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“It is 2021, The new Ropeway Funicular Train at Jivdani Temple Virar (Jivdani means Goddess Of Life-Giver) brings new charm & relief to deities. This famous Jivdani Devi Mandir is located at the Far North Suburban of Mumbai in Thane (Now Palghar) District, At about 65 to 70 Kilometre from Mumbai city. It is a very famous place of worship know to be built on top of a mountain with footsteps of about 1450 at 1500 feet above sea level. Below are updated details as of 2021 on Jivdani Funicular Ropeway Train, New & Old Pictures and Aerial Videos, and other details about Stay/Accommodation, Darshan & aarti timings, How to reach, etc..”

Jivdani Temple Virar Aerial
Jivdani Temple Virar Aerial

Updates 2020 – 2021: As more and more deities & tourists keep visiting the hilltop temple of Jivdani, “Shree Jivdani Devi Sansthan Trust” keeps up with the safety & convenience to reach the Mountain top for Darshan, Aarti & Casual hangout & view for many.

New Footsteps to climb this rocky mountain temple are safer & faster compare to age-old zigzag footsteps made of rocks. Old Ropeway is now been replaced by a much more advanced & safer ropeway called ‘Jivdani Funicular Train’, A mini single compartment train with a transparent roof and sides for a great view to enjoy before it reached the temple in just 7 minutes.

Jivdani Temple New Foot Steps
Jivdani Temple New Foot Steps

Temple Details

Jivdani Temple Virar
Jivdani Temple Virar

Jiv (Means ‘Life’) and Dani (Means ‘Giver’), A very beautiful and famous temple of a goddess called ‘Jivdani Devi’ on a pyramid-shaped mountain in Virar, A Railway station on the western railway route, far North of Mumbai. Major devotees of this Goddess are Hindus (Maharashtrian Community people) but all major Hindu communities & Other Caste people can be seen climbing the footsteps of this mountain & catching up on Funicular ropeway.

The major attraction of this temple is the beautiful view of Virar city, the Arabian Sea, the Open fresh breeze, and the serenity that attracts many for an adventurous day spent climbing thousand & more of footsteps and/or getting blessed by the Goddess/Devi.

Jivdani is the only beautiful temple well maintained with all facilities like Parking, Food, Toilets, etc, and can be seen far from inside local trains. Total footsteps to climb are around 1300 to 1450 and are very safe. The old ropeway used for old/elderly and physically challenged/disabled use to charge Rs.150/- (Return Fare) has now been replaced with a Beautiful Ropeway train (Operational Now).

The footsteps have their own attractions, You will find many shops selling things used in rituals ‘pooja saaman’ like coconut, Red cloth, Sweets, and other offerings to the goddess. To date, Many are seen barefoot climbing steps in heavy rains and hot summer days as their wishes get fulfilled or those are still wishing it for the future.

The extend of belief or say superstitions belief has been reduced yet the visuals of walking barefoot, Lighting candles on every step (Till the top), Drawing swastika (Hindu Ritual Symbol). A feel of holy place given by few Groups & families is still seen with people wearing orange & golden combo color band with ‘JAI MAA JIVDANI’ printed on it.

This is a boon for the elderly and many others having medical conditions, general knee-related problems to reach the Devi Temple hassle-free.

Some Past & Historic Facts

The back view from the temple-mountain has a view of the Vaitarna River, Small villages like Chandansar and Shirgaon along with small ponds and lush greenery during monsoon. Many small mountains can be seen at far, But Children are attracted to look for those running trains far off the open fields that are visible from the top of the temple.

Regular devotees come daily, weekly, and monthly too. Some historic facts till the Late ’90s have lots to tell about old myths, superstitions, and belief systems in Goddess Jivdani. The Temple then was a small old structure with about 1300 to 1400 old stone made ladders going Zig Zag with no support and proper safety, Still the faith and the way back the time that use to be attracted devotees & tourist from far villages and cities.

Sacrificing the life of Hen & Goat was one of the prime things to be done as a ritual by many villagers. That unpleasant rocky location on top of the temple area is now a beautiful & clean developed place to rest and feel the breeze and all such rituals of sacrifices are banned forever.

Around year 2001, This mountain even attracted Para gliders, which took their gliding flights at adjacent mountains where OM has been written as of now, Then as disallowed gliders went to interior village & small hillocks/mountains at Shirgaon (Behind temple-mountain towards National Highway). Thus, growth in tourism industry at Vasai Virar city was abvious.

Jivdani Funicular Ropeway Train

Now Let us know about this new ropeway train, Its ticket price for adults & children and more details.

Funicular Train Ropeway
Funicular Train Ropeway
Inside Jivdani Funicular Ropeway
Inside Jivdani Funicular Ropeway
Virar City View From Ropeway Train
Virar City View From Ropeway Train
Temple View From Parking Base Area
Temple View From Parking Base Area

Second, in Maharashtra, A beautiful ride is waiting at the base of the temple area to pick up all who do not wish to climb those footsteps. 2 Such green & blue colored mini single coach ropeway funicular trains (Designed & Operated especially on Hilly slopes & mountain with the help of cable cords & electricity) bypasses each other to and from temple & base. These cute green-colored trains match the green grasses during monsoon and a sure fun ride to experience at least once.

With transparent thick glasses on the roof & sides, It is an unrestricted beautiful city view ride with enough space to sit, safety handles to hold when standing, and enjoying the view around.

Train Charges

Adults: Rs.200
Children: Rs.100

The charges include ‘Return Cost’ and a one-way ride that lasts just for few minutes (5 to 8 minutes). Below is a beautiful video by ‘Vinod Nair’ riding the train towards the temple.

Food and Accommodation Options

The Jivdani trust aka (Shree Jivdani Devi Sansthan Trust) brings in many changes & lots of convenience for those who visit this temple from far/long distance. There are ‘Prasad Thali’ (Lunch) facilities that cost as cheap as Rs.10/- in afternoon hours.

Accommodation facilities are also available which will help people looking to explore more places in virar or/and need some overnight stay options.

Alternate stay options are available near Virar Railway Station with ‘Hotel Lake view’ and ‘Hotel Sai Needhi’. The distance from Virar station to Jivdani temple footsteps is about 5 km which can be reached via shared / private auto, details listed below. For breakfast and food there are restaurants at the base and on top near the temple premise, tea/coffee & cold drinks are available too.

Reaching Jivdani Devi Temple

Details on reaching this mountain, nearest railway station etc are as below

  • Main Railway Station : Virar (Extreme North End, See Station Names of Mumbai)
  • Route : Western Railway.
  • Distance : About 65 to 70 km (See Road Distance Mumbai to Virar)
  • How to reach from Virar Station : Get Down take a railway bridge towards EAST side and take Share / Private auto charging Rs.10/- to Rs.15/ (Shared) per head till Footsteps below. Alternately a private auto may charge Rs.50 to Rs.80. (IMPORTANT NOTE : Their is no Digital Meters in Auto and Fix, Random Charges are taken & have increased too).
  • Recommended Season and Time : All 12 months are ok to visit this temple. Best time in a day is between Early morning 5:30 and 7:00 or Evening after 4:00 Pm. Monsoon brings in greenery & is scenic, No heat just visuals of clouds playing hide & seek around this tall mountain (Recommended Season/Month is June to September, November to February).
  • Special and Crowded Days : Every Sunday and Thursday being the special day for Jivdani Devi, Crowd is more compared to other days. Also Virar being a tourist spot now, Trains are too crowded. Navratri 9 days & nights observes huge crowd. Elderly not recommended during such days.

NOTE: Ample Car/Bus parking area available near footsteps of Temple base.

More Jivdani Aerial Videos

Aerial View From jivdani Mountain

Monkey’s On Mountain

Address & Aarti Timings

Shree Jivdani Devi Sansthan Trust

Registration No. A-397 (Thane), Shree Jivdani Mandir Road, Virar East,
Palghar 401305, Maharashtra, India
Contact : 0250-2523698 / 0250-2523398 / 0250-2521777
AARTI TIMINGS : Morning Aarti at 05:30 am, Afternoon Aarti at Sharp 12:00 pm & Evening at 07:30 pm

Other Attractions Near Devi Temple and around Virar

  1. Famous Beach called ‘Arnala‘ with Resorts like Anand Resort virar, Swagat resort Virar, Sea Lord Resort, C Beach Resort, L D Resort etc.
  2. Jain Mahavir Dham : Located on National Highway 8 at entry point of Virar, Exact location Shirshad Naka.
  3. Agashi Jain Temple : Located at outskirts of virar, Inside village called Agashi is the oldest and very famous temple for Jain community (Old and new Temple both adjacent to each other).
  4. Ganeshpuri Temple : This is a Historic temple, about 30 Km from Virar and about 70 km from Mumbai. Nearest railway station being Virar.
  5. Vajreshwari Temple : Just a KM ahead of Ganeshpuri is the very old and famous Vajreshwari temple which is not to be missed for the Hot water springs, if already their.

Know more about Vasai Virar Location.

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