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“An emerging adventure sport Abseiling (Also Called ‘Rappelling’) is attracting many Mumbai and Other tourist towards Sahyadris and Other Locations like Malshej ghat quit near to Mumbai. Kondana caves, Karjat being best for waterfall Abseiling near Mumbai..”

Abseiling Adventure
Abseiling Adventure

Brief about Abseiling Near Mumbai

Quite famous in western countries, Abseiling adventure is also called ‘Rapping’,  ‘Roping’,  ‘Rap Jumping’,  ‘Abbing’, ‘Roping Down’, ‘snapling’, ‘Rappelling (Rappelling in India)’. This are various slangs used for same rock adventure in various countries in various languages. In simple words its is a method to Rope down from a straight rocky hill / mountain, and is one of those thrilling adventure now liked and in demand between Mumbai people and other tourists.

Monsoon treks and rappelling adventures always have an extra load and responsibilities to carry. With professional guidance, you will be given a list of things to carry when on such a trek. Some important things one must wear and carry are ample drinking water, trekking shoes, sunglasses, instant energy drinks (Vital Z, Glucon D, etc.), some dry snacks (dry fruits, energy bars, etc.) loaded with protein or can be regular once, A good backpack with some extra space to carry a dry pair of clothes, Wearing a full-sleeve track pant is highly recommended. An extra waterproof pouch or bag to keep your digital gadgets safe, like mobile phones, cameras, etc.

Keep your mobile phones well charged, and if possible, someone should carry a power bank too. For that long trellis to reach the rappelling waterfall point, a cap is recommended too. Do not talk much while on the trek. You may lose lots of energy that is needed for that adventure.

While choosing a trekking company that arranges for rappelling near Mumbai locations, always read all details related to pre-requirements, costing and refund policies, person weight limits (ideally 35 kg to 80 kg should be ok for this adventure), what to do and not do as recommended by them, and other things on their official website. You can also ask for a rappelling expert who is going to take care of this event. Usually, a safe waterfall is always selected with prior experience and a high-quality, safe harness trial done many times before conducting any group treks or waterfall rappelling adventures near Mumbai.

Nearby Waterfall Rappelling Locations

Diksal Waterfall Rappelling is located at Sagachi Wadi (Pali T Waredi), which is a 1 hour walking trek from Bhivpuri railway station (the central railway route of Mumbai) with a waterfall height of 100 to 120 feet. The distance from Bhivpuri railway station is 16 km, which takes about 40 minutes to reach the village and then trek till the waterfall.

Rappelling at Diksal Waterfall Bhivpuri
Rappelling at Diksal Waterfall Bhivpuri

Bekare Waterfall at Bhivpuri, a station on the central railway route, is another rappelling location near Mumbai. It is the same railway station where Diksal waterfall is located. Located at Bekare village (Asalpada, Asal), which is about 12 km from the railway station, it takes about 30 minutes. Reaching here by local transport and then a half-hour trek to reach the waterfall.

Madhe Ghat Laxmi Waterfall is a 150- to 160-foot-high waterfall located at Karnavadi, connecting Raigad district in Pune. Torna and Rajgad forts are best known near this waterfall. The nearest railway station is Pune, at 68 km, which takes about 2 and a half hours to reach. The best part of this rappelling waterfall is that there is no trek, and one can reach the destination directly via any vehicle.

Dhangar Waterfall at Badlapur, An ideal place for rappelling and a serene location with mountain plateaus. From Badlapur railway station, it takes about 30 minutes to cover an 8–9 km route to reach Kondeshwar hills. Being a small waterfall, the rappelling is short, yet the location itself is worth the day and money spent. It is a 15- to 20-minute trek after parking your vehicle.

Dhangar Waterfall
Dhangar Waterfall

Dudhiware Waterfall is located near Pawna Dam (Dudhiware Village), 35 minutes (12 km) from Lonavala Railway Station. Another 20 minutes of trekking after parking your vehicle, and you are at this rappelling waterfall for your adventure. Park your car anywhere inside the connected village, and it takes just 15 minutes to trek to the rappelling location of the waterfall. Adjacent to the main waterfall is another small waterfall.

Dudhiware Waterfall Rappelling
Dudhiware Waterfall Rappelling

Devkund Waterfall 130-foot-long rappelling is a real adventure. Located at Tamhini Ghat, Bhira Village, Gonawadi (landmark: Tata Hydro Power Plant), Raigad district Your trekking company arranging rappelling will guide you to the location, but here is how to reach Devkund Bhira village. The nearest railway station is Khopoli; from there, one needs to walk to the Pali bus stop (near the highway) and from Pali to Bhira Village (bus available). Private vehicles and other options are available from the railway station.

From Bhira village, it is a tough 2 hour trek, and one needs to be led by someone who has explored this place in the past. As said, the trek is rough and hard, for which one can hire a local villager as a guide by paying them some amount.

Devkund Waterfall Rappelling
Devkund Waterfall Rappelling

Kataldhar Waterfall Rappelling One of the hidden gems falls at Lonavala Fanasrai village, which is a comparably harder trek to reach (1 hour). The waterfall is 350 feet high, and a few treks and trail companies make rappelling possible here. Rajmachi Fort view is very clear once you reach the spot.

You might also like to check on Malshej Ghat.

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Sports Organizers/Companies in Mumbai

Abseiling courses are taken by companies like Wild Escape and Wide Aware in Mumbai, Instructors (Professionals) will guide you with equipments, groups, dates and things related.

Treks and Trails
43 Nawanagar ICI Shed Ground Floor,
Ekta Nagar, Dockyard Road, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400010, India.

Wild Escapes
207, Hanuman Industrial Estate,
G.D.Ambekar Marg, Wadala,
Mumbai – 400031, Maharashtra, INDIA

Wide Aware
A-32/501 Yogi Park,
Yogi Nagar, Borivali (West),
Mumbai 400092, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Note : Kindly note that Organizers and their address as mentioned above for adventure sports, trekking, roping etc may have changed.

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