Lonavala Hill Station – Mumbai Monsoon 2020

“625 meters above sea level, Lonavala hill station is one of the nearest and beautiful monsoon attraction near Mumbai, Ideal for a day or overnight picnic.

A natural heaven at distance of about 90 km, It has multiple attractions and sightseeing locations, safe to be with family and friends for a weekend break too. Monsoons is the main attraction of this hill station, Mostly crowded in Weekends..”

Monsoon Updates 2020 : Last couple of years, Vehicles were restricted during weekends (Saturday & Sunday) till 3 Pm between Ryewood park till Tiger Point via the main attraction spot which is Bhushi Dam.

Heavy vehicles were totally restricted inside Lonavala during weekends. So, this year also plan your trip early morning and move out before 3:00 Pm or simply visit the monsoon heaven during weekdays, This will also help avoid huge crowd in weekends.

Bhushi Dam
Bhushi Dam Vendors

Bhushi Dam
Bhushi Dam

Tourist Information and Guide for 2020

Being one of the best Monsoon hangout near Mumbai city, Lonavala is most frequented by people from Mumbai and Pune.

For many tourists and Indians from other cities visiting for first time, it can be little confusing about What and Who’s of this Hills stations. So is this article that will guide you to major attractions, What to do and what not etc about Lonavala in as simple possible way i can, Just like the information & guides i provided for other hills stations like Mahabaleshwar, Malshej Ghat, Matheran.

Best Time to Visit Lonavala Hills : This famous Monsoon Destination near Mumbai is famous and known for it lush Greenery, Deep Valley, Waterfalls & Dams and those picturesque locations in rainy days. It is one beautiful destination for a day picnic or a overnight stay during winters too.

Lonavala Roads
Lonavala Roads

During summers it is not much of fun as Mountains get dry and no waterfalls, streams etc. The great view of major valley is not that attractive, But still this Hill station have a better climate in Summer compared to city locations.

So People rush into this nature’s paradise as soon as first and second week of monsoon arrives.

Since around 2015, Driving on Lonavala hills is not so fun experience due to traffic jams. At times it took about 5 to 6 hours just to reach the destination, All exhausted and have hardly few hours to enjoy.

So an overnight stay is the best option as of 2020. Jobs hardly allow weekdays for such places, But if possible ignore weekends (Saturday & Sunday).

Climate and Average Temperature On Hills

Refreshing and pleasant is what i can say in just 2 words about climate here. Temperature reaching 10 to 15 Degrees sometimes during Winters at Lonavala, Summers (From Mid-February) are hot and moderate at night. Heat reaches 30 Degree and above during summer afternoons. Monsoons are pleasant with about 20 Degree in day and 15 Degree at nights.

Foggy Climate at Lonavala
Foggy Climate at Lonavala

But once you reach the hills, you will hardly care about the climate as you may get mesmerized by the view, fogs and waterfall attractions. Allow yourself few cheat days as eating hot bhajiyas & bhuttas (Sweet Corns) and Chai (tea) is fun to keeps oneself busy in rainy days.

Recommended Clothings for Monsoon Hangouts

About clothings during your monsoon visits to Lonavala, it is highly recommended to wear Shorts and T-shirts, get wet & dry faster while on the hangout outings on this hill station with your vehicles.

Sweetcorn Seller
Sweetcorn Seller

You might like to know about Famous food joints in Lonavala and on Mumbai Pune Highway.

Tiger Point Valley
Tiger Point Valley

How to Reach Lonavala

Road Travel (By Car) : Mumbai Lonavala road distance is about 88 Kilometres taking about 1 hour and 40 minutes via Mumbai Pune Express Highway depending on traffic conditions.

Although in weekends, as said, Since last few years it is horrible and highly recommended an overnight stay for better fun and hangout experiences.

Recommended to travel via private vehicle to explore major attractions and enjoy famous eateries. Private taxis to Lonavala are also available from Mumbai airport and other locations. If you are planning it as a day picnic spot, Private car is the best way to enjoy every location.

Train Travel (By Train) : Siddheshwar express (12115) goes from Mumbai CST which takes about 2 and half hours to reach Lonavala Station.

Private bus : There are many private tours & travel operators in Mumbai that have flexible travel options available for Lonavala. Both AC and Non-AC buses are available starting from major locations in city and suburban areas.

By Air : Mumbai and Pune Airports are the nearest. Hiring private vehicle or a Buses for another 2 hour road journey to reach Hill station is completely your choice.

Sightseeing and Attractions

Lonavala is located at hill of Sahyadri in Pune district, Below are some popular picnic spots of Lonavala, recommended for tourists & First time visitors.

  • Bhushi Dam : Every other article online related to Lonavala attractions lists Bhushi Dam as it was one of the only few explored attractions initially. It is a beautiful Dam with water falling from the overflowing Dam through the steps surrounded by big rocks and food joints.

    Enjoying the overflowing water with rain falling on those footsteps of Bhushi Dam is one of the main reasons people comes to this attraction. This place is safe for Children & Adults, Senior citizens just need to take some extra care.

    Food vendors serving Bhajiya & Chai (Tea) is one of it experience and should not be missed.

  • Lonavala Lake : This lake is a beautiful spot for nature and peace lovers. Avoid during winters as it is completely dry.
  • Valvan Dam : 2 Kilometres from town location of Lonavala, This dam is yet another beautiful uphill location recommended for a day picnic surrounded by lush greenery. It is actually is a fresh water dam which also provides supply to a power station in Khopoli.
  • Tungarli Dam : Another & Dam lake that provides drinking water to Lonavala residents. A beautiful and calm location recommended for its scenic location, Serenity and Peaceful surrounding. The climate is pleasant & there is Chirping sounds of birds around lake.
  • Tiger Leap : A thrill attraction, tiger leap is located at a sheer drop view location at about 650 meters deep valley. The sightseeing buses goes up to I.N.S and then a little walk is required which is about a Kilometres and half towards Tiger leap.
  • Lion’s Point : A small hill top spot that can be enjoyed when towards Aamby valley.
  • Karla caves : An ancient cave near Lonavala, Historic cave since 2nd and 3rd century BC.
  • Shooting Point : At a location inside Lonavala Market, Also called ‘Bazar Peth’ near Khandala valley, This spot is called shooting point possibly due to its scenic view.

    Speciality being the view of Rajmachi fort and the beautiful valley surrounded by dense green forest. This can be one of the best Photography & Video shooting point of Lonavala. If you are nature lover, This location should not be a missed.

  • Rajmachi Point : One of the major attractions of this Lonavala Hill station with a spectacular view of an Historic Fort ruled by Kings of Maratha. One need to travel about 6 and half Kilometres from Lonavala to reach this place.

    This is a famous fort built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and is surrounded by steep deep valley.

  • Shivaji Udyan and Ryewood Park : A place of attraction for children. It has 2 gardens and lots of open place to play. A ideal location for a family picnic on Lonavala Hills.

    There are many tall trees and shades in wide open ground with pleasant climate and view. Their is a Old Hindu temple of Lord Shiva, making this place another spiritual place of Lonavala.

Important Note

  • Temporary Dressing and Changing Facilities : Now, this is one of the major challenges at major one day picnic spots like this one.

    Depending on the facilities and stay, Accommodation may cost anywhere between Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/- and above during monsoon. For those who plan for a day only picnic here may use the changing rooms available at near shops of Bhushi Dam, Charging Rs.10 to 20.

    These are tiny huts and a good option for women / girls unlike boys changing in bushes. Although safe for women changing clothes, Always take a proper look inside for your own safety.

  • Washroom, Toilet and Bathroom Facilities : Not much options from government authorities for such a beautiful and much in demand monsoon destination, Small restaurant & hotels like ‘manik moti’ which is exactly opposite Bhushi Dam, have these facilities.

    Get some refreshments like snacks, tea coffee and cold drinks etc and you can very much use their clean washrooms.

  • Car Parking : Both pay & Park and few road side parking options available.
  • Eateries : If you are visiting for very first time to Lonavala, you must enjoy eating Sweet Corns & Bhutta fry, Hot Wada pav, and Bhajiyas (Also called Kanda (Onion) & Batata (Potato) Bhaji (Onion Recipe) with that cup of hot tea in chilling weathers, Available at major attraction and Sightseeing locations in Lonavala.

Lonavala Videos

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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