Alibaug Near Mumbai – Day or Overnight Picnic

“Alibaug near Mumbai, A place quite famous for its one day and overnight picnic spots and multiple attractions like beaches, temples, greenery, nature and more..”

Alibaug Beaches Near Mumbai
Beaches / Pic (Arvind shrivastav)

Beaches For One Day Picnic

Alibaug Beach for Picnic

Being near Mumbai, This places was initially known and visited for its unexplored clean beaches and old temples. Gradually, cottages and private bungalows came with demand of overnight picnic groups and now one of the selective and preferred location for Bollywood stars private bungalows too. Some of known beaches to explore here are :

  • Alibag beach (Main & Famous beach)
  • Varsoli beach (4 Km, 13 Minutes)
  • THAL beach (7 Km, 19 Minutes)
  • Akshi beach (8 Km, 20 Minutes)
  • Kihim (Navgaon) beach (12 Km, 30 Minutes)
  • Nagaon beach (10 km, 25 Minutes)
  • Mandawa beach (21 Km, 40 Minutes) (Basically Jetty for daily tourist coming from “Gateway Of India”)
  • Korlai beach (23 Km, 45 Minutes)
  • Kashid beach (32 Km, 1 Hour)

Other Nearest Attractions

Apart from beaches, Alibaug is also known for 2 of the main old temples which are Birla and Kankeshwar temple. Now with enough accommodation options like cheap cottages, private bungalows on rent, Hotels and Resorts etc, Many other places of attractions can be explored in just a day or overnight stay. Some of the frequented places to see are :

  • Alibag Fort in vicinity.
  • Alibaug-Awas (About 16 kilometre)
  • Alibaug-Saswane (About 18 kilometre)
  • Nahaon (About 7 kilometres)
  • Alibaug-Chaul Revdanda (About 15 kilometre)
  • Alibaug-Rewas (About 24 kilometres)
  • Kankeshwar temple

More Speciality and Details

Forts (Picture / Mushir Killedar)

This place is very famous in Mumbai for a Dialogue people use to say long before “Alibaug Se Aya hai Kya” or “Alibaug ka Samjha hai Kya” meaning (You think i am a fool & came from that village).

Some decades before, when people in Mumbai finds someone unknown about some facts of Mumbai, Or try to fool around and get caught, they used to say these lines in a friendly slangs. The dialogue referred to Alibaug village which was kind of isolated place to Mumbai and nothing developed basically. Not an important Jetty and a beautiful picnic spot with lots of beaches.

Alibaug was also famous for Bollywood movie shoots and lately for private bungalows owned by actors who spend weekend leisure time & stay. One can also explore Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse if already planning a picnic at Alibaug near Mumbai.

Reaching From Mumbai Distance and Time taken

Road Distance, Alibaug from Mumbai is about 97.7 Km (Via National Highway 17) and 127 Kms (Via Mumbai Pune Expressway). Approximate time taken to reach is 2 hours and 15 minutes. More details on driving road map, see Alibaug Mumbai Distance page.

How to Reach from Mumbai

By Road : See the above distance details if planning a road route to Alibaug for your picnic.

By Railway : Nearest station to Alibaug is PEN near khopoli in central railway route of Mumbai.

By Ferry Boat : From Gateway of India (South Mumbai) regular ferry boats goes to Mandwa jetty (beach) for regular tourist. This ferry ride takes about 50 minutes to reach Mandwa. From mandwa you can take regular bus service to Alibaug (time taken 45 minutes). Alternately you can take private auto rickshaws too.

You might also like to know about the latest Ro Ro Ferry Services from Mumbai.

By Air : Nearest airport for alibaug is Mumbai airport. You can contact tours and travel services or as mentioned take any above options.

Best time to Visit

For a place like Alibaug So near to Mumbai and blessed with nature, beaches etc., Any season is good for fun, leisure and stay. Still to beat the heat one prefers summer vacations, and winters to chill more. Rainy seasons (Monsoons) are perfect for nature lovers tourist destination to enjoy best of greenery in village environment far away from city pollution and fast moving life.

Accommodation Options


There are wide range of options to stay for your overnight picnic or a day in weekend. Private bungalows are the preferred option for affordable accommodation for picnic group that has more than 5 members. If you looking for low cost hotels and resorts etc, They are also available.

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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