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“(The name Jivdani means Goddess Of Life Giver) is Famous Goddess Temple on Mountain at Virar, Jivdani Devi Mandir as it is known is located at Far North Suburb of Mumbai in Thane District, about 65 Kilometre from Mumbai. Know the speciality of this place of worship with Details about this Heritage structured temple on Mountain, Pictures and Aerial Videos, Stay and Accommodation details, Darshan Timings inside Jivdani Mata temple..”

New Footsteps to climb this mountain temple faster. This foot steps with shade goes straight to top from base Ganesha temple compared to the old zig zag once which were risky in monsoon and tiresome otherwise.

Jivdani Temple New Foot Steps
Jivdani Temple New Foot Steps

Jivdani Temple Details

Jivdani Temple Virar
Jivdani Temple Virar

Jivdani where Jiv (Means ‘Life’) and Dani (Means ‘Giver’), A very beautiful and famous temple of goddess called ‘Jivdani Devi’ on a pyramid shaped mountain in Virar, a Railway station on western railway route, far North of Mumbai. Major devotees of this Goddess are Hindi Maharashtrian Community people but all Hindi community, Caste can be seen climbing the foot steps of this mountain. Major attraction of this temple is the beautiful view and open fresh breeze and the serenity inside for which many people across India gets attracted and feels like an adventurous day spent climbing thousands of footsteps and getting blessings of Devi.

Jivdani is the only temple beautifully maintained and can be seen far from local trains that attracts many. Total footsteps to climb are around 1300 and are safe. Alternately their is a rope way for old / elderly and physically challenged / disabled that charges Rs.150/- (Including Return Fare). This was a boon as not just elderly but many having medical conditions and general knee related problems can take advantage of this service and faculties to go on top without any hassles. The rope way charges as return fare only is Rs.50 only.

Food and Accommodation Options

The Jivdani trust & foundation has recently made lots of convenience for those who visit this temple from far/long distance. Their is a ‘Prasad Thali’ (Lunch) facilities that cost as cheap as Rs.10/- in day time afternoon hours. Accommodation facilities are also available which will help people looking to explore more places in virar and need some overnight stay options. Alternate stay options are available near Virar Railway Station with ‘Hotel Lake view’ and ‘Hotel Sai Needhi’. The distance from Virar station to Jivdani temple footsteps is about 5 km which can be reaching via share / private auto, details listed below. For breakfast and food their are couple of small restaurants at the base and on top near temple premise for snacks and tea/coffee and cold drinks break.

Temple Speciality

Since decades now, Jivdani Devi is known as Goddess of life blessing and devotees comes Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Occasionally climbing till top. People are also attracted for one main reason being its on Top of mountain, It is fun and adventure to climb those 1300 footsteps early in morning or after 5:00 PM with family, friends and relatives. The best part and another speciality being the scenic aerial view from temple and surrounding location on top (See Video Below) of Mountain. Aerial view gives growing townships, Wide Arabian sea in west, Those tiny local trains and railway tracts till adjacent stations like Nalasopara and Vasai Road. The beautiful sunset view that adds to the charm watching wide open space and Arabian sea behind is not to be missed when climbing the mountain in evening.

Previously it was believed that Goddess Jivdani will be happy if you sacrifice a life of Hen and their was a special sacrifice section behind the main temple. It was rocky and unpleasant part of temple which is still remember visiting 25 years back. Lots of blood and smell around which was uncomfortable to many, But locals believed the Goddess needs sacrifice to get back blessings for life. Since last decade the ritual of sacrificing life of goat or hen to Devi Jivdani has been stopped and the place now properly developed with beautiful seating arrangement and safety for kids to hang around, neat and clean to spend some time. This is a section above the main temple and way to reach is inside temple.

The back view from temple mountain has Vaitarna River, Small villages like Chandansar and Shirgaon along with small ponds and lush greenery during monsoon. Many small mountains can be seen at far, But Children are attracted to the Running trains far off the open fields that are visible from top of temple. This mountain even attracted Para gliders, which took their gliding flights at adjacent mountains and now prefers near village mountains at Shirgaon (Behind temple mountain towards National Highway). This location has a very beautiful view during monsoon / rainy days. Fog stay around you for few minutes and disappears. Its cold, wet and so much fun to see the Vasai Virar city from top.

The footsteps you climb has its own attraction, You will find many shops selling things used in rituals ‘pooja saaman’ like coconut, Red cloth, Sweets and other offerings to goddess. Many seen bare foot climbing steps in heavy rains and hot summer days as their wish has been fulfilled or are still wishing it will be upon doing so. The extend of belief or say superstitions belief has been reduced yet the visuals of walking bare foot, Lighting candles on every steps (Till the top), Drawing swastika (Hindu Ritual Symbol) and much more is still seen sometimes.

How to Reach Jivdani Devi Temple

Details on reaching the mountain, nearest railway station etc are detailed below

  • Main Railway Station : Virar (Extreme North End, See Station Names of Mumbai)
  • Route : Western Railway.
  • Distance : About 65 to 70 km (See Road Distance Mumbai to Virar)
  • How to reach from Virar Station : Get Down take a railway bridge towards EAST side and take Share / Private auto charging Rs.10/- to Rs.15/ (Shared) per head till Footsteps below. Alternately a private auto may charge Rs.50 to Rs.80. (IMPORTANT NOTE : Their is no Digital Meters in Auto and Fix, Random Charges are taken).
  • Recommended Season and Time : All 12 months are ok to visit this temple. Best time in a day is between Early morning 5:30 and 7:00 or Evening after 4:00 Pm.
  • Special and Crowded Days : Sunday and Thursday being the special day for Jivdani Devi, Crowd is more compared to other days. Also Virar being a tourist spot now, Trains are too crowded.

Jivdani Aerial Videos

Aerial View From jivdani Mountain

Monkey’s On Mountain

Other Attractions Near Devi Temple in Virar

  1. Famous Beach called ‘Arnala‘ with Resorts like Anand Resort virar, Swagat resort Virar, Sea Lord Resort, C Beach Resort, L D Resort etc.
  2. Jain Mahavir Dham : Located on National Highway 8 at entry point of Virar, Exact location Shirshad Naka.
  3. Agashi Jain Temple : Located at outskirts of virar, Inside village called Agashi is the oldest and very famous temple for Jain community (Old and new Temple both adjacent to each other).
  4. Ganeshpuri Temple : This is a Historic temple, about 30 Km from Virar and about 70 km from Mumbai. Nearest railway station being Virar.
  5. Vajreshwari Temple : Just a KM ahead of Ganeshpuri is the very old and famous Vajreshwari temple which is not to be missed for the Hot water springs, if already their.

Know more about Vasai Virar Location.

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