MHADA Low Cost Homes in Mumbai

MHADA, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, is responsible for overseeing the construction of affordable housing for individuals from the lower income and middle class brackets.

There are approximately 4700 additional flats scheduled to be completed by the year 2017-2018 in various locations such as Virar, Mankhurd, Borivali, Kurla, Santacruz, Sion, Thane, and Powai.

The largest number of upcoming flats, totaling 3000 units, are expected to be delivered by 2016 in Virar, with the lottery for these homes set to take place around May 2015.

Detailed information regarding the rules and eligibility criteria for applying for MHADA flats can be found, including online application forms, lottery results, redevelopment projects in Mumbai aimed at providing affordable housing, income requirements, necessary documentation, sample application forms, as well as contact information for assistance.

Kindly note that, Rules and Policies related to Eligibility, Documents, Income Level, Online Forms and results details changes periodically and should be referred at MHADA’s Official website as detailed below.

This is an attempt to understand how and why MHADA projects around Mumbai, Western & Eastern Suburban locations proved to be best when it comes to Low Cost Homes and how things works if you planning to apply and own such cheaper residence in city.

MHADA low cost homes
MHADA low cost homes


  • As MHADA is a government organization, information about the Lottery system flats (also known as ‘Low Cost Homes’) is readily available for people to apply for with full transparency.
  • There is no need for brokers or agents to buy or apply for Mhada flats. These affordable homes are exclusively sold under the provisions of Regulation 1981. Whenever the lottery system is prepared, Mhada informs the public through advertisements in various prominent newspaper in Mumbai and invites applications.
  • Couples (husband and wife) can choose to apply individually. However, if both are selected in the lottery and win flats in different locations, they will only be allotted one flat from the lottery.
  • To apply, you must submit an initial payment known as EMD (Earnest Money Deposit), which will be refunded within 2 weeks to those who were not selected in the lottery for the flats.
  • To be eligible for these affordable homes, applicants must be at least 18 years old and provide a domicile certificate.
  • Neither member of the couple should have their own individual private residence.
  • Winners of the lottery are required to make payments via Demand Drafts or Pay Orders.

Note : Mhada not only oversees the redevelopment process but also ensures the maintenance of gardens and playgrounds. Due to the scarcity of available Mhada Plots, they are now focusing on revitalizing existing old colonies. For further information regarding the rules and criteria, kindly visit the Mhada Website.

Application Eligibility Rules & Income Limits

The eligibility criteria for obtaining an Mhada Flat have undergone a significant change in 2011, as per the recently updated Income rules. These changes apply to individuals belonging to the EWS (Economically Weaker Section), Lower Income Group, Middle Income Group, and High Income Group. The table below provides detailed information regarding the size of Flats (both old and new square feet area) and the corresponding Income Range based on the latest updates.

  • EWS (Economically Weaker Section) : New rates (Below Rs.16000), Old rates (Below Rs.8000).
  • LIG (Low Income Group) : New rates (Below Rs.16001 to Rs.40000), Old rates (Below Rs.8001 to Rs.12000).
  • MIG (Middle Income Group) : New rates (Below Rs.40001 to Rs.70000), Old rates (Below Rs.12001 to Rs.20000).
  • HIG (High Income Group) : New rates (Below Rs.70001 and above), Old rates (Below Rs.20001 and above).

Documents Required For Low Cot Homes

  • Domicile Certificate Of Applicant.
  • Income Certificate Of Applicant.
  • Affidavit for Income Proof (Non IT Payers who are self employed).
  • Affidavit of Income Proof of Spouse(For Joint application only).
  • Affidavit for income Proof in addition to the income earned from employment.
  • Other Documents : Birth Certificate Or School Leaving Certificate OR Election Card.

Online Application Forms

Steps to get the online forms and fill the application are below :

  • Go to Mhada Lottery Website
  • By Default Mhada website will be seen in Marathi Language, If you prefer filling online form in English Language then click on Change language to English on top right.
  • Select ‘Apply for Lottery’ in menu if active, If Not active, it means currently you cannot apply online for Mhada flats lottery.
  • Next, follow the instructions details in the form on exactly what to fill and submit the form (See specimen form below, for reference purpose only).

Sample MHADA Form

Mhada Form
Mhada Form

Lottery Results For Home Winners
For those who have already applied and are winners or in waiting, Lottery result page will detail every things that is required, To see if results are positive for you and you have won the Mhada flat, Go to the URL listed in Application form and Click on the ‘Lottery Result’ menu, it will take you to a detailed result page which list 2 options, ‘Winners List’ and ‘Waiting List’.

Mhada Flats/Buildings Locations in Mumbai

  • New Dindoshi, Malad (East) Construction done in 2004.
  • Malvani, Malad, Construction done in 2008.
  • Sahakar Nagar, Chembur Construction done in year 2008.
  • Kanara Engineering, Ghatkopar, Construction year 2008.
  • Shailendra Nagar Dahisar (East) Mumbai, Constructed in 2008
Notice No. Mhada Proposed Name
Total No. Flats Lottery Price Range
(Approximate cost Range)
Income Group Category
256, 257 Virar Mhada Buildings 3000 Not Available Not Availble (But Seems for all income group)
302 Mankhurd 235 15,00000 to 16,00000 Low Income Group
303 Kurla Vinoba Bhave Nagar 207 19,00000 to 20,00000 High Income Group
304 Sion Pratiksha Nagar 56 29,00000 to 31,00000 Medium Income Group
305 Borivali Magathane 62 13,00000 to 14,00000 Low Income Group (Atyalp)
306 Dahisar Shailendra Nagar 83 77,00000 to 80,00000 High Income Group
307 Santacruz Kolekalyan 51 76,00000 to 79,00000 High Income Group
308 Powai Tungwa 9 Around 48,00000 Medium Income Group
309 Powai Tungwa 108 74,00000 to 75,00000 High Income Group

Please Note : You might like to know about the Total Homes and Applicants Details and For very updated details on Mhada Redevelopments and current constructions, please refer their official website.

  • New Hind Mill compound, near Rambhau Bhogale Marg, Mazgaon.
  • Swadeshi Mill, Compound , Kurla (East), Central Mumbai Suburb.
  • A.H. Wadia Marg, Kurla (West).
  • Standard Mill, Tokersi Jivraj Road, Sewari, Central Mumbai Suburb.
  • Standard Mill, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi
  • Shreeram Mill, Bansode Marg, Worli, South Mumbai.
  • Piramal Spinning & Weaving mill compound , Lower Parel.
  • Piramal Spinning & Weaving mill compound , Simplex mill Byculla.
  • Village Wadhavan, Ban Dongari Marg Kandivali (East) Western Suburb of Mumbai.
  • Pahadi Village Goregaon (East), Western Suburb.. More
  • Sewree.

MHADA Head Office Contact Address

  • Mhada Helpline Numbers : +91 (22) 66405099 / 66405010.
  • Address : Deputy Chief Officer, (E.M – 1), Room No. 201, First Floor, Griha Nirman Bhavan, Kala Nagar, Bandra (East), Mumbai Pincode – 400051

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