nesco Center is very famous for mega exhibitions, trade, and events, of which Navratri 2023 is one of the biggest celebrations.

Rangilo Re Garba NESCO Goregaon
Rangilo Re Garba NESCO Goregaon

Dance with your group or just be there to enjoy the magnificent view of thousands of people in perfect garba attire dancing to authentic Gujarati dance numbers and also some rocking Bollywood garba songs.

Venue Location: NESCO Ground, Western Express Highway Goregaon (East Pin Code 400063, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063)
Timings: Starts at 7 p.m., but may differ.
Ticket Rates: Starts at Rs.499 and above. Charges differs and may be high during weekends and other days too.

Raas Garba 2023 at Opera House Charni Road

This year, South Mumbai’s Opera House will witness Garba Band ‘Raas Rhythm’ featuring singers like Sangeeta Ved, Sneha, and Ashish D at Panchratna Lawn, with about 1500 people in the ground playing Garba all together at 11:49 in the evening.

Venue Location: Panchratna Lawn’s, Tata Road No. 2, Charni Road East, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002.
Timings: Starts at 7 p.m. and stays till late evening, 11:49 p.m.
Ticket Rates: Details are not available.

Aee Haaloo Raas Garba 2023 at Andheri Lokhandwala

Sania Rawani will rock the stage with her group this Navratri. It is said that this Garba event is one of the biggest in the area. specialty being food stalls, daily prizes for the best outfits, the best solo dancer and best dance group, the best couple, and more. There will be DJ music live with a great sound system and dance numbers that will make you say ‘Aee Haaloo’.

Venue Location: Celebration Sports Club, Swimming Pool, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047
Timings: Starts at 6 p.m. and stays till late evening, 11 p.m.
Ticket Rates: General and VIP passes available to be booked online costing Rs.399, Rs.599 and more.

More Venues From Past Years

Navratri Garba Dance Venues
Navratri Garba Dance Venues
  • Venue : Somaiya College Ground, Vidyavihar (East).
  • Venue : Goregaon Sports Club (Goregaon Malad Link Road).
  • Venue : Chandan Kunj (Malpani Ground), Borivali.
  • Venue : Hockey Ground, Ghatkopar.
  • Venue : MHADA ground, Kandivali.
  • Venue : Tulip Star, Juhu.

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