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“Virar, located about 65 kilometers north of Mumbai, is a popular destination for tourists and picnic enthusiasts due to its numerous attractions. From beautiful beaches to ancient temples, amusement parks, and water parks, there is something for everyone in Virar. Whether you visit during the monsoon season to experience its lush greenery or in the summer for a perfect picnic spot, Virar offers a wide range of tourist attractions. To reach Virar, you can take the western railway local trains route. Once you arrive, you can explore the major attractions on both the East and West sides of the Railway Station..”

Arnala Beach Virar
Arnala Beach Virar

Virar West Attractions

Virar is a small city falling under Palghar district (Previously under Thane district) jurisdiction with Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation being the government body taking care of travel and tourism. At Railway distance of 59.98 Km from Churchgate (South Mumbai) and 38.15 Km from Andheri Station (Which has T2 International Airport), travel time to Virar from Mumbai is about 1 hour from Andheri (Suburban) and 1 Hour 45 Minutes from South of city.

Once reached railway station, there are many places of attractions near and around at few Km distance major categories as Old Holy temples, One Day Picnic Beaches and Amusement and Water Parks as main attractions. I will try helping with best possible way and information related to distance and time required to reach individual places of attraction, Commuting options (Auto & Bus) etc, that will help you plan your travel to green heaven near Mumbai and explore major tourist places in lowest possible time and hassles. Since many of you might be visiting virar for the first time, i have detailed all tourist places separately by EAST and WEST side of railway station, so that it will be a easy to visit all places in one go.

  • St. Mother Teresa Church : Nearest the first, is Blessed Mother Teresa Church build lately in 2015, which is the not just the only such church in Maharashtra but also in India. It has white marble statue of Mother Teresa with regular mass and other events going. Nearest holy attraction as it is located adjacent to Railway Platform No.8, walk able distance as soon you get down by train.Church Video
  • Skating Zone : Hardly couple of professional skating zone in Mumbai, And here is one located at Yashwant Nagar’s Ameya Classic Club which observes state and international level skating tournaments every year in winters. Yashwant Nagar is located at 1.2 Km from Railway Station and takes just 5 minutes an Auto Ride. Kindly note that throughout day one cannot find Skating activities, Major Season for international tournaments is between December and February. Also like to mention another yearly attraction event in city which is called VVMC Yearly marathon happens in November and attracts few celebrities and famous sports persona like Sachin Tendulkar and Milind Soman. Skating Ground Video
  • Yazoo Park (Closed now) : One of the best Amusement park in Vasai Virar location. An Ideal attraction for kids as well as adults with rides for both and specially play area for children that will make your day. Located near Club One inside Rustomjee Global City area, this is an ideal place to see during evening. From Railway station it is 2.7 Km which takes 10 Minutes of Auto travel. We have multiple videos of Yazoo park at our Youtube Channel and below is just one of them.Aerial Video
  • Jain Temple Agashi : Known to be one of the oldest Holy Jain temples near Mumbai, There are 2 temples (Old and New) adjacent at few metres distance from each other. The oldest which is visited by millions of deities since decades is under renovation for better stay and other facilities taking a facelift. The new Jain temple is very much adjacent at few feet walking distance and is very beautiful attraction made of White Marble, uniquely carved in the huge premises. This temple is located at Chalpeth road of Agashi village at distance of 5 Kilometre from station which takes a 15 Minutes Auto ride.New Jain Temple Video
  • Arnala Beach : A perfect beach for one day picnic for any season of year, Aranala beach has enough coconut tree and other tree shades to spend your day without burning your feet in hot sand. This beach is surrounded by many resorts with facilities like DJ Rain Dance, Swimming pool and Frankly Average food quality (Vegetarian and Non Vegeterian) treat. 3 More beaches are connected to Arnala which are Kalamb, Rajodi and Navapur. Kindly note that the adjacent beaches are much more cleaner compared to this famous and also have resorts and other facilities ideal for a day picnic. Arnala beach is at Distance of 8.7 Km from Virar railway station which takes a Auto ride time of 30 minutes.Aranala Beach Video

    Navapur Beach Video

  • Lush Green Virar Vasai Villages : I will be not doing justice to this green zone heavan city, blessed with fresh air without pollution and many small beautiful villages deep inside, if i don’t mention it as natural attractions of Virar. In another article i have detailed about the bird watching locations of this area. Their are about 56 villages in vasai virar green belt widely spread with open plots wide available for development opportunities and connects the beaches as listed above. The deeper you go around the more attractions like lakes, flower and vegetable farms, churches, old homes, bungalows etc. are seen. Average distance Starts at 7 Km from Virar Railway station. One should note that a local needs to be together or it is very easy to get lost in the greens of villages.

Virar East Places to See

Unlike coastal attraction of Virar west like beaches, East attracts people looking for holy temples deep inside old villages far away from Railway station, Except few places near by.

Jivdani Mata Temple : The famous temple located on the Mountain of Virar, near Mumbai, is a must-visit destination for those seeking Darshan and a breathtaking aerial view of Vasai Virar city. With 1300 footsteps to climb or the option of a rope way for a faster ascent at Rs.150, the temple is just 3.3 Km away from the railway station in the east. It is advisable to visit early in the morning or between 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM to avoid the heat. During the monsoon, the temple offers a stunning view of the city surrounded by lush greenery. Don’t miss the chance to witness this beauty from the top of the temple.

Aerial Jivdani Video

Note : From here on all the attractions i detail below is about 10 to 18 Kilometres from Virar Railway Station, And all ‘major’ are Holy places.

Mahavir Dham : Yet another famous Jain temple near the vicinity, Mahavir Dham is a must visit temple and a famous holy place to see by Jain community and also others. Enjoy the beautiful carving inside temple, Sip some tea, snacks or have lunch, Stay back with family and take away some sweets called MOHANTHAD with some pleasant feeling of serene and greenery that makes you feel fresh after all blessing you receive by Jain lords in temple. 12 KM from Station, this temple is located exactly at Shirshad naka (Left from Virar) on National Highway 8, taking 30 minutes of auto ride.

Mahavir Dhan Video

Great Escape Water Park : Worth a picnic day spend in this water park attraction near Virar which is 5 Kilometres from above mentioned Mahavir Dham temple. This water park is famous for its quality of food (Veg Only) and the ambience surrounded by natural green forest. Great escape is 16 Km to 18 KM from Railway station taking about 40 Minutes of Auto ride. It is one of the known and most visited water park near Highway area of city.

Park Ride and Pool Attarctions
Park Ride and Pool Attarctions

Ganeshpuri Temple : One of the oldest holy attractions near Virar, Ganeshpuri is also visited for its natural hot water springs available and open to public free of cost for all 12 months. This temple is hardly at 1 to 2 Kilometre distance from Great escape water park (As detailed above). So about 18 Km from Virar station taking 50 minutes to an hour to reach by road.

Temple Evening Video

Temple Daytime Video

Vajreshwari Temple : Just 1 Km ahead of Ganeshpuri is this beautiful Holy place not to be missed, Vajreshwari Devi temple is very old, and at just 1 Km distance from this temple is couple of Natural sulphur hot water springs at the river bank of Tansa, which are frequently visited by locals and other tourists who specially comes down to Virar in search of ancient historic temples and caves from Mumbai. Road distance from station as detailed for Ganeshpuri hot springs above.

Natural Sulphur Water Hot Springs : If you got attracted to those temples and more towards those hot springs, Here is the list of many such springs which are around vicinity and close to Virar. Many of those are not frequently explored and less known.

Hot Water Springs Video

Important Note : Auto don’t ply on regular digital meter system here. Fix and random amount has to be paid to reach individual destination. Share auto system are available for all major attractions in Virar West. Also share auto is available for Jivdani temple in East. For all other far distance places fix amount has to be paid. VVMT (Recommended) and MSRTC buses goes to all tourist attractions and is the cheapest option to travel within virar city. Coming by private cars has no hassles or problems as ample parking space available at all destinations.

Travel to Virar From Mumbai

So, how to reach virar from Mumbai to enjoy all these attractions ? Below are the travel options by road and rail from Mumbai city.

Road Distance From Virar: About Approximate 65 Kilometres from Mumbai Suburb Airport Area. By private vehicle / Car take National Highway 8 and take left before the flyover bridge (See direction board towards Virar / Yazoo Park). 10 Kilometres from Highway is Railway Station.

Time taken in Local Train : With about 58 Km train run from South Mumbai, It takes about 1 Hour 45 Minutes to reach railway station.

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Virar Location Map

So, Hope i was able to give my best with the information required to travel and collect all memories of listed places in nature blessed green zone city near Mumbai, Virar. Any questions and comments related are welcomed via the comment box below.

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