Dapoli – Picnic Spots and Tourist Attractions Near Mumbai

“Dapoli is a perfect weekend getaway and an ideal picnic spot with multiple attractions like beaches, greenery, and temples. Dapoli, near Khed station (Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra) on the Konkan railway route, is a small town considered a hill station.

It is emerging as a preferred tourist location and an ideal overnight picnic spot for people attracted to scenic hilly locations with a cool climate almost all 12 months of the year. Famous for Dapoli Beach, Karde Beach, Murud Beach, and more untouched, clean beaches around. Also added to the attraction list are ancient caves, jungle trekking locations, and historic temples…”

Dapoli Beach
Dapoli Beach

Famous Attractions Of Dapoli

Dapoli is famous for its mesmerising and clean beaches. Hiking and Trekking trials forest, old Konkan villages, Hill station, Picnic spot, Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Other Tourist Attractions like Temples, caves, and for mango lovers, it is very famous for Alphonso mangoes (locally called ‘Hapus Aam’).

Internationally, tourists Dapoli is famous for its pollution free cool climate, overnight picnic spot, untouched beach attractions, sunset point, hot water springs (sulphur water) and an ideal weekend getaway hill station location for tourists near Mumbai. Apart from Alphonso Mangoes, Dapoli is also famous for other plantations like coconut trees, Cashew nuts, and Betel nuts.

Let us looks at Major Picnic Spots and Tourist Attractions

Dapoli Beaches

Two major beaches here are famous as tourist attractions in Dapoli: Ladghar, Karde Beach, and Murud Beach. They are known for their clean seashores, pollution-free beaches, and one of the largest coastal areas in the Konkan Region of Maharashtra, ideal for a day or overnight picnic. Some of these beaches are very less explored (untouched beaches) with rocks and clean sand, making them ideal scenic locations that are also famous for sunsets and have ample coconut tree shade.

Famous Karde and Murud Beaches

At about 10 to 12 kilometres from Dapoli town, Murud and Karde beaches are the longest beaches in Ratnagiri district. Seaside Paragliding, a beautiful sunset, and occasional dolphin spotting are what make this beach an idol for tourists.

Hiking Trails

Since Dapoli has lush greenery and dense forest around it, The mountains are ideal for hiking and trekking adventures. People from Mumbai and other locations come specially to these locations for campfires, mountain hiking, and trekking in monsoon season.

Suvarnadurg and Kanakadurga Forts

Located at Harne (Harnai village), 17 kilometres from Dapoli, Suvarnadurg and Kanakadurga forts are two more attractions. Suvarna fort is a land-side fort, while Kanakadurga fort is a sea-side fort, both historic and ruled by Maratha Warrior Shivaji Maharaj. It is said that these forts were connected to each other at that time via some hidden sea link, But now they are just an ideal place to be seen. One should not miss the lighthouse, which is located inside the Kanaka Durga Fort.

Panhalekaji Caves

One of the ancient caves near Mumbai, Panhalekaji Caves, is among 29 famous caves located on the banks of the Dhakti and Kotjai rivers, quite accessible from Khed station. The attractions of this place are the varieties of beautiful birds, its scenic location with a combination view of mountains and rivers, and the reptiles inside the dense forest. Driving your personal vehicle to this cave is possible to have fun with the picnic group.

Kelshi Village

About 34 kilometres from Dapoli is this old village. Kelshi is also famous for its unexplored beaches and scenic tourist attractions. If you are keen to know the typical village life of Konkan in Ratnagiri district, Kelshi is an ideal location. Another famous attraction is ‘Yakub Baba Dargah, which is about a kilometre from the village. Hindu tourists and others specially come here to visit the Goddess Mahalaxmi temple (Also called the Mahalakshmi’ religious temple).

Hot Water Springs

Located at Unhavare village, at a distance of 20 kilometres from Dapoli, This Hot sulphur water spring is naturally hot and known to heal basic skin diseases. This can be an ideal picnic location if you are visiting during the monsoon or during the winter. There are no entry fees or charges to take a bath in this sulphur-water spring. This rejuvenating water is an example of natural healing and yet another tourist attraction quite near Mumbai. Precautions are taken, and separate shelters for men and women are made to enjoy this natural gift.

Ladghar ‘Tamastirth’

Ladghar is famous for its rocky beaches, which are not much explored by tourists. Also famously known as ‘Tamas Tirtha’ (Spiritual location), it is about 8 kilometres from Dapoli village and a famous tourist spot, ideal for weekend picnic spots.

Kadyavarcha Ganpati Temple

Dapoli is also known for its ancient temples, including Kadyavarcha Ganpati (Ganesh temple) at Anjarle village, which is a famous spiritual and ancient Hindu temple 20 kilometres from Dapoli. It was famous for the wooden carvings on its pillars. The temple is in a hilly location surrounded by a few beautiful beaches. Anjarles’s Kadyavarcha Ganesh temple is located in one of the most scenic places, as one can feel the lush green mountains, the sea with coconut and betel nut trees, and a beautiful ancient Suvarnadurg fort from there.

There is also an ancient Hindu temple of Lord Shiva with a small pond in front with many turtles and fish inside. One can feed them and spend a good time here.

Asudbaug Temples

Located in Asud village, about 5 kilometres from Dapoli, Asudbaug temples, Shree Keshavraj temple’ and ‘Shri Vyaghreshwar temple, are the two ancient Hindu temples surrounded by nature inside beautiful Asud village. This Lord Shiva temple is quite known to tourists who love old architecture and monuments, especially the Hemadpanthi’ art work.

This temples are called as ‘Pandav Kalin’, which means a very old temples since thousands of years, since when Pandavas from Mahabharata mythology era. These old temples of Dapoli are quite an attraction between tourist who like its ‘Fresh water’ naturally flowing from tree trunk at a hilly location.

Harnai Village

15 kilometres from Dapoli is Harnai village, famous for its sea food and fish market. If you are a seafood lover, this fresh fish can make your day. Another attraction in Harnai is Suvarnadurg Fort, as mentioned above.

Reaching Dapoli From Mumbai

Via Road: Mumbai to Dapoli (Khed) distance is 250 kilometres and can be reached via National Highway 17. The approximate time taken is about 4 hours. Preferred options are private cars or tourist buses that start from Mumbai and are operated by many tour and travel operators. A small picnic group can hire a private jeep to enjoy the travel adventure of major scenic locations, picnic attractions, and other places around Dapoli.

Via Railway: The nearest station is Khed on the Konkan Railway Route. It is about 29 kilometres from the railway station. Once there, you can hire cars, rental jeeps, and other local transport to reach inside town.

Via Air: Since Dapoli is a small hill town, No direct air route is available. The nearest Airport to Dapoli is Mumbai or Pune.

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