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“Rajodi Beach is situated in Virar & Nalasopara West and can be reached through Virar. It is located on the Vasai Virar coastal belt, in the Palghar District of Mumbai’s far North Suburb. Since 2023, the beach has seen a slight increase in visitors due to the addition of water sports, adventure activities, and dolphin spotting.

This beach is known for being cleaner and is one of the four connected beaches of the Vasai Virar coast, including Arnala, Rajodi, Kalamb, and Navapur beach. These beaches are then connected to Vasai beaches. If you are planning to visit Rajodi beach, you can find specialty attractions, hotels, and resorts nearby. The distance from Virar and Mumbai is also provided, along with information about the nearest railway station and how to reach the beach..”

Beach View
Beach View

Specialty of Rajodi Beach

Updates 2024: Due to Water Sports activities and many beach side food joints, This beach keep attracting more and more tourist and residents around.

Updates 2023: TThis beach is now more popular than it was in the past few years because there are more accommodations available along the beachfront. The ‘Mumbai Surf Club’, a new water sports company, has also introduced water rides and sports activities on this beach.

Updates 2020: In 2019, water sports activities attracted many people who came in groups to enjoy the adventures. Additionally, in February 2019, locals and citizens of Mumbai were delighted to witness a group of Dolphin fish near the beach.

Blu Life Adventures employees recently sighted a group of Dolphins, approximately 8 to 12 in number, at a distance from the beach area. HP Live news has shared a video covering this exciting news. This serves as proof that Dolphins are present in the sea water of Vasai Virar, which is much cleaner compared to other areas in the city.

Out of the four beaches in the area, they are named after the respective villages and are arranged in a queue. Rajodi, being the second beach in line, is known for its cleanliness and slightly secluded location. It has a flat surface, is safer, free from pollution, and has white sand. However, it has fewer tree shades compared to Arnala beach.

The beach features a man-made rocky belt at the entrance, providing an ideal spot to sit and enjoy the sea view. While it is a great beach for walking or spending time with family, friends, or your loved ones, I wouldn’t suggest it for picnics due to the limited number of resorts available, and their average food quality.

If you’re thinking of having a beachside picnic with a medium to large group, you might want to consider Arnala beach or Navapur. Alternatively, you can go to Uttan beach at Bhayandar. Arnala beach is well-known but not very clean, whereas Bhayander coastal beaches are much cleaner and offer high-quality seafood.

Rajodi is a great place to have fun during the day, with no incidents reported involving picnic groups or tourists. However, it is recommended to leave the beach before sunset as the entrance gives a sense of isolation, similar to other nearby beaches.

Rajodi Beach Shells
Rajodi Beach Shells

Locals often enjoy playing cricket and football on this beach. Another interesting sight is the collection of washed out broken shells. The water is approximately 100 meters away from the shore, and during high tides, it reaches the rocky patch visible in the pictures on this page.

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Rajodi Beach Quick Review

  • Beach Quality and Neatness : The beach is known for its cleanliness and good quality. It has a positive atmosphere and offers beautiful scenery. Unlike other beaches, it is free from pollution and is a popular spot among locals of Vasai Virar Location.
  • Safety: In regards to water currents, this beach is flat and safer than Arnala. There are no other troublemakers around, but it is a bit secluded and some locals can be seen drinking alcohol in the dark.
  • Food Options: Make sure to bring sufficient water and food or buy them at the Satpala village junction, which is just a few kilometers away from Rajodi beach.
  • Car and Bus Parking: You can park your vehicle anywhere around the beach or roadside that is suitable for its size. There is no special parking area available.
  • Best For: Morning and evening strolls, admiring the sunset, and a few hours of leisure. Not suitable for a day trip or overnight picnic.
  • Rajodi Road Distance: Virar Station is located 19 minutes away and 6.9 kilometers from here. Nalasopara Station is 17 minutes away and 6.3 kilometers from here. Mumbai is approximately 2 hours away and 65 kilometers from here.

The video below was filmed at Navapur beach, which is right next to Rajodi beach (only 1 km to the north). It provides a glimpse of the connection between Rajodi and Arnala beach.

Water Sports Activities at Beach

Please note that the water sports company ‘Blu Life Adventures’ previously offered thrilling water rides at Rajodi beach. However, a new company called ‘Mumbai Surf Club’ now provides limited water sports activities. The specialties of ‘Mumbai Surf Club’ include surfing, camping, skating, S.U.P, and yoga. You can reach them at 7507788465 or via WhatsApp on the same number.

Such water sports is rare in Mumbai and except H2O located at Girgaum Chowpatty beach and Juhu Beach Water sports.

In the city, people often have to go to Tarkarli beach (Konkan) for various activities. There are three levels of water activities – Easy, Medium, and Hard, which can be done with the help of instructors. These water sports are also offered at the nearby Arnala beach.

Water Rides List

1. Experience the Tubing Ride: Gather your group and hop on this four-seater ride. Feel the thrill as a speed boat pulls your tube smoothly through the waves of Rajodi beach.

2. Try the Water Ski Ride: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, this water ride is for you. Let the professionals guide you through your first water skiing experience at the serene beach of Vasai Virar.

3. Get adventurous with the Wake board Ride: Now you can enjoy wakeboarding at this beach near Mumbai. Begin your thrilling adventure at Rajodi, the perfect place to start.

4. Feel the excitement of the Jet Ski Ride: Jet skiing is a favorite water sport for many, and now you can experience it at this beach. Hop on this two-seater jet ski and enjoy a speed boat ride like no other.

5. Have a blast with the Banana Boat Ride: Gather your friends for a fun group experience on this water ride. Hold on tight as you ride fast and even toggle upside down, plunging into the sea water for added excitement.

6. Try the unique Fly Fish Ride: Mumbai people, get ready for a new and exciting ride. Fly fish is a one-of-a-kind experience where you can feel like you’re flying above the waves, safely seated on the rider.

7. Relax and enjoy the Towable Ride: Sit back and select your seat for this relaxing ride. Get ready to be towed at an exciting speed, experiencing all the fun that comes with it.

8. Take a Ferry Boat ride: Enjoy a leisurely evening sail and witness the beautiful sunset. You can also use the ferry boats to reach the nearby Arnala fort. Don’t miss out on the fun of this ride.

How to Reach Rajodi Beach

By Train : The closest railway stations are Virar and Nalasopara, both located on the west side. Buses and auto-rickshaws are easily available from these stations. Please follow the road route provided below.

By Road : To reach Rajodi / Satpala Junction from Virar city, follow these directions:
1. Enter Virar from National Highway 8 (Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway).
2. Take the East West Flyover towards the west.
3. Continue straight until you reach OLD Viva College.
4. Take a left turn and proceed towards ‘Bolinj Agashi Road’.
5. Ask the locals for directions to Rajodi / Satpala Junction.
Please note that the route from Virar city to the beach is a bit complicated, approximately 7 km away. It is recommended to use navigation apps or ask for assistance.

NOTE : Autos in Mumbai do not operate on a regular meter system. Instead, they charge a fixed amount ranging from Rs.150 to Rs.200, depending on the number of passengers.

Resorts Near Beach

There are several small cottages and resorts near this beach, such as Mamta, Marine Beach, and Kshitij Resorts. You can also find many small and medium-sized resorts along the coast between Virar and Nalasopara, like Anand Resort Arnala near Arnala and others. The food quality at these resorts near Rajodi and other beaches is average, so I suggest visiting these beaches for a day trip rather than staying overnight. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

More Places to See Around Rajodi

Rajodi Beach
Rajodi Beach

Temples and More : Few famous temples in and around Virar to visit if you are at this beach are Agashi Jain Temple, Jivdani Temple, Mahavir Dham Jain Temple (On Virar Highway) and Yazoo Park (Closed Now).

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Pictures Courtesy : Shubham Sony, Parth Rathod.

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