Beaches For Overnight Picnic and Camping Near Mumbai

“Some of the awesome beaches for overnight picnics and camping in and near Mumbai for beachside camping under stars and moonlight Those beaches are not far from Mumbai, ideal for an overnight spent as a group picnic, and not recommended for individual couples.”

Night Time Beach Side Picnic in Mumbai
Night Time Beach Side Picnic in Mumbai

Kindly Note: Police Restrictions may be possible at few beaches.

Arnala beach : Located at Virar, a far-north location about 60 to 70 kilometers from Mumbai on the western railway route, Arnala Beach is already a very famous tourist destination for a picnic and resorts around.

Three connected beaches make the coast very long, and all these beach fronts are awesome at night. Immediately connected is Navapur Beach (Video Below), which also has a couple of resorts near the beach. Then there is Rajodi and Kalamb Beach straight in line with the nearest station, Nalasopara, which is the next station to Virar. Further ahead, the third station, Vasai, is Bhuigaon Beach.

All the above listed beaches are bit isolated with villages around and that’s the reason i recommend to do your overnight camping on these beaches in group and not as couple.

At times during Amavasya, the sky is very dark, and sometimes, with ample moonlight, it looks blue with glittering stars. The serenity with the only sound of white-looking waves will make you romantic and take you to a dream world, which is why I listed these beaches for an overnight picnic.

Going a little further ahead of Virar on another 1 hour road journey is another clean beach called Dahanu Bordi Beach. This beach is about 140 kilometers from Mumbai city and is an ideal camping location to spend the night having fun with a picnic group. It’s a single, wide beach, clean enough with glowing sea water during a full moon night.

On the western suburb towards Mumbai is a railway station called Borivali, which has a famous beach called Gorai and an adjacent beach called Uttan Beach, which can be reached from Bhayander Station.

Head South Mumbai and get a ferry to Alibaug which is a famous destination and has many serene beaches for overnight picnic. It is already a famous destinations for a day picnic.

To help you travel here are railway station names of Mumbai to better understand locations of each beach.

Note : Almost all beaches listed for overnight picnic and camping fun near Mumbai have resorts around. You might also like to read about all picnic spots in and around Mumbai city.

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