Manori Beach – An Island Beach at Mumbai Suburban Location Malad

“Manori Beach in Malad can also be accessed through Bhayandar and is a pristine beach in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. Gorai Beach is located next to Manori, and further along Uttan Road towards Bhayandar is the famous Uttan Beach.

Manori village is a part of the vast coastal island area that includes the Mumbai suburb stations of Malad, Borivali, and Bhayandar on the western railway route. Let’s explore the unique features and attractions of this small rocky beach in Manori. We will also discuss how to reach Malad and Bhayandar, as well as the Marve Ferry Point and more…”

Manori Beach
Manori Beach

Speciality and Attractions of this Beach

Manori village, the location of this beach, is an island on the coast in the North Suburb of Mumbai. To get there, you can take a car, tourist bus, or any private vehicle via the Bhayandar route. Alternatively, you can reach the nearest railway station, Malad, and then take the ferry from Marve beach to cross the creek/sea area and reach the other side of the island where Manori and Gorai beach are located.

Manori Beach is a partially rocky beach that is not very crowded. You will only see a few people, couples, and picnic groups there. Even though vendors selling Ice Baraf Gola, Nimbu Pani (Lemon Juice), and coconut water can be found throughout the week, the weekends and holidays are a different story.

During these times, large groups of people come for a day or overnight stay, making it a popular weekend getaway. However, the beach becomes very crowded and is not very clean. There is litter on the shore, including some human-made waste that washes up on the shores of Manori Beach.

In terms of overnight stay, isolation, climate, cleanliness, and greenery around it, this beach surpasses other well-known city beaches such as Juhu beach and Girgaon Chowpatty.

Couples often enjoy climbing and relaxing on the small rocky hillock in a specific patch. These northern beaches are also known for their delicious seafood, such as pomfret, which is a delightful treat for non-vegetarians who love fish. However, vegetarians have limited options, and only a few food outlets offer truly tasty vegetarian dishes.

Sunset is an unmissable sight at these beaches. The expansive Arabian Sea, fishing boats, and the breathtaking view of the sunset are a must-see. Unfortunately, there are no water rides or adventure options available at Manori Beach. The most you can enjoy is a boat ride in the sea and perhaps horseback or camel rides on weekends.

Therefore, this beach is a fantastic and serene place within the city where you can relax. It is much cleaner and more beautiful, making it perfect for a weekend getaway or a delightful outing with loved ones or a group of friends.

It’s a lovely coastal spot for a family outing, offering tranquility and seclusion. However, occasionally there may be some rowdy groups that can make the atmosphere uncomfortable for families and friends. Despite this, weekends are bustling and there is no need to worry.

During summer vacations, the resorts and cottages are usually fully booked, and weekends are mainly enjoyed by locals rather than foreign tourists. Nevertheless, you are more than welcome to experience the beach culture enjoyed by the people of Mumbai.

It is important to remember to bring sufficient cash when visiting the beach area. There are very few ATMs in the vicinity, and even those that are available often run out of cash. In case of emergencies, one may have to venture into nearby villages or travel to distant locations to find cash.

Typically, summer weather is warm with temperatures ranging from 29 to 30 degrees Celsius at the beach. However, the breeze remains refreshing. Manori Beach experiences a pleasant climate during monsoons, rainy days, and winters as well. There are plenty of parking options for tourist Volvo luxury buses and cars, so you don’t need to worry about the major issue of parking in Mumbai. It is advisable to reach this beach by vehicle, as auto options are limited and weekends can be challenging on Manori Island.

How to Reach Manori from Malad and from Bhayandar

Manori Beach
Manori Beach

Reaching Manori Beach from Malad

Marve Ferry Point
Marve Ferry Point

Note: Private vehicles and cars cannot access this beach through Malad due to the presence of a creek that needs to be crossed. However, it is possible to transport your bike to the other side using a ferry.

Malad Railway Station is located in the suburbs of Mumbai on the western railway route. To reach Manori Island Village, one can take a bus or auto to Marve Beach Ferry Point and cross the creek. If you want to park your car near Marve Beach, head south on S V Road from Malad station towards Kandivali.

After a short while, you will reach a T-Junction that leads to Orlem and Marve Road. Continue straight and cross Link Road in the same direction to reach Marve Beach Ferry Point.

You have two options to reach the same location. You can either take a car or a bus from the railway station. The distance by road from Malad railway station to the ferry point is 6.4 km, and it takes approximately 20 minutes.

Reaching Manori Beach Via Bhayandar Uttan Road

To get to the beaches like Uttan, Gorai, and Manori from Malad, you can take a longer route via National Highway 8. First, enter KashiMira and continue straight. After a short drive, you will see the Bhayandar East-West Flyover on your left.

Once you cross it and reach Bhayandar west, stay on Uttan Road and follow the signboard for Essel World, which is located in Gorai. After a few kilometers past Gorai, you will reach Manori Beach. The road journey may be longer, but the beautiful greenery along the way makes it worth it.

Road Map From Kashimira on NH8 to Manori

More Attraction Places to See Near Manori Island

On this North Suburb island, there are many attractions such as beaches, resorts, and more. Here is the best information I have.

If you are traveling from Bhayandar on Uttan Road, you will find a lovely picnic spot known as the farm side location ‘Keshav Srushti‘ (Read for more details).

A short distance ahead, you will find the initial renowned beach called ‘Uttan Beach‘.

In a short distance along the same road, you will find ‘Gorai Beach‘ also there is ‘Essel World (Permanently closed)’, and ‘Water Kingdom‘ and Global Vipassana Pagoda meditation centre.

If you enjoy beaches and want to discover a few more that are not too far away, you might be interested in learning about the beaches in Vasai Virar. Arnala, Rajodi, Kalamb which are far north suburb beaches in Palghar (Formerly Thane) district.

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