Uttan Beach – Mumbai Suburb Beach and Resorts at Uttan Bhayander

“Uttan village located at 8 km from Bhayander Railway Station in West (Mumbai Suburb, North) has this Uttan beach, Also called ‘Uttan Virgin Beach’.

Comparatively clean, less explored by citizen and tourists, It is famous as a local East Indian Catholic Koli community fishing beach which also has a Pilgrim ‘Mother Velankanni Church’ at just 20 minutes distance from railway station.

Below are details about this beach, speciality attractions and few resorts and hotels with contact details and how to reach..”

Lush Green Uttan Road Drive
Lush Green Uttan Road Drive
Group Enjoying Beach Water
Group Enjoying Beach Water

Speciality of Uttan Beach

An isolated coastal location of Mumbai North Suburban is this less frequented beach at Uttan village of Bhayander station in North suburban. If you are a seafood lover, then this beach is a perfect place for day picnic and worth a night stay at resorts around.

Varieties of fresh fishes like Prawns, Bombil, Bangara, Pomfret and Chala fish right from Uttan beach daily catch by local village fishermens is available at major resorts and restaurants.
The fishes can be seen drying along the coastal roads & on bamboo stick frames.

Drying Fishes at Uttan
Drying Fishes at Uttan

Since the hillock town and vicinity has major koli community people with prime business of fishing, Most of the village locals and others staying at adjacent beach locations like like Gorai, Tarodi, Manori, Morva, Pali and Dongri eats fresh fishes with Bhakari (Wheat recipe looks like thick chapati / roti) and with rice or Ghavan.

Uttan Beach Sunset
Uttan Beach Sunset

Very much connected to the village is this adjacent beach called ‘Uttan Virgin Beach’, Famous as Uttan Beach of Bhayander. It is smaller and bit isolated with less footfalls in weekdays.

Locals staying near this beach also referred it as ‘Velankanni beach’ as the surrounding has this famous ‘Velankanni Church’, Vandan Gruha also called ‘Our Lady of Velankanni Shrine’. Uttan Virgin beach is also a famous place of pilgrim due as the Mother Velankanni Church is very much visited by people especially coming from outside for same. A large statue of Mother Velankanni is installed which takes about 200 odd ladders which is totally worth as the aerial view of beach and uttan village is worth some clicks.

Uttan Mother Velankanni Church
Uttan Mother Velankanni Church
Uttan Statue Of Mother Velankanni
Uttan Statue Of Mother Velankanni

The pleasant climate of this beach with a typical village looks can make your day picnic worth as enough stay options like Hotels and Resorts are available near beach and around Uttan village. Many also prefer to take resort stay at Gorai location which is very much connected and at 15 to 20 minutes road drive.

Uttan virgin is a serene beach, far from city pollution, honking and chaos and few may get a feel of little Goa at this beach as it has enough trees and shades.

An old Christian’s Cross structure instrument representing the crucifixion of Jesus near beach entry talks about the community at Uttan beach and some story of Portugal’s who ruled Mumbai / Maharashtra.

The shoreline of this beach is one of the best to unwind self, With blackish rocks around and coconut trees for little shade in summer. If you love peaceful rocky beaches, this Virgin beach is perfect for you for a stroll. Talking about food options, Frankly it is a heaven for seafood lovers and since fishers village, Smell of drying fishes is all around. I would not recommend an overnight stay at listed resorts for if you are vegetarian. But of course a day picnic with family is worth here for vegetarians too. Just carry your veg delights and enjoy the location of this beach which has a beautiful church, A cute little goa in Mumbai kind of feel.

Do you know a small lighthouse is also here at little far from main beach area. It is a beautiful hill-top location and a small little town by seaside. Drive ahead for next 20 minutes and Gorai beach is ready to welcome you. You can drive in with your car if the tides allow. Thick flat sand is good for a beach drive there. That is how one can enjoy both the Gorai and Virgin beach at a time.

Major local fishermen are East Indian Catholic People and very friendly to talk with. Village troll is one of the best thing you can experience apart from the God’s creation of such beautiful hillock beach location.

Evenings are very pleasant and sunset view is sure not to miss. The calm beach gives some real good moments for photographers to capture the reflecting sun lights on sea bed. Do not expect much of junk food eateries, peddlers and hawkers except few baraf gola wala (Crushed ICE Candies) and few local fruits as Bhayander city area is about 8 to 10 Kilometres from this beach. This rocky sand beach with black sand is clean, Water currents are safe, Yet do keep watch on kids and do not let them go inside any beaches of Mumbai and not just at Uttan. Always listen and follow what locals say.

Fishes Laid Drying on Beach
Fishes Laid Drying on Beach
Uttan Virgin Beach Aerial View
Uttan Virgin Beach Aerial View
Uttan Shore Fishing Boats
Uttan Shore Fishing Boats

A note to share, If you are planning a day or 2 to spend in this location of Bhayander, You must read about a famous farm side Picnic destination called ‘Keshav Srushti‘ located on same Uttan road.

Hotels, Farms and Resorts Address and Contact

There are couple of resorts, farms and hotels near Uttan beach, Few of them listed below with address and contact details (Kindly note, Contact details, Land line and Mobile may change with time):

CIGAD Hotel And Resort : Bhate Bunder, Vailankani Shrine, Uttan village, Bhayander west, Maharashtra 401106. Contact : +91-9222045554.
Emerald Isle Resort : Uttan Shire Road, Behind Bhatebander, Valankanni Church, Uttan, Bhaynadar West, Maharashtra 401106.
Ocean Hills Pereira Farms : Opposite Vailankanni church, Next to Sigad hotel, Uttan, Bhaynader West, Maharashtra 401106. Contact : +91-9870159560.

Ocean Hills Resort Near Beach
Ocean Hills Resort Near Beach.

At Some distance there arae few more resorts (Few 3 Stars too), Below listed :

Pali Beach Resort : Pali Chowk Road, Uttan, Bhayander West, Thane, Maharashtra 401106. Contact : +91-22-28452358.
U-Tan Sea Resort : Located at Chowk Dongri Via Uttan, Bhayandar West, Near Pali Beach Resort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401106. Contact : +91-22-39682777.
La Shimmer Resort : At Shimmer Bunglow Scheme, Dhavgi Hills, Uttan Bhoot Bunglow Uttan Bhayandar West, Thane, Maharashtra 401106. Contact : +91-9869659340.
Cigad Resort : Uttan Road, Dongri, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401106.
Golden Toff : Uttan Oppstella Maris Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401106. Contact : +91-22-28450757.
Golcondaa Resort : Gorai Road, Keshav Shrushti Junction, Uttan, Bhayandar West, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401106. Contact : +91-22-28450064.
Picxy Sea Resort : Ponda Wadi, Gorai Beach, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091. Contact : +91-22-65642371.
Sun Beach Resort : Ponda Wadi, Next to Picxy Resort, Gorai Beach, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091. Contact : +91-8108750767.
C Cube Resorts : 1102/4, Gorai Uttan Road, Near Vairali Talao, Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091. Contact : +91-9867622360.
Tourist Resort Gorai : Gorai Beach, Manori Gorai Uttan Road, Behind Hill View Hotel, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091. Contact : +91-9322728287.

.. and few more towards Gorai beach.

How to Reach This Beach

Embedding a map from Kashimira (Mira Bhayander Highway) to Uttan Beach which is about 14 Kilometres and takes 38 to 40 minutes.

Reaching by Road : An important point to note is to take left (From Mumbai), right (Below bridge, towards Mumbai) to Kashimira (Mira Bhayander Junction of Highway) and follow the sign board of Essel World. Once you cross the East West Railway Bridge go straight on Uttan Road for next 8 Kilometres.

By Train : Nearest Railway station is Bhayander. Get down on WEST side and take a private auto or bus to Uttan which is easy available from adjacent ot railway station.

Other Places of Attractions Near Uttan

Below all the 4 recommended places to see are within vicinity.

Essel World : One of the best Amusement parks of Mumbai with thrilling rides for Adults and Children.

Water Kingdom : Part of same Essel group, Water Kingdom is adjacent o Essel world and the water park is a real break for Summer days.

Gorai Beach : Another famous beach at some road distance of 20 minutes from Uttan. Otherwise from Borivali, One need a ferry ride to reach.

Global Pagoda Vipassana : A very huge temple like structure which has a golden tomb and can be seen right from Bhayander station itself. It’s a meditation hall near Gorai and a recommended place to visit worth an hour spent if you are around Gorai or Uttan.

Pictures Courtesy : Stephen D’Souza, Raziya Khan, Dareen Monteiro, Sadanand Suvarna, Clive Cardoz.

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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