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“Reachable from Borivali or Bhayandar, Gorai Beach located at Mumbai Suburb is a much cleaner and comparatively less crowded beach, Ideal for a day trip or an overnight stay too. Let’s Understand beach attractions and speciality, How to reach Gorai village, and Other beaches and places to explore around or near this beach.”

Gorai Beach Sea Shore
Gorai Beach Sea Shore

Beach Attractions

An Ideal Picnic Spot For a Day or Overnight : Gorai is one of the most frequented beaches in Mumbai’s north suburb. It mostly attracts citizens from the suburbs and also from faraway places for a day’s picnic. Couples prefer this beach due to its easy accessibility from Bhayandar and Borivali, and there are also lots of resorts and cottages available.

It is one of the safest and cleanest beaches, with ample space to have fun with your picnic group, ride bikes, ride camels, or go inside the sea for a boat ride. Hanging around on full moon nights (In Group Only) is romantic, and so is one of the beach for night hangouts as many resorts are available on nearest Uttan Road for overnight stays.

Festival Attractions of this Beach : Holi (the Festival of Colors) and Ganesh Visarjan (the Immersion of Ganesh Idols) are two major Indian festivals and a reason to hit the beach on that day. It is fun on the beach to play with colors and then get inside the sea water.

Similarly, on the 10th day of the Ganesh festival, see giant Ganesh idols made of clay here on Gorai Beach for the final ritual, the Immersion.

A perfect a Lovers Point Beach of North Mumbai : Gorai Beach has been known to be a lovers spot for all the couples for the last 3 to 4 decades, as there were hardly any locations of isolation to spend quality time and get cozy with partners. Unlike today, two decades ago, friendship, dating, and getting away from home for a few hours were not that easy for girls.

But for those who stayed in Bhayander, Borivali, or nearby, This was a perfect romantic spot. Gorai Beach was much less crowded compared to now, but it still retains its charm to feel like a Goa beach with serenity and lush greenery around, which makes it a perfect beach for lovers of Mumbai.

Another reason I called Gorai a lovers point is the easy access to cottage rooms, which are available on an hourly basis, unlike the costly resorts that not all college-going guys can afford. Ask any couple of suburb colleges for a good lover’s point or a beach in the vicinity, and they will point to Gorai.

The beach is beautiful and easily accessible from both Borivali and Bhayandar. The Ferry ride makes it exciting too, Although the creek area is a bit smelly. Get outside Borivali station platform no. 1 towards Virar, and the first thing an Auto driver asks a young college couple is a single word, Gorai.

Beach Water and Sunset
Beach Water and Sunset

Weekend Getaway : With time, more and more resorts have come up and have boosted the tourism industry in Mumbai suburbs. Beaches like Gorai, Manori, and Uttan which are not far from each other, are getting crowded every coming summer, and people are ready to spend enough for luxury and stay around for a couple of days.

Equally, the hectic life of bustling Mumbai has brought up the need for such weekend gateways to spend leisure time with family. Gorai Beach has become an ideal weekend getaway for all beach lovers in Mumbai and Other cities in Gujarat and Pune. People travel from far away in groups to spend a couple of days at resorts around these beaches.

Gorai Beach
Gorai Beach

Speciality of Gorai beach

Food and Fun Options on Beach : Ride bikes, Walk on clean beach sand, enjoy a cool breeze, Lay down on a wide open space under green trees or at a beachfront resort and keep munching food items available at hawkers like Baraf Golas (Like Ice Candy), Chana Masala, Bhel Puri, and Pani Puri.

On rainy days, it’s fun to eat Hot Sweet Corn and Roasted Full Corn (Called Bhutta) on Gorai Beach, which is different all together. For non-vegetarians, fresh-caught fish is a boon here, and Pomfret is a must to try at a much cheaper cost compared to other locations in Mumbai. For vegetarians, it is sad to say that food quality is average all around.

Ride horses and camels as and when available. Boat rides at Rs. 100 per person are another fun way to be inside the huge sea and look at the beachfront. Hey tourists, if you want to feel the real Mumbai way of people on beaches, this is it and is sure different from Juhu Chowpatty and Girgaum beach.

But if you are here looking for a serene beach in a Mumbai suburb, This is not for you, as most of the time it is crowded. There is ample car parking around the beach, and you are allowed to drive your vehicle inside the beach too.

How to Reach Gorai Beach Via Borivali or Bhayandar

Via Borivali, Mumbai North Suburb

You need to reach ‘Gorai Ferry Point’ from Borivali Railway Station (West) with a road distance of 3.6 km, taking 17 Minutes in an Auto or Bus. Take LT Road opposite the railway station, which goes straight and connects with Gorai Road, to reach this Jetty.

Two-wheelers are allowed on the ferry of the Dolphin Boat Club, which ply’s every 15 minutes to and from the other side of the creek towards Gorai.

Once on the other side of the creek, Gorai Beach is at 4.3 km of road travel on Gorai Borivali Road, which will take another 8 Minutes. Auto services are available for the same.

Via Bhayandar, Far North of Mumbai

Bhayandar railway station is in the North Suburb, beyond Borivali, towards Virar. See station names for reference.

Once at Bhayandar railway station west, Auto and Bus options are available, which take about 30 to 40 minutes to cover a distance of 14.3 Km on Uttan Road, which goes straight to the beach.

By Road

Those planning private vehicles (cars, etc.)  Will have to reach Bhayander only via the Bhayandar route. From National Highway 8, Get inside the Kashimira junction and keep straight. After 5 to 7 minutes of driving, you will reach Bhayandar East-West Flyover on your left. Now keep following the Essel World sign board and go straight on Uttan Road to reach Gorai Beach. See the road map and route below.

Other Mumbai North Suburban Beaches Like Gorai Beach

Couple of other beaches like Aksa, Madh Marve, Manori and Uttan if you are a beach bum or love to explore beaches.

Gorai location is also very famous for Essel World Amusement Park (Permanently Closed) all year around and Water Kingdom during Summer and October, adjacent to it.

On Bhayandar Uttan road, comes a beautiful place called ‘Keshav Srushti‘ which is an ideal farm side picnic location and a wonderful educational centre of Mumbai for all nature lovers.

Just a few kilometers from this beach is Global Vipassana Pagoda a meditation center, which by itself is a huge and attractive golden-yellow-colored tomb structure that can be seen from faraway locations. The meditation center is surrounded by greenery and is a very peaceful place to spend some time, especially in the mornings and evenings.

Many cycling groups in Mumbai also know of a location called ‘Sunrise Point’ at Gorai, which is a beautiful hilly slope known to give a good view of sunrise every day. Early morning also gives some scenic views of greenery and the vast seafront from here.

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