Dahanu and Bordi Beaches Near Mumbai

“Dahanu & Bordi are 2 adjacent beaches ahead of Mumbai towards Gujarat. Both are connected beaches with black sand and low tides usually. Ideal for a day picnic and also for overnight camping in groups as serenity and isolation along the coastal and tree shades are ideal for same, Otherwise there is nothing to do around. Let us know more about Bordi & Dahanu beaches like nearest railway station, How to reach, Hotels and Resorts near Dahanu Bordi area and more..”

Beach Front
Beach Front

Speciality of Dahanu Bordi Beaches

Dahanu beach is at 3.8 Km distance from the nearest Dahanu road railway station. It takes about 10 Minutes to reach. Similarly Bordi beach is at 2.8 Km from nearest Gholvad Railway Station and can also be reached via Bordi railway station. Both are black sand beaches and are connected to each other making it a very long stretch of about 15 Km, ideal for a long walk or cycling.

Beautiful Sunset at Bordi Beach
Beautiful Sunset at Bordi Beach

Located at about 125 to 150 Kilometres from Mumbai city at borders connecting Maharashtra and Gujarat, These beaches were once referred as one of the cleanest beaches near Mumbai, which sadly is no more the fact.

Biscuit, Chips wrappers, Plastic Bags, Glasses and Water bottles can be seen at shore usually in evenings and early mornings after weekends and holidays. Will you feel like visiting such beaches where we find left outs ? And that’s what i want everyone to think about, Our left out garbage is what disturbs others and similarly others mess disturbs us.

Why not we end it now and be happy visitors of such serene and beautiful Dahanu Bordi beach which is still beautiful otherwise with flat beach sand. It is you and me both who need to understand the fact and keep the coastals clean.

Talking about some speciality, Both Dahanu and Bordi are black sand, clean water beaches. Just that the sand is black, the water looks muddy and black too. Since these 2 beaches are not much frequented compared to other famous Mumbai beaches like Girgaum Chowpatty and Juhu Chowpatty.

These are at long distance from city, So the climate is better, breeze are cooler during winters and monsoons, and equally hot during summers. A great place to be around for sometimes if driving down the roads.

Dahanu Bordi Beaches Seashore
Dahanu Bordi Beaches Seashore

Usually the beach currents and water level is low (Due to Low Tides) and water seems to be far inside. Nights are totally opposite and sea water reached till entry of shore. Even if the seawater is far from the shores in day time, Picnic groups, couples and friends still enjoy spending leisure time under tree shades.

That said, these beaches are ideal for relaxing under shades of Suru, Palm and Coconut trees and great place to play around on sand, But not ideal for swim due to low tides. Best for cycling enthusiast and joggers and long distance walking.

Talking about getting inside the beach water, A point to add & understand is that one should never try to get inside any beach water during low tides as major drowning takes places during low tides only, High tides is very less risky when it comes to drowning. Low tides drags inside, unlike throwing you out at shores like high does. Full moon day are ideal for a good high tide experience when water reaches at 40 to 50 meters at shores.

Sea water
Sea water

Staying away from city chaos, getting a resort or a hotel nearby for overnight and camping on beaches is another fun here.

Some cute beach experience which not just kids, adults too loves is to collect varieties of sea shells. If lucky enough and high tides have done their job washing away shells to the shores, It is fun and Bordi beach does have such shells.

Sea Shells
Sea Shells

No menace, Yet stray dogs are another companions of these beaches and crabs are fun to watch, Catch them if you can safely. Want more ? Have a camel ride on these flat surfaced beaches in evening if you find it thrilling. That’s it, no more unwanted hypes about this place, As this is what you can expect the most.

Dahanu Beach Camel Ride
Dahanu Beach Camel Ride

Bordi beach has palm and coconut trees and there is also a nice open space which one can consider as Parking & camping ground for overnight picnic with the isolation required. Spending time with mesmerizing dark sky, Gazing the moon and stars particularly during full moon night (Poornima) is just fun & experience. Not to miss the sunset experience too.

Since bordi is a small village there is not much of attraction places to see near, apart from few listed below. It is preferred to carry enough food, water and other belonging when you plan your day here as such options are very few or limited. Particularly in morning and late evenings.

Practically, people staying at Thane district and around vasai virar has an option and alternative to explore clean beaches like Navapur, Arnala, Rajodi and Kalamb and Bhuigaon, all connected and straight in line in vasai virar location, instead of visiting so far at Dahanu & Bordi locations.

If you guys are planning from Mumbai and now looking out for some near option, Above beaches in vasai virar are not bad. Except Arnala, which was famous but is dirty practically.

Hotels and Resorts at Bordi

Tapovan Retreat and MTDC Bordi Resort are 2 of the known resorts / hotels for overnight stay near Bordi beach. There are few more options available which many app and websites now shows up. Few important things to remember before booking hotels and resorts at Bordi in summer is that, since there is electricity problem and major power cut in the location, It is preferred to book only hotels which has Generators / Inverter facilities else your stay may put off your picnic mood.

How to Reach These Beaches

Dahanu Beach

Nearest Railway Station : Dahanu Road on Western Railway Route. Local trains from Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Andheri, Borivali and Virar. Beach is at 3.8 Kilometres from Railway Station.
By Road : On National Highway 8, From Mumbai, after crossing Virar go straight and after crossing Manor, Tawa, Ghol locations comes Kasa Road Junction near Charoti. Leave highway and take left towards Dahanu Railway Station on Dahanu Jawhar Road. Beach is 27 Km from Highway.

Bordi Beach

Nearest Railway Station : Gholwad, Next station to Dahanu on same route. Beach at 2.8 Kilometres from Railway Station.
By Road : 40 Kilometres from National Highway (Kasa Junction) reach Dahanu Station in WEST. Once in West follow the station road ahead towards Gholvad and you will reach Dahanu Bordi road which will take you to beach.

See Also : Mumbai to Dahanu Bordi Road Distance & Map.

More Places to See Near Dahanu Beach

  • Depchari Dam and Reservoir if you want to spend some time with green nature and see the dam.
  • Kalpataru Botanical Gardens which is about 10 kilometers from beach at Umargaon, This garden is famous for its scenic location which was casted in famous tv serial Ramayana.
  • A Windmill at chikhla beach, and Salt pans located off Dahanu Bordi Road.
  • If you want to explore the beach more, walk walk and just walk and there is Narpad beach and a small saibaba temple near. Other temples in Dahanu are Gajanan Maharaj Mandir, Mahadev temple. There is also a Lotus lake and poornima theater for entertainment located between Dahanu beach and railway station.

Pictures Courtesy : Citroen Switchgears, Mayi Raje, Avni Shah, Yogesh Kamble.

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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  1. Dhanu n gholvad also famous for chikku tree ur wadi n lot off hostel in gholvad bordi I myself study at gholvad from My childhood National English medium high school n Muslim hostel only for boy the best hostel for Muslim boys I leave my hostel n school inq 1994/95 7Std n I miss my day I love gholvad my village

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