Things to Check Around Home – Home Buying Location Checklist

“Consider this checklist as a routine important points/things one should consider and check the location properly before you buy your dream home. This home buying checklist will help you take perfect decision on location factor of residential property in Mumbai..”

Properties in Mumbai
Properties in Mumbai

Things to check about buying location

  • Children Factors : This is for those who are married and having children, Planning to settle in Mumbai. Think about the school, Yes if you have toddlers or grown up school going children then this is and very important factor to be considered before you make the deal and purchase your home as the schooling factor is much more important and routine in nature. Parents should decide on good residential locations well connected to school you prefer. Ideally it should be not more then few minutes distance from your Home. This helps save enough time of mother and father every day. Also check if both couple are working and need to keep elder mother or kids alone, is that safe enough ?
  • Travel Options : Commuting in Mumbai is just part of living and there is no other option. Travel by private vehicle, Auto/Taxi or Local trains, One has to spend time travelling. You ideal home location should be at close proximity from railway station if you are travelling by local trains in Mumbai. Ensure that Private and Share Auto/Taxi are available as and when required during peak hours and mid-nights to and from railway station. Most of Mumbai locations has BEST buses running which is a good time and money saving option to commute.
  • Security : Ensure that the home location you planning is not isolated or not surrounded by most under construction townships. Before you buy a new home from builder or a resale home, Ensure professional security guards are on gate and CCTV cameras are active. Conference and other communicating system and security devices works great now a days in major housing societies. Isolated far off areas are not safe anywhere but Mumbai for females.
  • Day to Day Required Facilities : As mentioned in children factors checkout schools and college facilities, Their should be at least small dispensaries for emergency medication in the location, hospitals, general stores, beauty parlours, retail shops, banks and ATMs are all available in or around your residential complex or township. Super markets like DMart and Big Bazaar around is a big plus. Enquire about local internet connection and WIFI providers with connectivity check as internet is just a part of our daily life
  • Avoid Low Lying Locations : Most of the times, Monsoon brings flooding news in Mumbai, Keep notes of those locations in news and ask locals about flooding locations. Most resale flats are more sold in Non-Monsoon seasons when people generally are not able to make such decisions on low lying flooding and water logging location in Mumbai and cry after they buy.
  • General Resources : Far suburb residential locations of Mumbai like Virar, Palghar and Boisar in thane district has Electricity and Water problems, although far better than before, Yet not at par as the technology and quality and standard of life is around Mumbai.You need to invest in inverters and power backups as electricity cut down (Load Shedding) is a normal thing in such locations. Municipal water supply 24 hours is a dream at Vasai virar locations. Every flat in building has a water tank provided by builder as water supply in not more than 20 minutes to a hour a day.
  • Sanitation and Hygiene : Check if the location is under BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) or not. In proper city almost all are, yet if not check who is taking care of sanitation facilities like picking daily garbage and keeping the complex clean. Although a peep through roads and nullas can give you some idea about hygiene, yet this is an important things to check before you purchase. Always visit the targeted home location in day time as well as late night to get perfect idea of surroundings/
  • The Green Space Factors : Many locations in Navi Mumbai and Thane do have green belts and open plots with cool breeze that keeps us near to nature. Buying an ideal home at such location is quite good if you have above listed points checked. At least you should expect a gardens and park near home, if not flowing lakes and rivers. Lots of Builders and Developers are giving Eco-Friendly Home so check for details.
  • Important Note : Many people are planning to buy homes at western suburbs of Mumbai, beyond Borivali and Virar locations. Please note that although there are all facilities available in such location and home rates are affordable too, there is a huge difference in lifestyle, travel options and basic facilities compared to Mumbai town locations. Finally before you go out to check the locations, have a look at property purchase checklist that details important internal factors before you make payments for a finalized home.

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