Madh Marve Beach – North Mumbai Suburb Malad Beaches

“Madh silver beach and Marve beach are Mumbai suburb Malad’s Breath taking clean beaches, Isolated and not far from bustling city. Here are details about both Marve and Madh island’s beaches along with guide to reach and explore fort and lots more..”

Marve Beach Malad
Marve Beach Malad

Marve Beach at Malad

30 minutes from Malad Railway Station at 6.6 Km Distance is Marve beach which also have a ferry point that takes you to other side of Malad creek at Manori and Gorai beach. To be up to the point, Marve beach has no special attractions and is a small beach front location at fisher village with risky water currents and is never recommended to swim or take dip or even try to get inside this beach water as in past have observed many drowning cases at Marve.

Marve Beach Front Seashore
Marve Beach Front Seashore

Only regular fisher community people and ferry boats are seen in this location and very rarely now some film or television serial, Ad shooting. Local villages staying near this beach gets into the creek sea for their daily catch of fresh fishes. Bunch of boats with Indian flags are seen floating at shore and far inside the bay area which makes it a perfect sight of a typical fishing village coastal. During festivals and weekends / holidays evenings many hawkers and vendors are seen catering the visitors and those reaching the ferry to go other side. Bikes are seen parked along the coastal area.

Connected Marve is Hamla beach and a parallel Mard Marve Road goes along throughout till Madh Jetty. INS Hamla is a prohibited location as many Navi (Marine) officers stays here. The Hamla beach is very clean and the location has major greenery at coastal village. Off this location is a garden called ‘Nandanvan’ which is occasionally used for Television advertisement and other shoots.

Wrapping up about this beach, I would recommend, not to make special plans to spend a day, leisure time or picnic at Marve beach and instead go ahead to Aksa or Madh Island beach on same road for a better experience. Read more about Madh beach in the below section.

Reaching Marve

  • Nearest Station : Malad (West), Western Railway Route, North Suburb.
  • How long is Marve beach : 6.6 Km by road. 30 minutes drive.
  • Bus and Auto options : Both bus and auto ply to Marve. You can also take your private vehicle (Car etc) to reach here or on same route go ahead to other beaches.
  • Road Route : On Malad S V Road at just 2 minutes comes a T-Junction (Towards Kandivali) at Daruwala Compound area. This road goes to Orlem, Link Road and straight Ahead to Marve Madh beach locations.

Madh Island Silver Beach

Madh Silver Beach
Madh Silver Beach

On Madh Marve road about 7 Km deep inside ahead of Marve beach has few more beaches which are Hamla (As detailed above in short), Aksa, Dana Pani, Erangal and Silver beach (Also called Madh beach) all in sequence. This long patch of coastal beach area of Malad, Mumbai Suburb (North) on western railway route has couple of 5 star hotels and many other small medium resorts and cottages which makes these beaches tourist friendly and an ideal location for a day break (Weekend Gateway) from bustling city.

Madh Island from Versova

Talking about Madh beach which is at extreme end of this island. Another nearest way to reach here (without private vehicle, car etc) is via Versova beach (Andheri) by taking a ferry boat ride. One can see the coastal of Madh Jetty from Versova too. Madh island silver beach is much better and cleaner compared to Marve. It was a much preferred beach 1980’s and 1990’s for bollywood film and television ad shoots. Madh island location has many private bungalows which are available on rent for television and ad film shootings.

At extreme end of the beach, little ahead towards Madh Jetty location is the old historic Madh Fort and couple of Hindu temples like ‘Probhat Kaali Badi’ which is a godess Kaali Mandir and also their is ‘Killeshwar Mahadev Temple’ of Lord Shiva. Apart from small villages, couple of stores there is extreme isolation and so is the Madh beach more recommended to be with yourself, beloved and family friends group for a day picnic very near and the only beach option of Mumbai Suburb after the very crowded Andheri’s Juhu beach.

Madh Island Fort
Madh Island Fort

Roman Catholics from East of India were the very few initial citizens of Mumbai who still resides at Madh Marve beach locations. Also are the fishermen Koli community and other Maharastrian staying along the villages of this long coastal beach area of 9.2 Km between Marve and Madh Silver beach till extreme South end at Jetty and Madh fort. Since these are the fishery villages, little smell of drying fishes on bamboos at coastal area is what one has to go through a little, But once inside the beach, Cool Breeze, Stunning view of Sunset and those floating boats at wide spread Arabian sea with uninterrupted view and that clean sand is what will makes your day.

If already at Madh beach, Do not miss the remains of the historic Madh Fort, Address (Kileshwar Mahadev Mandir, Kileshwar Road, Madh, Ambu Bet, Madh, Mumbai). In that location is Jetty that connects Versova and couple of old temples and a very old church called ‘St. Bonaventure’. Bus No. 271 runs between Malad stationa and Madh which covers all the locations we been talking about in this article. Auto’s and Private taxi are another options to reach.

Reaching Madh Beach, Fort and Jetty

  • Nearest Station : Malad (West). Alternately you can take a ferry boat from Versova beach which is faster and near.
  • How long is Madh beach : 7.2 Km from Marve beach. Which means total of 14 Km from Malad railway Station.
  • Bus and Auto options : : Both bus and auto ply till Madh Jetty from Malad, Private vehicles are best options alternately.
  • Road Route : : Reaching Madh’s Silver beach & Jetty takes same route as detailed for Marve. Keep going straight for another 7 Km on Marve Madh road to reach the beach, fort and the jetty.

And so are these ideal overnight picnic beaches of Mumbai as they have enough resorts and hotel accommodations available.

Map from Marve to Silver Beach Madh

Pictures Courtesy : Darshan Pathak, Pramod Ranjan, Aneesh babu.

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