Rajodi Beach – Nalasopara Virar Beach Mumbai Suburb

“Rajodi Beach is located at Vasai Virar coastal belt, far North Suburb of Mumbai at Thane / Palghar District on western railway route. Mostly frequented by locals, this beach is cleaner and is one of the 4 connected beaches with Arnala, Kalamb and Navapur. Brief details about this beach like speciality, hotels and resorts near, Distance from Virar and Mumbai, Nearest Railway station and How to reach this Beach etc..”

Beach View
Beach View

Speciality of This Beach

As said all four beaches are in queue and are named along the respected villages. Rajodi being the second beach in line is much cleaner, flat surfaced, safe, pollution free, black sand beach with less tree shades compared to adjacent beaches. It has a man made rocky belt at entry which is an ideal place to seat and have a sea view. Although a very good beach to walk or spend an evening with family friends or your beloved, i would not recommend this beach for picnic as their are very few resorts, that too with average food quality.

If you are planning beach side picnic with medium to large group Arnala beach or Navapur will be a better choice ‘COMPARITIVELY’, or head to Uttan beach at Bhayandar. Although safe and no incident with picnic group or tourists yet heard, Consider Rajodi as a day only location to have fun around and plan to leave the beach upon sunset as the entry of beach gives the feeling of isolation and like other connected beaches, few locals are found drinking around sometimes.

Rajodi Beach Shells
Rajodi Beach Shells

One can see locals playing cricket and football on this beach, washed out broken shells is another attraction at times. Water level is about 100 metres distance from shore and during high tides it reaches the rocky patch that can be seen in the pictures on this page.

Quick Review

  • Beach Quality and Neatness : A clean and good quality of beach with positive vibes, Scenic, Pollution free and much better then other beaches around as major frequented by locals of Vasai Virar Location.
  • Safety : In Terms of water currents, its a flat beach and safer compared to Arnala. No other anti social elements seen around, But bit isolated as detailed above.
  • Food Options : Consider carrying enough water and food or purchase it at Satpala village junction at few kilometres from Rajodi beach.
  • Car and Bus Parking : No Special parking area, So park anywhere around beach or road side as suitable according to the size of your vehicle.
  • Best For : Evening walk, Sunset view and couple of hour visit only if around Vicinity. Not ideal for day or overnight picnic.
  • Rajodi Road Distance : From Virar Station (19 Minutes, 6.9 Kilometres), From Nalasopara Station (17 Minutes, 6.3 Kilometres), From Mumbai (Approximate 2 Hours, 65 Kilometres).

Below video was taken at Navapur beach near Rajodi which will give idea of connected Arnala beach (Right Side, behind a guy with Cycle and Similarly Kalamb on left on Opposite side)

How to Reach Rajodi Beach

By Train : Recommended nearest railway station being Virar or alternately Nalasopara as adjacent connected station (Both West side). Buses and Auto from railway stations easy available. Follow the Road route as detailed below.

By Road : On National Highway 8 (Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway) get inside Virar (10 Km to city), Take East West Flyover to west, Go Straight till OLD Viva College, Take left and reach ‘Bolinj Agashi Road’ and Ask Locals to reach Rajodi / Satpala Junction. The Route from Virar city to Beach is bit complicate (Another 7 Km Approximated). Use navigation apps or ask for help. Below is the road map.

NOTE : Auto don’t run on regular metre system like Mumbai and they charge fix amount anywhere from Rs.150 to Rs.200 depending on number of people.

Resorts Near Beach

Couple of Small Cottages and Resorts like Mamta, Marine Beach and Kshitij Resorts are available near this beach. Many small and medium size resorts are available around coastal between Virar and Nalasopara like Anand resort near Arnala and many similar.

Consider food quality to be average at many resorts near and around Rajodi and Other beaches and so is why i recommended these beaches for one day only and not overnight stay. Finally its your own decision.

More Places to See Around Rajodi

Rajodi Beach
Rajodi Beach

Connected Beaches : Arnala, Kalamb, Navapur and couple of beaches at Vasai like Bhuigaon.

Temples & More : Virar being and as i recommend near Rajodi, Has many places to see. Agashi Jain Temple, Jivdani Temple, Mahavir Dham Jain Temple (On Virar Highway) and Yazoo Park.

Pictures Courtesy : Shubham Sony, Parth Rathod.

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