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Rains in Mumbai usually start in the first and second weeks of June, after the Metropolitan Department announces rain arrival dates for the year. After scorching heat, We Mumbai citizens are all excited and eagerly waiting for the Mumbai monsoon, which brings relief and also time to plan monsoon picnics and explore destinations.

So, I thought of sharing my 45 years of experience and knowledge of the monsoon in Mumbai in this one post, helping to plan some lovely destinations in Mumbai and Near locations that are about 110 to 150 km from the city.

Listed are details about the 21 best waterfalls to explore, Some Visuals (Pictures and Videos), Things that make Mumbai monsoon news global like Flooding Potholes and traffic jams, Exclusive Treks near Mumbai (i.e., within Maharashtra), High Tide (Days, Dates, and Tide heights), and ideal monsoon picnic spots for a perfect rainy day spent with family and friends. Let’s enjoy and get the most out of this year’s monsoon in Mumbai City, Suburban, and MMR…

Gateway Of India Water Splash
Gateway Of India Water Splash

Below is a small guide to monsoon destinations in the simplest possible way intended to help you know about Mumbai Excursions and Destinations, Locations not to be missed.

We all know the Mumbai monsoon has some other stories every year that go viral. As the local train splash of 2017, Remember? The worst was the 2006 flood, for which Mumbai was unprepared. These were some classic examples that gave a lesson on how Humans and Nature should be balanced and how plastics clogged the Mithi River, which brought the city to stand still for 24 hours in the 2006 flooding.

Potholes and their story seem like compulsory things we Mumbai citizens need to go through every year. Hope 2022 is different, and the potholes helplines not required to call upon But then, if nothing unforeseen happens, will that be Mumbai anymore? If trains do not get delayed due to waterlogging on tracks, especially on the Central Railway route, Will that actually be the Mumbai monsoon story of the year? In any case, we Mumbaikars are excited and ready for all, as the city always did and gave an example and spirit of ‘Show Must Go On and ‘Mumbai Fights Back’ every year during heavy rains.

What to Know About Mumbai Monsoon

Let’s Explore More on Mumbai & Monsoon

So, We have to be ready for our safety; by that, I mean things like Raincoats, Umbrellas, Windcheaters, etc. Mumbai monsoons are unpredictable sometimes, and depending on your commuting options, you might get delayed and stuck. So it is highly recommended to carry some packets of chips, biscuits, and similar packaged foodstuffs and water during your travel. Our local trains never announce that the train you are traveling might get stuck ahead and one needs to stay back for a couple of hours. It just tries to be its best during heavy rains too.

Although the year 2017 was a classic example again that showed we are humans first and religious after when Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and others stood up together helping citizens with food and shelter at Gurudwaras, Mosques, etc. during that one ‘Mumbai Standstill’ day, That’s the spirit, and that’s one of the reasons I love Mumbai and never care about heavy rains.

So, get your pair of umbrellas, windcheaters, and rainy shoes ready and be prepared for the first week of June itself. What next? We’re talking about enjoying the Mumbai rains, and another preparation is to know about the best places to hang out with family and friends in and around the city.

Also, Keep note of High Tide Dates (Will be updated as received), List of Famous Waterfalls, BMC Helplines and also know which are flood safe car parking locations and major flooding locations in Mumbai in past so that you can avoid getting into trouble during high tides days. This way you are prepared for this years monsoon to be safe and to enjoy the rains too.

City Rain Pictures

Here we start with some old and new Pictures of Mumbai’s rains. Candid photos of Street views, Citizens, Local trains and stations, Railway Tracks, flood-prone Roads, Aerial Views, buses and Autos, and lots more

See: More Monsoon Pictures

Monsoon Excursions Within Mumbai

In this section, I will try to help with my personal experience of the last so many years in the city to get the most out of monsoon days. It is also important to understand and take serious notes about a few things to avoid some risks in day-to-day life on Mumbai’s rainy days. Otherwise, With that glass of cutting chai, Bhajiyas and sweet corns, long rides, and these destinations, the monsoon is at its best in Mumbai. Let’s begin.

Nariman Point & Marine Lines

This place rocks during the monsoon and especially on tide days. People block their calendars to not miss those huge tides and splashes. I tried to capture a video of Nariman Point at high tide (Not the highest tide), but still, you get the fun of it. The nearest railway station is Churchgate. This one destination is an all-season hit, and the monsoon brings in a special reason to visit. Check out the below video and learn more about this  promenade. Nariman Point and Marine lines are connected and on the same stretch, so do not get confused about the location. People do refer to marine lines and high tides for the same. Below are both locations monsoon videos.

ALERT !!! : Seating, Standing, and Walking on the boundaries (Seating area) of Nariman Point and Marine Lines during high tide splashes is very risky.

Gateway of India

Historic and Iconic location of Mumbai, This place is highly visited by tourists, and citizens love it the most during the monsoon. To experience the highest waves, sailing boats, ferries, and the location itself, have the beautiful Hotel Taj right in front. Many Bollywood movies of the ’80s and ’90s selected this location for a few shots. Below is one picture that shows how it feels to be at the Gateway location during monsoon tides. Many more videos are available on YouTube that bring in the fun and action at this place. The nearest railway stations are Churchgate on the Western Railway Route and CSMT in Central.

ALERT !!! : Seating, Standing, and Walking on the boundaries (Seating area) of the Gateway of India during high tide splashes is risky.

Gateway Of India Water Splash
Gateway Of India Water Splash

Calm and quiet otherwise, Worli Sea Face is one of the longest beach fronts that connects Bandra to Worli via the sea link. It is one of the most visited Monsoon Excursions in Mumbai for two main reasons now: The fun and excitement of the tides themselves and the pathway of the Sea Link, which is easy to travel and a fun ride in itself. You must watch this slow-motion video of the High tide splash enjoyed by people at Worli Sea Face during a perfect monsoon day last year.

ALERT !!! : Seating, standing, and Walking on the boundaries (Seating area) of Worli Sea Face during high tide splashes is risky.

Haji Ali Dargah During Rains

My Monsoon Haji Ali Video got the most hits, as I tried my best to give the real feel of a monsoon splash by walking the pathway inside, covered by sea from almost all sides. I hope you will like it too. This Holy mosque is another pride of Mumbai, as it is located a kilometer or two inside the sea, all covered with Arabian seawater. The fun is walking on the pathway to reach the Dargah and enjoying the scenic view of the city around you.

ALERT !!! : The Backside area of Dargah where people enjoy the splash is risky during tides. It is not a safe zone to get into, especially during tides.

Bandra Bandstand Fort

Mumbai is blessed with waterfronts from all 3 sides, and so are the rocky and sandy beaches, which make beautiful outing locations during rainy days. The most scenic location is Bandra bandstand area, right from the jogging and walking track starting opposite Salman Khan’s home till the top of Fort, adjacent to Hotel Taj. This fort near the Taj Hotel gives a mesmerizing view of the Worli Sea any time you go during the monsoon. Check out the below video to see what it feels like.

In the past, the bandstand was also known for the crowd that used to gather at Father Agnel Ashram and people enjoying the monsoon at the seafront, which didn’t have the walkway like it does today. It is also known as the best lover’s point in Mumbai. If you want some privacy and to hide from the rain, Head towards the private garden near the fort or simply enjoy the beachfront. Lots of couples are seen getting cozy in this public area.

Reclamation Promenade, Bandra

If this is the first time you visit the Bandra reclamation promenade during the monsoon, Trust me, you will love it. Especially when in a group or with a couple. Remember the famous ‘Uday Chopra’ bike race scene in the Dhoom movie? This is that place. This is also the location for the Iconic Love Mumbai artwork. The very first floating restaurant, ‘Ab Celestial, is located here too, and this can also be a good monsoon date, although a bit costly. This place connects the sea link bridge to Worli, and so the beautiful sea view too with the changing climate. The Mumbai monsoon brings in the charm and romance of this place, which is one of the recommended places to visit this monsoon. This is no High tide or splash enjoying the location, yet it is ideal for couples in romance.

Bandra Reclamation
Bandra Reclamation

Borivali National Park

For those who love nature, Borivali National Park is one place not to be missed during the monsoon. Especially in the early rainy days when it blossoms and the greenery is scenic and the rains are still not very heavy but the excitement is high, The scenic view inside the woods is what many love. The flowing streams, flora and fauna, pollution-free air, and best breeze and climate are what Mumbai’s national park located in Borivali suburb offers you Of course, one needs to be a little adventurous and ready to walk a few miles to enjoy the effects of the rain at such locations. Checkout entry charges.

Take Casual Monsoon Bus Ride This Year

To feel the city in the monsoon as a tourist or just anyone like me, One should think of getting on a bus, as I do. Yes, put on your music or FM and sit relaxed in a bus to ride and hang around Mumbai city to have a great rain ride experience and possibly click around pictures if you like. Bus no’s like 202, 203 and 79 are perfect to get a complete city view of western suburban areas in the monsoon. It goes through the S V Road route and famous locations like Lokhandwala, Link Road, etc.

Film city View Point Location (Goregaon Mantri Park)

A Beautiful hilly location, Mud Flat View point that gives an uninterrupted view of Mumbai Filmcity. This place is located inside Goregaon East on the boundaries of the National Park.

The monsoon brings to life here the greenery all around, the clouds nearby, and the pollution-free breeze that can be enjoyed by parking your vehicle at the edge.

Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai

The Above locations were all within Mumbai. Now let’s understand and explore a little more in detail and check out the best monsoon excursion not far from the city at about 100 to 150 kilometers, ideal as a road ride. These are the most popular and well-known destinations near Mumbai. An important point to remember here is to try to avoid locations like Lonavala during weekends, or one may end up spending half the day inside traffic. Here we go.

  • Igatpuri : Just a week ago, I explored Igatpuri Hills, A perfect monsoon gateway to enjoy waterfalls, ghats, and more. Just 120 Km from Mumbai, Igatpuri is one place if you love nature, greenery, smog, road drives, waterfalls, and fort hiking as one package in the Mumbai monsoon.
  • Lonavala : One of the most popular monsoon excursions near Mumbai Hardly 2 hours at a distance of about 85 km As soon as the rain starts, this famous monsoon destination gets crowded. In recent years, it was seen that Saturdays and Sundays were hectic rather than fun, as the traffic jam inside was so huge that authorities had to put some restrictions on the entry-exit timings of cars at some locations and others for heavy vehicle movement in the area.
  • Matheran Hill Station: This place is actually a tourist destination to beat the summer heat and otherwise get a pollution-free climate, Yet many make special plans to visit Matheran during rainy days as the Heritage Mountains are scenic and give a very beautiful view of the valley around. Resorts and other stay options are cheap comparatively during the monsoon as it is off-season. Mudpuddles might be the only problem here, as there are no concrete roads around this hill station.
  • Malshej Ghat : A perfect 1-day  mountain pass location between Pune and Thane These are dense, hilly western ghat locations with lots of waterfalls on the roadway itself. Just park your car at the location you like and get inside the waterfall you like. One needs to take care of slippery stones at every waterfall and drive safely on this hilly road. Another caution is NOT to wander around OR make plans at this location during heavy rains, as landslides are very common here. Checkout Malshej ghat pictures and plan your excursion in early June and July to get the maximum fun.
  • Waterfalls : The nearest waterfalls for those who don’t want to leave the city and MMR locations are Tungareshwar and Chinchoti (Vasai Highway). Both are ideal monsoon destinations and great excursion and Hangout locations for a day. Tungareshwar is known for the famous Shiva temple deep inside the jungle, which requires a half-hour trek. Both are safe locations for family and friends, Although one needs to take care of Chinchoti during heavy rainfall and especially a corner area of the waterfall pond, which has claimed lives. Tungareshwar is rather safer compared to Chinchoti, as the pathway is fun during not-so-heavy rains. One can find small waterfalls along the pathway, and the half-hour jungle walk is a very beautiful experience during the rainy season. Read more about Tungareshwar and Chinchoti before you plan a day’s monsoon trip here. Kharghar and Navi Mumbai do have some lovely waterfalls; refer to the list of 16 most visited waterfalls to gain more inside information about location, distance, safety, and other details.
  • Monsoon Treks 2019 : Looking for some more adventurous things to do this monsoon? Refer to the list of all these monsoon treks near Mumbai that can be explored well in a group and say Cheers to Life.
  • There are more places ideal as Monsoon picnic spots not very far, But not inside city. Do your homework well and enjoy the rain of 2012. Here is a article dedicated to Mumbai monsoon videos if at all i missed it somewhere before.

Hope I was able to help you. If yes, help your friends too by sharing this. Happy monsoon.

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