Solanpada Dam Jambrung Waterfall at Karjat Near Mumbai

“Not a regular monsoon destination or picnic spot as its not that safe, But Solanpada Dam still attracts many nature & waterfalls lovers who love to explore and have fun around such hilly monsoon picnic spots. This is a multi level falling dam with mountains on backside having waterfalls which makes it scenic in rainy days.

Solanpada dam is a solitude and lonely location not for couples and less preferred for family for outings near to Kasheli village location at Jambrung Karjat area near Mumbai..”

Solanpada Waterfall View
Solanpada Waterfall View ( Courtesy : Vinu Dabhne)
Mountains Behind Dam
Mountains Behind Dam ( Courtesy : Sam SK)
Solanpada Dam View
Solanpada Dam View ( Courtesy : Shashikant Vishwakarma)
Kasheli Village
Kasheli Village (Courtesy : Deccanhikers)
Solanpur Jambrung Dam
Solanpur Jambrung Dam

Being a very beautiful spot with lush greenery around the huge multi level down falling dam area in Kashele / Kasheli village of Karjat, This Dam is also referred as Jambrung Dam by many. See the pictures and photo gallery on the page and it will sure make you feel like exploring this village location when planning your Monsoon hangout locations near Mumbai with friends and family.

But wait let me bring to you some important things first, Not to scare you but just to help you take decisions on going or not to this place and with whom. As many who took a dip in this dam water and also as locals around had some different views about considering or not it as another safe monsoon location like others around.

In one of the online reviews about Solanpada dam i found a local villagers at his mature age of 64 talking about not any more going there as drunken groups misbehaves with girls and they don’t fear to anyone creating nuisance around which is unsafe for family groups. Although the lush green an wide mountains in background with waterfall makes him feel visiting many times just like any other tourist or monsoon destination explorer do, But he says the location is quite solitude and unsafe.

The dam itself is very risky, straight deep about 300 metres and muddy at bottom which has observed accidents in past. It has no life guards or police patrolling around as it is not a regular monsoon picnic destination like others in and near Mumbai. Still, knowing or unknowing about locations risk, people do explore in groups to enjoy the mesmerizing view of those huge mountains with waterfalls and all greenery around this dam near hilly Karjat / Neral station in central railway route that has many such beautiful waterfall locations.

Reaching Solanpada Dam

Karjat and Neral are 2 Main railway stations in central railway route to reach Solanpada Jambrung dam. From Karjat railway station its around 26 Kilometres and from Neral (Same station for Matheran hills) its 24 Kilometres. At every 15 to 20 minutes around Minidor autos from Karjat and Mini buses from Neral station charging about Rs.25 to Rs.30 per head (With in Rs.50 depending on crowd and weekends) runs regularly from these stations to Kashele / Kasheli village. Once reached, change another auto to the Dam area which takes another 20 minutes to reach.

Driving Directions from Karjat Station

Driving Direction from Neral Station

Facts and Reviews About Dam

  • Its a lush green Location with scenic mountain and waterfall view in monsoon.
  • Dam is about 300 Metres deep.
  • Good for one day monsoon hangout, But best leave before sunset.
  • Car reaches till Dam area.
  • Water at Dam area is not safe for kids and ladies.
  • One must know swimming as water level at this multi level dam is at chest deep height. Accidents and deaths are observed.
  • Their is no police security or life guards around to make you feel safe and help enjoy.
  • Drunk groups who visit dam area as tourists and locals are seen misbehaving and disturbing others.
  • Glass pieces from broken alcohol bottles are experienced by tourists inside water, thrown by uncivilized drunker.
  • No food, Water and toilet facilities around. Hardly wada pavwala available with no surety about hygiene as they are unlicensed stalls.

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