White Water Rafting at Kolad Kundalika River Near Mumbai

Kundalika River near Kolad Village about 144 Kilometre (See Kolad Road Distance) from Mumbai city on Goa Highway NH17 has the Best White Water Rafting adventure sport with more such activities. Usually referred as Kolad Water Rafting which is a grade 4 and 4+. Its a one of kind of Non Artificial water adventure not very far from Mumbai.

White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting

Rafting at Kundalika River

Kundalika is a long distance flowing narrow river at banks of villages like Kolad, Salav, Saje, Korlai and few other. Nearest village to Kundalika River being Kolad, People usually refer this Water sports adventure as Kolad White Water Rafting. This river gets its daily share of water from nearest ‘Rawalje Dam’ every morning at around 8:00 Am which makes this rafting adventure possible. Its a fresh water all flowing from Sahyadri hills connected to this Dam.

That said, this beautiful river becomes an ideal Rafting and other water sports adventure place located about 135 to 140 Kilometres from Mumbai. People from Cities like Pune and Mumbai enjoy the 12 Kilometre long White water rafting via various adventure companies throughout the year. Maharashtra tourism also organises this water adventure, But details of which are hardly updated on their website. So other private firms like ‘Wilder West Adventures’ and others arrange rafting and various other water sports, air adventures at Kundalika river banks under guidance of experienced and professional rafters from around India.

Kolad Starting Point
Kolad Starting Point

All Pictures Courtesy : Maharashtra Tourism and Harshal Oze.

Various packages like 1 Day or Overnight Picnic can be selected with stay options at river side cottages tents for which charges goes from Rs.1600 to Rs.3500 per person. Charges varies from company to company and are higher during holidays and weekends compared to weekdays. If you just want to spend a day doing river rafting and come back, That is possible too. Somewhere it starts at Rs.800 Approximate (Terms & Conditions applied as per individual company norms).

Kundalika Rafting Group
Kundalika Rafting Group

Some of the other adventure companies are 360 Global Holidays, Trekdi Adventures and few more which gives competitive packages to enjoy the Kundalika white water adventures near this Kolad village. Apart from this many other activities like Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Zip Line, Waterfall Repelling, Paint Ball, Mountain Biking, Jet Ski and River Crossing etc are also possible here near Kundalika river banks.

Water Rafting Timings

The starting point is Saaje Village and by 7:30 in morning One needs to be ready at Kundalika river banks starting point as per directed by company to start the thrill water ride. Usually around 8:00 Am Rawalje dam water is released which creates that natural force and water level required for rafting boat rides which takes about 2 hours to cover the distance of 12 Kilometres in dense forest in group of 6 people in single boat. Its a super thrilling experience for all those going to Kolad water rafting for very first time.

Kolad Rafting Do and Don’t

White Water Rafting
White Water Rafting

Carry enough dry and comfortable clothes, Shorts, Sun Glasses, Sport shoes, Some extra pairs of Floaters etc. Leave your Jewellery, Gadgets etc at home, resort you took the stay at. Follow age rules and do not consume any type of Alcohol or Drugs etc during this adventure trip. Listen carefully and understand all instructions and details about your safety gears from experts who guide you before getting inside the zig zig waves of flowing river. Remember fun is best till you do not cross the safety limits, Otherwise incidents like Death of a 35 Year young Woman that happened in July 2016 while rafting at same Kundalika river was a shocking news for adventure lovers. The boat tumbled upside down while rafting in moving currents leading to her death.

Reaching Kolad Rafting Point

Mumbai is about 140 to 150 Kilometres from Kolad Village in Roha Taluka of Raigad District in Maharashtra, India. Take National Highway 17 which Goes to Goa. Rafting point is at Saje Village, which is about 23 Kilometre from Kolad somewhere near Rawalje Dam. Below map will give you some idea about Kolad village, Saje, Dam and the Locations you going to be for that 2 hours.

Kolad to Rafting Point Map

Rawalje Dam Map

For all those who wish to do few of such water adventures being in Mumbai, H2O water sports is an ideal place in South of city. More water and mountain adventures, MTB Mountain Biking and all Adventures to be seen.

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