One of Biggest Slums in Mumbai – Dharavi Slums Unleashed

“With 5 Sectors totally about 593 acres, Dharavi is biggest slums of Mumbai having unplanned residents, shops, commercial small medium and few big industrial units. Redevelopment and Revamp of Dharavi Slums have taken a positive move around 2015, Yet its already 2017 and much of the things pending and project yet to take a leap. Lets understand these slums speciality, locations inside, roads and more..”

Dharavi Slums
Dharavi Slums

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Some Unique Speciality Of Dharavi Slum

  • Slum at Glance First and foremost important point about Dharavi slums is that it is not just a residential location, Its one of the major manufacturing hub for various leather products, Pots and other small big articles manufactured inside industries of slum lanes spread over 550 acres, Of course with one of the biggest FSI (Floor Space Index) and a great opportunity of redevelopment.
  • People & Culture Its not just one single caste and community inside, As it is called Cosmopolitan / Mixed cultured people majors Dalit class and Tamil communities hard working daily wagers. Lately these slums have increased number of Bihari community (North India) as migrated looking out for work in Mumbai.
  • Business Believe, This slum is specialized business in Textile, Small Manufacturing Industries, Color and Dying work on clothes, Recycling Plant and the very famous Pottery Business hub.
  • Location and Culture Speciality of dharavi being their complicated lanes, it has 5 sectors and will need a guide to understand individual sector and connected lanes which are a speciality in itself.Like Koliwada, the original migrants to this area with fishing business, Kumbharwada people who does a special art work on pots, diyas etc. A Special is the Rajnikant (South Actor) fans colony, yes there are many Tamil community people who are die heart fans of this Rajnikant and they have a complete association called ‘Maharashtra State Rajnikant Fans Welfare Association’ with about 10,000 members only from Maharashtra, and believe me 300 alone from Dharavi, Isn’t it special ?
  • Leather Market of Mumbai A huge leather industry is speciality of Dharavi Sion Market and worth thousands of crores business with many old and new leather shops selling ladies hand bags, gents belts and other leather products at comparatively cheaper rates. If you are good at understanding quality factor of leather, You are at correct market place to get best wholesale deals on leather products at bargained rates.
  • Tourism Special tour operators started popping up as guides for Dharavi slums. Yes, after the Oscar winning movie ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ which was filmed in Dharavi location, Internationally many people felt like having a tour of this slum and its specialities. Tour operators from surrounding location got a new Dharavi touring business packages for which they charged about Rs. 500 to 3000 Rupees per person as general and private (special) tour exploring lanes and major 5 sectors inside.
  • Lanes inside Dharavi Famous locations being 13th lane, poterry lane, Chamra Bazaar, Recycling plant lane and Koliwada, Gandhi Nagar, AKG Nagar, Indira Nagar, Kuti Wadi, Muslim Nagar, Sahu Nagar, Setwadi, Sai baba Cooperative Society, Social Nagar, Shri Krishna Cooperative society, KOD, Poonawala lane are inside Dharavi.
  • For tourist, its a great spot as just adjacent to these slums is one of the beautiful Nature park, Checkout the Maharashtra Nature Park for more details. It has beautiful flora and a close nature encounter one cannot find anywhere else in South of Mumbai. If you are looking for more slums in vicinity, Worli Jijamata location is another in South of Mumbai.

Dharavi Revamp and Redevelopment Plans

The huge 593 acres of these slum land is proposed for revamp and better rehabilitation plans. Blueprint came out, Yet action on redevelopment is still pending since last many years. The actual step was finally taken by in power ‘BJP Government’ with a new possible blueprint plan.

The local residents of Dharavi and Dharavi Bachao Samiti (Local Group) of these slums are not very happy and are taken back. But with the support of ‘Shiv Sena’ (Another Political party) they demand 400 Square Feet of homes in return (Upon Redevelopment) compare to the current approval of 300 square feet space that they may receive as planned by feasibility survey team of current Government.

Fulfilling residents demand is one of the major issue to be solved to get the redevelopment success if these slums and is one of the biggest hurdles proving delay in project plans for 7 year of planned revamp. When it comes to feasibility and height of new construction, Dharavi Redevelopment Authority (DRA) and Civil Aviation Department has set the restriction and so is why the BJP government approved plan of 300 Square Feet in return.

Below section details and shows how huge is Dharavi and how complicated are the slums inside multiple lanes crossing each other and other related to residential, commercial and industrial tenements and its location names.

Sector 1
Sector 1 is of 141.99 acres with 2 major residential locations inside called Shahunagar and Matunga Labour Camp with more than 11000 tenements. Mumbai also has Matunga as one of the nearest stations to Dharavi location.

Sector 2
Sector 2 is 98.40 acres with more than 14000 tenements named Dharavi transit camp and Social nagar.

Sector 3
Sector 3 is 116.50 acres famous for the leather market manufacturers locally called ‘Chamda Bazaar’ which has a huge leather product market just at adjacent area called ‘Sion Market’. Other locations inside being Vikhe Wadi and AKG Nagar. Tenements being above 12000.

Sector 4
Sector 4 measured 83.66 acres with above 11000 stays and commercial / industrial outlets / shops / rooms. Kandev nagar and Koliwada are 2 major locations inside.

Sector 5
Sector 5 is the biggest slum portion with area being 153.32 acres and about 9000 and above as tenement at locations like Dharavi Pumping station, Kalla Killa, Prem nagar and Rajiv Gandhi Nagar.

Understanding the inside Locations and Roads of Dharavi Slums

This Slum area is connected to Sion Station, LBS marg and Sion Bandra and Mahim Sion link road from all 3 sides. Other lanes inside Dharavi slum are 90 feet road, Sant Rohidas marg, Sant Kakkayaa Marg, Khamdev Nagar Road, Rajabali Chawl Road, Islam Chock, Kuttiwadi Cross Road, 60 feet Road. Also is a known Haji Malang Baba Dargah, St Anthony Church near Dharavi Post Office, Koli Jamat Hall, Hanuman Mandir, Jotiba Mandir, Sports Club, Fire Station.

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