Arnala Beach Near Virar – Vasai Virar Beaches (North Mumbai)

“Arnala Beach, once renowned in the Vasai Virar area of Palghar district, is a popular tourist destination. It is situated in Virar, which is located to the north of Mumbai. This beach is one among four interconnected beaches in the vicinity. However, it is important to note that Arnala Beach is considered the most polluted and has witnessed numerous drowning incidents.

Arnala Beach is located in the far northern suburb of Mumbai and boasts abundant coconut trees, semi-white sand, multiple resorts, and a fort that can be accessed via ferry. If you are interested in visiting this beach, you might want to know more details such as the exact address and location, how to reach it, the distance from Virar railway station, highway, and Mumbai, parking facilities, available resorts, water current safety measures, and more.”

Arnala Beach
Arnala Beach

Speciality and Attractions of Arnala Beach Virar

Due to rapid development and the thriving travel industry, some lesser-known picnic spots have gained attention, such as Virar. Previously a small village with a coastal area and a beach called Arnala, Virar is now known for its fishermen’s community. Arnala Beach in Virar used to be a secluded spot, only visited by locals, villagers, and fishermen. The people of Virar rarely frequented this beach.

Arnala Beach Trees
Arnala Beach Trees

In the late 1980s and 1990s, this beach gained popularity as picnic groups and couples began to visit. It gradually became a favored spot for families and friends to enjoy picnics. The beach’s charm lies in its abundance of trees, resorts for day and overnight stays, and cottages that can be rented by the hour, making it particularly appealing to couples.

Beach Ambiance Video

Resorts like Anand Resort, C Beach Resort, Sagar Resort, L D resort, Arnala Sea lord Resort, Alexson Resort and many more seen near and around beach vicinity.

I am not aware of the present situation, but a couple of years ago, cottage rooms were offered at lower hourly rates, ranging from Rs. 150 to Rs. 200. These rooms were mainly occupied by young couples. Visitors from distant places would come here for a day’s picnic in large Volvo buses, as parking was not an issue here.

On Sundays and public holidays, Arnala Beach gets crowded, especially during the summer. During these days, there is heavy traffic in Virar West, particularly during morning and evening hours. Locations like Bolinj and Agashi Naka village road junctions experience significant congestion.

Gujarat’s neighboring residents also visit this beach to have a good time with their loved ones. Since Gujarat has very few beaches apart from Daman, this beach is quite popular. The main highlight of this place is the resorts, where people gather in large groups to play games like cricket and football on the shore. Meanwhile, the older folks prefer to relax under the shade of coconut and palm trees, enjoying snacks and engaging in conversations while feeling the refreshing breeze all day long.

Arnala Beach
Arnala Beach

IMPORTANT ALERT !! Beach water currents can be extremely hazardous and not as enjoyable as they may appear from a distance. The water is located approximately 50 to 100 meters away from the shore, which has sloping terrain. It is important to refrain from getting overly excited and avoid jumping or swimming in these currents.

Numerous people have lost their lives in this area because of the irregular and unforeseen slopes and water currents. In the past, sand mining was conducted, and several areas that appear to be level and identical underwater are actually deep and hazardous. Therefore, I highly advise against swimming here and keeping children at a distance. If you desire, you can visit the nearby Navapur beach instead, which is cleaner, has a flat shoreline, and is also safer.

The color of the beach water appears black because of the black and white sand. Unfortunately, there are only a few people who have civic sense, so littering has always been a significant issue here. After sunset, this beach becomes dark since there are no street lights or lamp posts, even along the main pathway leading to the beach. It is quite disheartening for such popular places.

Right at the beach entrance, you’ll find an ancient Hindu cemetery. If you’re interested, you can also take a ferry ride to visit Arnala Fort. However, to be honest, there isn’t much to see there as the historic fort is in ruins and not properly taken care of.

Beachside restaurants offer a variety of beverages such as tea, coffee, cold drinks, and snacks like Vada Pav. Additionally, there are a few ice gola vendors scattered along the beach. They offer flavors like Orange, Kala Khatta, and Kachi Keri, which are sweetened with ‘Saccharin’ liquid instead of real sugar. However, it is important to note that ‘Saccharin’ is a low-quality substitute for sugar and may not be beneficial for health.

You have the choice to enjoy gola and other natural foods like Tamarind, Ziziphus mauritiana, Raw mango, and other seasonal fruits with a pinch of salt. It’s delightful! During rainy monsoon days, it’s enjoyable to eat Sweet and Roasted Corn (Butta’s). Additionally, you can also experience Horse and Camel rides, as well as Paragliding activities at this beach.

Arnala Social Group

The youth in Arnala Village are the driving force behind the village’s progress. They actively work towards fulfilling various needs, such as maintaining clean beaches and implementing the No Plastic Campaign. With the support of the Gram Panchayat, they strive to improve the village’s education and overall well-being. To get in touch with this group, reach out to Pradip Saliyan at 9145458149.

Arnala Social Group
Arnala Social Group

Few years back, This group organized the very first Arnala Beach Festival, which had various activities like fresh fish, lantern flying, etc.

How to Reach This Beach Location

Arnala Distance from Virar : This beach is located 8.7 Km away from the railway station and it takes approximately 27 to 30 minutes to get there.
Distance from Mumbai Suburb (Andheri) : Approximately 69 kilometers away from the western outskirts of Mumbai, it can take anywhere from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours or longer to reach the city, depending on the traffic conditions in Mumbai.
Reaching by Road : Virar is located 10 kilometers away from the National Highway. To reach Arnala Beach, which is 8.7 kilometers further inside from Virar west, you can take NH8 and reach Vizar station (10 Km). From there, use the East West Flyover Bridge and continue straight on Agashi Road for another 8 kilometers until you reach Arnala Beach.
Reaching by Train : The closest train station is Virar. Exit on the west side and you will find choices such as private autos, MSRTC and VVMT buses which are available that will take you to the beach.

Kindly note that auto does not run on the meter system here, and a random amount is charged per person or group (approximately Rs. 30 per person) in tumtum auto.
Car and Tourist Bus Parking : There is free parking available at the beach.

Other Places to See Near Arnala & Virar

Other Beaches

As already talking about beaches, 3 more beaches are in row at hardly few Kilometres distance and can be seen from Arnala which are Navapur, Rajodi and Kalamb beaches.

Temples to see

On the way towards Virar comes a village called Agashi which has this very old and famous Jain temple. Virar east has this very famous Jivdani temple on Mountain with more than 1000 foot steps to climb and tram also available.

On National Highway 48, Just few metres ahead, near Shirsad naka is another beautiful jain temple with serene premise and has stay facilities alongwith with lunch, tea, snacks facilities. This temple is called Mahavir Dham.

At a distance of 17 Kilometres is Vajreshwari temple and Ganeshpuri temple which is famous for natural hot water springs.

For kids, Virar’s Yazoo Park (Permanently Closed) is fun during evening.

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