Slums Of Worli Jijamata Mumbai – Slum Location and Redevelopment

“Since decades, Slums at Veer Jijamata Nagar (Worli) on E Moses Road is as it is. SRA (Slum Redevelopment) by Lokhandwala, DB Realty or more such reputed and known builders for about 3500+ houses in this slum is likely to be taking place, But don’t know exactly when. This location of Worli is connected to Mahalaxmi railway station at one side is one of the largest slum redevelopment projects of Mumbai, Like Dharavi..”

Worli Jijamata Location Worli Jijamata Location[/caption

Google Map Of Jijamata Slum

Slum Redevelopment (SRA) of Jijamata Nagar Worli

Previously, one of the biggest slums of Mumbai, Dharavi was in frequent news for redevelopment and now this location is quite in news and after ever few months we in Mumbai read some or other article about the redevelopment plans, meetings and also fights between Builders interested in this slum project. This residential slum property in Mumbai houses about 3500 middle class in old chawl style homes, duplexes with very narrow space between and no proper sanitation and hygiene facilities since decades now.

Most residents here are poor and middle class with small shops, daily wages, jobs working in and around worli locations, mainly inside jijamata nagar to survive and get their share of bread butter in daily life. Slum also has Parsi prayer hall crematorium, Masjid and other stores for daily needs.

How to reach Jijamata Location

This big patch of old Slum which is considered second biggest in Mumbai can be reached via Mahalaxmi railway station or via any route route connecting Worli Naka area as Nehru Science Center is very adjacent to it. This area is located exactly opposite the famous Four Season Hotel.

Who is going to Redevelop this SRA project ?

Both DB Realty and Lokhandwala Builders has shown interest and are looking forward for redevelopment of this huge slum of about 1.68 acres and residents are tired of waiting since last 8 years now. Many have sold out their homes in less cost because of need of money. Now its 2017 and more builders might have shown interest in this redevelopment project.

How big is this slum

Geographically, about 1.68 acres, having more then 3500 old houses, not in good condition with thousands of people residing inside. There are small retails shops for basic needs like bakery, small food stalls, egg shops, ironing etc.

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