Bhandardara Picnic Attractions Near Mumbai

“A perfect destination for a weekend break, Bhandardara which is near Mumbai at about 149 kilometres is ideal for a day / over night picnic spot to enjoy nature from near. Bhandardara hill station is one of the best tourist spots near Mumbai to be visited in monsoon, famous for its Dam, Randha waterfalls and Mount Kalsubai for scenic and photo shooting and trekking..”

Bhandardara Near Mumbai
Bhandardara Photo, Near Mumbai

How to reach Bhandardara from Mumbai

Located near small village called ‘Shendi’ in Ahmednagar district, Bhandardara from Mumbai can be reached as detailed below.

By Road : At road distance of 149 km (Via National Highway 3, State Highway 44) and 163 km (Via National Highway 222), time taken to reach Bhandarda is about 3 to 4 hours depending on your private / rental car or AC buses that starts from Mumbai.

Many tour operators in Mumbai cam take you till Igatpuri station and once there, bhandardara cane be reached in some half hour via (MTDC) / Maharashtra state transport vehicle or any privately hired local vehicle like cab / auto.

The first bus in early morning is at 5 AM. If you planning this place for excursion and a day picnic plan you timings accordingly.

By Railway : Nearest station is Igatpuri which is about 45 kilometres on central railway route. Once you reach the station follow the MTDC or ST bus as detailed above to reach bhandardara.

By Air : Nearest airport to reach Bhandardara is Mumbai airport. Now from airport you can catch Central railway route to reach Igatpuri station, Contact a tour operator for AC buses or rent a car. Checkout Mumbai Bhandardara Road Distance for google road map and other details like time taken.

Best time to visit Bhandardara for picnic

Monsoon is the best season and time to visit Bhandardara, Why ? Simple, The place is famous for 3 major attractions Dam (Wilson and Bhandardara dam), Waterfalls (Randha Falls) and Mount Kalsubai (Trekking). From which major scenic attractions here in Bhandardara is related to water and so rainy day / monsoon is a ideal time to visit. Precautions to be taken during visit in summer as climate is quite hot and same way Winters are extremely cool.

Attractions of This Picnic Spot

Some of the very famous sight seeing places in and around Bhandardara that shows specialty about Bhandardara and makes it and ideal place for a day or an over night picnic spots are :

Wilson Dam :

Build during 1910, its a largest damn in India at about 150 meters with gardens and thick and tall trees and has a very beautiful view during monsoon. This makes it one of the peaceful picnic spots with nature and greenery around near Mumbai.

Sage Agasthya Ashram :

Its a Rishi ashram near pravara river. We have also heard about it in ramayana and is believed that in ancient times Rama, Laxmana and Goddess sita has visited here. And during same time God Ram was given a blissful arrow by rishi to kill ravana.

Randha Waterfall :

One of the major attraction of bhandardara, Randha waterfall is located about 11 km down from wilson damn and is also a good place to visit during monsoon.

Ratangad fort :

This fort was conquered by chhatrapati shivaji and is named with its sanskrit name “ratan” which means a jewel. Ratan fort is also considered as good trekking place near to Mumbai and one can see Kalsubai peak from the top. It is also filled with natures beauty.

Mount Kalsubai :

Being higest peak in Maharashtra state, with the height of 1646 meters, kalsubai was considered to be a place to keep watch on enemies and is the highest peak in maharashtra. Its again a good trekking and ideal for forest adventure and picnic near Mumbai.

Arthur Hill Lake :

One who wants to enjoy Dense greenery and forest, this place is an ideal located behind Wilson Dam.

Amruteshwar Temple :

Amruteshwar is one of the blessing names of lord shiva and was built in 11th century AD situated in small village called ratanwadi. people are proud of this monument because of its unique carving.

Konkan kada :

A unique formation in sahyadri mountains, Konkan kada is a semicircular cliff consists of about 2000 feet straight drops in to the konkan plains. Its a beautiful picnic spot for one enjoying mountains and greenery.

More attractions around

To enjoy waterfalls, mountains and other scenic locations around you can goto Ghatghar, Angling, Arthur Lake, Amriteshwar, Agasta Rishi Ashram, Pravara lake (reservoir of wilson dam). From the hills you can also enjoy sunset and the panoramic view of lake and sahyadri mountains.

Of course Bhandardara lake and Randha falls are not to be missed before adventuring here as they are major attraction places here. If you like trekking, there is kalsubai and a place near Bari village which is located at about 12 kms from Bhandardara.

Accommodation options

The recommended stay for a picnic group is MTDC cottage because of its lovely lake view, Of course private resorts and budget hotels are available options.

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