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“Kalamb Beach can be found in Nalasopara West, close to Nirmal Village. It is situated in the Palghar District, which is part of the far north suburban area of Mumbai along the western railway route.

Compared to the beaches of Arnala, Navapur, and Rajodi, Kalamb is the fourth beach in a sequence. It stands out for being cleaner, safer, and less crowded. The beach has semi-black thick sand and offers hotels and resorts for accommodation. Additionally, there are plenty of trees providing shade, making it an excellent choice for a day picnic with a group or a couple.”

Kalamb Beach View
Kalamb Beach View

Speciality and Beach Attractions

Kalamb beach is the fourth recommended beach out of the four connected beaches. It is a great place to spend a day on its thick wet sand. Unlike Arnala beach, which is crowded and dirty, you can see it from here.

There is a village called Rajodi in between, and there is also another clean beach called Rajodi nearby. Likewise, Navapur Beach is located next to Rajodi towards Arnala, but it is not well-known to many people because it is far from both Virar and Nalasopara. If you are interested in a peaceful beach for weekdays, there are a few resorts available. You can watch the video below to get an idea of how these connected beaches look like.

Except for weekends and public holidays, Kalamb Beach is less crowded and peaceful. If you are looking for an isolated beach in Vasai Virar is a location to spend time alone or in group, this is where your search ends.

A calm and spacious beach with a refreshing breeze. Simply sit under the shade of coconut and other trees by the shore, as summers are hot and winters are perfect. The evenings at this beach are even more stunning with a peaceful and captivating sunset view. It’s just you, the sound of the waves, and the cool breeze. This solitude is what draws couples to this beach.

When it comes to food options, grab some items and bottled water from Nirmal Village Junction. I’m spending a day at this beach. There are resorts available, but honestly, the quality of vegetarian food is not great. Share your thoughts on non-vegetarian food in the comment section below.

The water flow and condition are perfect for a refreshing swim without any worries. However, it is important to be cautious with children since there are no lifeguards present. The local villagers and fishermen are the best people to seek advice from.

Although there is a limit to everything, it is safe to enter the water at Kalamb Beach during high tides when the water is only 100 to 150 meters away from the shore. The low currents tend to pull you in. The water appears black because of the sand color, but it is actually clean and free of floating litter, unlike the major beaches in Mumbai. The sand on this flat beach is hard and slightly wet from the previous night’s tides. This makes it a great place to ride your bike or car on the sand, which is a lot of fun. Just be careful near the entry area where the sand may stick to your vehicle.

Sea Water
Sea Water

If you are a couple discovering this beach for the first time, remember to enjoy your time here until sunset. After sunset, the area becomes dark with few or no street lights. The locals like to gather at the beach after dark for drinks, which might make you feel uncomfortable. It’s best to leave before it gets dark and make the most of the undisturbed daytime. This beach is perfect for nature enthusiasts and those who enjoy collecting seashells and going on camel rides. You’ll find a few options for these activities here.

This beach offers several resorts and cottages for a day picnic or overnight stay. Similarly, Kalamb is a perfect beach for an overnight picnic and camping as well.

The beachfront is shaded and lacks shops or vendors, resulting in less commercial activity and a closer connection to nature. Visitors should bring their belongings and essential drinking water to these beaches.

In Nirmal village, you can find packaged drinking water bottles near the station and market area. However, it can be difficult to find Aqua or Bisleri water brands as there are many local water bottle brands that are not recommended.

How to Reach Kalamb Beach

Kalamb Beach
Kalamb Beach

Nearest Railway Station: Nalasopara is located on the Western Railway Route, in the far north of Mumbai Suburb in Thane District.

Distance from Mumbai: The beach is approximately 70 kilometers away from Mumbai city, and it may take around two to three hours to reach there.

How to Reach by Road: To reach Nalasopara, take National Highway 8 (Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway) and enter Nalasopara towards the railway station. Pay attention to the signboards on the highway as they can be easily missed. Cross the East-West Flyover and continue straight towards the west. Once you are inside Nalasopara village, follow Wagholi Nirmal Road. When you reach Nirmal Market, continue straight towards Kalamb Beach.

Reaching by Train : If you are new to Mumbai, you can get off at Nalasopara West. You can refer to the Railway Map or Station Names for more information. There is a bus depot next to the railway station, and you can also find private autos there. The autos do not have a meter system, but they charge a fixed amount. The beach is 7 kilometers away from the railway station, and Nirmal Junction is 6 kilometers away. Autos may charge anywhere between Rs. 150 and Rs. 200. If you are looking for cheaper options, you can consider VVMT and MSRTC Buses. You can find more information about their routes and numbers on the provided links.

More Places to See Near Kalamb

Nirmal Lake is a must-visit if you enjoy lakes, especially during the monsoon season. It is conveniently located near the market area. Additionally, there is an ancient church right across from the lake. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re interested in exploring, the other three beaches are nearby.

Next station to Nalasopara is Virar which has multiple attraction like Jivdani Temple, Mahavir Dham Jain Temple (On Highway, 10 Km far), Vajreshwari and Ganeshpuri temples which are famous for Hot water springs (More ahead of Highway, 15 to 18 Km from Virar) & Yazoo Park (Permanently Closed) at Virar West.

If you are at Kalamb during monsoon and love waterfalls, you must head towards vasai highway (i.e towards Mumbai from nalasopara) and see Chinchoti waterfalls (Not recommended if with Kids & Elderly) and Tungareshwar which has a Shiva temple, beautiful 45 minutes jungle walk and waterfalls.

Pictures Courtesy : Jigar Saxena and Abhishek Maurya.

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  1. Yes it’s easy to reach there it’s a wonderful place that I have visited in last months beach are so clean and the trees give another level satisfied.
    You have to visit you can go easily from Nallasopara station and after that take the autorickshaw from the station if you have your own then it’s so easy you have to go west side and after that go straight and wagholi road then thawed two ways you have to take right and go straight and enjoy and you can watch the full video on my YouTube channel throttle thrills.

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