Agashi Temple – Virar | Jain Temple At Agashi Virar

“This famous Jain Temple of Virar is located at Agashi a small village at about 5 km from virar station, Far north suburb of Mumbai. Calm and Spiritual Agashi temple is decades old and one of the very special pilgrim place of Mumbai for jain community..”

Agashi Jain Temple
Agashi Jain Temple

About Agashi Jain Temple

For Jain Community (Sthanakwasi jain, Deravasi and Others) all around Mumbai, this Jain Temple is one of the most visited Attractions of Virar located at Agashi – Virar at about 5 kilometres from Station is very famous holy place for jains. They visit this place Daily and Specially on Saturdays, as it is one of the very old temples in Mumbai’s north suburb, with lots of belief. This temple has beautiful old carvings of Lords of Jain community like Shri Mahavir, Lord Ghantagharan bhagvan and some specially decorated carvings of old times too.

Agashi temple also has over night staying options for tourist travelling from distance, specially for commuters coming to visit from all around Mumbai ( & distance places from India).Also Now because of the Crowd and Demand a new jain temple at Agashi has been developed with beautiful new looks and spacious environment. This place is specially crowded during jain ‘samvansari’ which is one of the special day they all meet here for saying ‘MICHAMI DUKHDAM’ which means ‘sorry if ever i hurt you, and lets begin a new start’.

How to Reach Location Address

Need to get Bus from depot of Virar west which is near station, 2 minutes walk able distance, or Alternately take share or private auto charging about 15 Rupees in Sharing Or about 40 Rupees in Private. How long ? It take about 20 to 25 minutes to reach jain derasar at Agashi Naka or Chalpeth Naka.

Other Jain Temples in Virar

Another famous Jain Derasar in Virar is on Western Express Highway, 10 km from Virar internal location called Mahavir Dham. Their are 2 more jain temple (Regular Derasar) just near Virar station (west), Near Hotel Shreya. Another being at Sheetal Nagar, Agashi Road, Virar (West).

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